Ozone 1M Celebrates World Menstrual Day with Ground Breaking Campaign

On the occasion of World Menstrual Day on 28th May 2017, Ozone 1M, operating under the aegis of Ozone Pharmaceuticals launched the thought provoking campaign #thatsmydate. The campaign encourages women to be more confident and up front about their hygiene and self-care.  The awareness drive aimed at creating awareness about the importance of intimate hygiene and the challenges women face during their special days.

Even though India has made massive progress in several areas, menstruation and intimate hygiene are subjects that have remained shrouded since decades in the country. To address the subject, the brand has taken a step to initiate first-of-its-kind campaign,"#thatsmydate".Through this campaign, the brand 1M intends to urge females to be open about menstruation and pay utmost attention towards women hygiene, which is a key area in ensuring every woman’s overall health and wellness.

“The campaign aims to break the taboo associated with menstruation and encourage women to be more vocal and confident about it. Through the unique and bold initiative of ‘#Thatsmydate’, Ozone 1M intends to create awareness among women about intimate hygiene and its importance. The brand believes that one needs to be prepared and take every step possible to ensure good standards of their own hygiene,” said Ms. Neeta Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer at Ozone Group

The campaign was launched at the event organized by Sacchi Saheli, an NGO, where women from all walks of life came together and shared the date of their approaching menstrual cycle in various fun ways such as writing on board, their palms, etc and posted the same on social media profiles. The event was held at Inner Circle, Connaught Place, from 6:00 am- 9:00 am and saw live performances as well as on-ground pledge by participants on women hygiene. Several women presented their view points on the importance of intimate hygiene and its contribution in a woman’s well-being and development.

The campaign was well received and saw around over 2000 participants at the venue. To further strengthen the campaign, Ozone 1M will continue to create awareness about intimate hygiene and encourage women to be more comfortable talking about it.

About 1M

1M is a feminine intimate hygiene cream and wash – by Ozone pharmaceutical ltd. 1M is specially formulated to protect feminine intimate (vulvo-vaginal) area from dryness, itching, irritation, soreness, burning sensation and unpleasant odour. 1M is available as 1M intimate cream wash 3.5PH & 1M Hygiene wash – for reproductive years. 1M intimate cream wash 6.8PH – for Menopausal Years. 1M cleanses and moisturizes the intimate area and is enriched with three main ingredients: lactic acid, Sea buckthorn oil and Tea tree oil. The product is specially formulated to gently cleanse and protect the intimate area against infection, 1M 3.5 maintains a natural pH of 3.5 in the intimate area and restores healthy intimate micro-flora consisting of good bacteria for e.g. lactobacilli, which help to restore & maintain the protective acidic environment with pH balance of 3.5 to 4.5. For the first time the products are available in the cream format as well as in liquid wash which gives more comfort and simple to use application. 1M intimate cream and hygiene wash for women is available in attractive packaging options: 1M hygiene wash (100ml) at Rs. 140, 1M Intimate cream wash PH 3.5(100gm) at Rs. 138 and 1M intimate cream wash PH 6.8 (100gm) at Rs. 148.

About Ozone Pharmaceuticals

Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a formulation based drug manufacturing and marketing company, with a focus on prescription drugs across 14 therapy areas like pain management, nutritional supplements, anti-infective, vascular management, chronic disease management like cardiac and diabetes and hemostats, etc. Ozone Pharmaceuticals Ltd has two specialized divisions – Proton and Nucleus. The operational strength of the pharmaceutical division is more than 1000 field personnel, promoting products for specialists like Cardiologists, Orthopedics, Gynecologists, Surgeons, and Physicians across India and Nepal. One of the main purposes of Ozone Pharmaceuticals is to provide quality, affordable medicines for diabetes and cardiac problems.