Is e-commerce for innovative products the new sexy? IsTectotron driving the trend?

Investment Battle: All innovative ideas start out as half-baked propositions and a million dollar valuation from the founder even before the validation of the idea by any investor. Investors and the startups trying to raise the funds are always at loggerheads to due to the difference in the opinions of the greatness of the idea, market scope, ROI etc. Development of any innovative products involves a lot of investment in technology, human resources etc which can be an impediment for a majority of the startups According to one research, one out of every three innovative product development idea fails precisely because of the lack of investments. Unless the two parties strike a common ground raising of funds become very difficult rendering any innovative idea to be useless.


Marketing: Any great product requires marketing for people to be aware of. When most of the time and investment is spent on the product development, hardly any money is left for marketing to make the product launch successful. To achieve the desired ROI targets significant amounts of marketing spend is required which many startups are devoid of.

The relevance of the likes of Tectotron can be gauged by the efforts it is   putting to create a streamlined process to address the major hurdles faced by many startups like investment battle and marketing support for a successful product launch which is any startups delight.



It was incorporated in August 2016 to bridge the gap between startups and people. In a recent interview with TV9 Teja Reddy has stated that “For both new and steady businesses, marketing is a battle. Ensuring your customers are aware of and interested in your category are challenges that concern every business owner. That’s where Tectotron comes in to save the day. We take up the task of promoting products/services being sold to the right customers through successful online and offline marketing campaigns.We are a Launchpad for innovative startup products providing them all the support required for a successful launchWe are the first player in this market and are trying to build a whole ecosystem to encourage innovation in India. We are in talks with E-cells of top IIMs, IITs, T-Hub in Hyderabad to help identify the startups in our bid to become the hub for innovation in India. We are trying to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit of the students in AP and Telangana by creating a forum for discussing innovative ideas and provide support to the best-voted ideas. Students can submit startup tech news, tech events happening in their colleges on Tectotron. We are also partnering with The Better India to encourage innovation in the rural areas.”

Till date, it has tied up with 300 startups and has been providing significant marketing support to the startups for increasing visibility and driving conversions.


Who is Tectotron For?

If you are a startup with innovative product looking for a Launchpad for a successful launch/marketing support for B2C and B2B customers, student having innovative idea and want to share technology news in your respective college or from around the world, then Tectotron is the place for you.

Ashok, CEO of Innovare solutions, which develops products for kids to make the learning fun has stated that partnership with Tectotron helped them increase their sales by 2x with zero investment in marketing.


There is a hope that what Tectotron is doing  will have a significant impact on our economy currently plagued by demonetization, adding a boost to the existing interest in startups and create employment opportunities for many people.