How To Effectively Install Of Cinemabox.apk

Entertainment comes in many forms but the most cost effective and easiest one is watching a movie. Again, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to the medium of viewing. However, it is the Cinema Box app that allows to enjoy your movie without thinking about your pocket. Why? Because it is completely free! Yes! No catch there at all plus you will be able to watch your favorite movie or television series uninterruptedly by opting for the cinemabox apk download. This particular .apk file will enable you to use the app on any Android device including but not limited to BlackBerry, Android TV Box, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

Go ahead and download the cinemabox apk file at the onset. No worries, you can also opt to install the app on your laptop or desktop that uses the Windows OS or choose your iPhone or iPad that runs on iOS. Congratulations on downloading the ap successfully. It is time to start installing it now. Here is procedure explained. Do read on to understand it fully.

Start by locating the downloaded APK file on your Android device.

Remember the new downloads are usually stored in the folder aptly named as ‘Downloads’.  Check this folder carefully with the help of the explorer app that permits you to navigate the folders on your Android device.

Installation Procedure

  1. Tap the file just once to enable access to it
  2. Press on the ‘Install’ button in order to initiate the installation process
  3. Wait for a few minutes for the entire process to finish
  4. It will show an ápp installed’ message one the process is completed
  5. Go to your home screen and you will find the icon for  Cinema Box app included
  6. Tap on it to select movies and TV serials of your choice

Happy Viewing!

The Boo-Boos!
Unfortunately, the file installation might not be done smoothly and you would get a message that announces that ‘there is a problem parsing.’ No worries remember that the Android devices may be uber cool but they are certainly not immune to an occasional error. Well parsing is simply a way of telling you that the file cannot be installed due to an issue. You should have anticipated this particular error to crop up if you had been tinkering with the various apps that resulted in altering the manifest file. Yet the error can occur unexpectedly even if you had not touched the apps on your device so far, let alone tinker with them. Well, that is tech gadgets for you! (sigh!) You just have to find a solution and get your cinema box app installed ASAP.

Fixing the Error

  1. Go ahead and resort the Androidmanifest.xml file to its default state in order to reverse the inadvertent changes that you had to it.
  2. Change the name of the file back to its original one and try installing the file once again. This may resolve the issue.
  3. You may also have to check the app’s code and fix it if there is an error in the code.
  4. Check the settings of your Android device and locate the option for security under ‘input and control’.
  5. Tap on security and unknown sources respectively and confirm the installation of varied apps from unknown sources.
  6. Find the.apk file once and reinstall it. It may go through without a hitch now.
  7. You may also enable the debugging for USB. This is not quite necessary for installing .apk file but doing it has benefited others. So it will not hurt to try this option too.
  8. Last but not the least, you may try to reinstall the app after disabling your antivirus. The security applications are often responsible for blocking installation of files from an unknown source.