DigitalOcean to collaborate with Hasura and IITM for IMAD

DigitalOcean, a cloud platform focused on simplifying the complexities of infrastructure for software developers and businesses and Hasura, a technology platform that helps developers build apps faster are collaborating with IIT Madras to bring the second edition of IMAD (Introduction to Modern Application Development).


IMAD is a free online course designed by Hasura and IIT Madras which aims to combine theory and practice and encourages students to build applications on the cloud. After the astounding success of the previous offering of IMAD, DigitalOcean and Hasura have partnered again for the second edition of IMAD to encourage students to build solutions to local problems or launch their own business ventures. The first edition saw participation from a wide gamut – from college students to faculty, from working professionals to retired professionals to stay at home parents. They cut across geographic barriers (participants came from 21 countries), age (7% of the participants were over 40) and gender (30% of the participants were women).


Speaking about the program, Prabhakar Jayakumar, Country Manager, DigitalOcean said, “We partnered with IIT Madras and Hasura on the first edition of IMAD, which turned out to be the largest ever MOOC in India with more than 57,000 registrations. We are happy to continue our association with the launch of the second edition of IMAD and we look forward to equipping our next generation of developers with the knowledge and tools required to build their applications on the cloud.”


Beginning from January 23rd, the 8-week hands-on course has been divided into five modules, and will go over the basics of the Internet, browsers, databases and web and mobile application development. The key benefit for students from this course will be to help broaden their technical skills, which is a pertinent need amongst graduates today. The participants who take an exam at the end of the course will be eligible for a certificate from IIT Madras and course toppers will be provided with internship opportunities in premier tech companies.


Registrations for the course are open until January 23rd on


About DigitalOcean

Founded in 2011, DigitalOcean is a cloud platform that is simplifying the complexities of infrastructure for software developers. DigitalOcean has become the second largest and fastest growing cloud computing platform in the total number of public facing apps and websites, according to The company has raised $123 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Access Industries, IA Ventures, CrunchFund, and Techstars. The company is headquartered in New York City with data center regions throughout the world, including one in Bangalore (India). For more information, simply visit or follow @digitalocean.


About Hasura is a technology company that builds tools for developers to build apps fast. For example: a working backend of an app like BookMyShow can be built in under a day. Apps built on Hasura are built on some of the most cutting edge technologies today adopted by companies like Pokemon-Go, Netflix, SoundCloud & Flipkart. Hasura abstracts away these tools to help developers set up a sophisticated architecture in a few clicks. Building on Hasura is the fastest way for a developer to go from an idea to a live application that is inherently production grade and cloud native!