Mobileum launches comprehensive business solution for new EU Roam-Like-At-Home Regulations

Mobileum, the leader in roaming and analytics solutions for telecom business transformation, has announced a new comprehensive business solution for new EU Roam-Like-At-Home Regulations. The new value based solution is designed to help operators meet the latest EU roaming guidelines around Fair Usage Policy (FUP), while abstracting and minimizing the changes to their billing and business systems.

An extension of its existing platform, which has already been deployed by operators across the EU, Mobileum’s EU Roam-Like-At-Home Solution offers full compliance to EU roaming regulations. The solution allows operators to implement control measures related to FUP on roaming data allowances; this includes detecting and acting on permanent roamers by measuring roaming, domestic presence, consumption and roaming tariff notifications, as part of key transparency measures, in addition to identifying breaches of users’ available allowances within fixed bundles.

Besides regulatory obligations, the solution can also be extended to tackle atypical roaming voice/SMS usage and launch roaming packs as part of an alternate roaming tariff plan, as well as flagging breaches of available allowances within fixed bundles. It not only aids in meeting operators’ obligations towards their customers but also provides granular visibility of the different attributes of roaming customers by virtue of roaming analytics.

“With the pressure of declining roaming revenue and the volume of roaming data going up, operators who are static will become uncompetitive, instead of seizing the opportunity to build a fresh, mutually beneficial roaming relationship with their subscribers,” said V.V.R. Kishore, SVP of Roaming Business at Mobileum. 

This update expands the capabilities of Mobileum’s proven solution for compliance with the EU Regulation III Single IMSI enabler, which has already been deployed by operators across the EU. The policy rules within the RLAH enabler informs roamers about the allowance they have available, as part of their domestic tariff plan. With built-in usage analytics for customer segmentation and personalized offerings, the new value based solution provides an opportunity for operators to forge better and more profitable relationships with their customers by boosting subscriber satisfaction, engagement and experience.

“This update means that mobile operators can now define or dynamically deduce FUP per tariff plans, measure data usage and notify on regulated roaming data allowance breach. The solution also identifies RLAH abusers via measurement of key objective indicators – all fully compliant with EU FUP guidelines,” added Kishore.

To learn more, visit Mobileum at booth #6I37 at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona.