PostgreSQL Celebrates 20th Birthday PGConf US 2016

- User Case Studies including GE, Mastercard, ESA, MongoDB….
- First Insights into the New 9.5 Release
- Practical Technical Talks Exploring Every Aspect of the Project

PGConf US, the largest official gathering of the PostgreSQL open source community, will be held this year at the New York Marriott, Brooklyn Bridge, from April 18 - 20 (

Alongside the conference, the Postgres community is also celebrating the database’s 20th birthday with a party open to the broader New York tech community, on Tuesday, April 19, starting at 6.30pm at the Brookyn Bridge Marriott:

Talks at this year’s conference have been whittled down to under a third of applicants, with a focus on real-world deployments and applications, as well as fresh perspectives on PostgreSQL.

The keynote with Parag Goradia, Executive Director of Cloud Services Engineering at GE Digital, jumps straight into Web Scale IoT platforms, exploring their use of PostgreSQL at the core of GE’s new Predix cloud platform. Other users sharing their experiences at the event include:

Mastercard: An Availability Journey with Mastercard and PostgreSQL
European Space Agency: "ESA Sky": A New Window to the Stars Using PostgreSQL
CapitalOne: PostgreSQL in the Polyglot Enterprise
MongoDB: SQL and MongoDB: How PostgreSQL Brought Them Together

With general availability on PostgreSQL 9.5 announced in January, the event will offer an overview of the new release, with deep dives into increased scalability, row level security and block range indexes. Looking further ahead, both Mark Wong and Magnus Hagander will also be discussing the upcoming PostgreSQL version 9.6.

Other practical technical sessions will explore: PostgreSQL in the cloud, replication, performance and scale tuning, combining SQL and NoSQL and growing use cases for PostgreSQL as your GIS platform.

The first day, April 18, is dedicated to training sessions and the Regulated Industry Summit; these are separate purchases from the standard conference pass. The full schedule is availabe at:

Tickets for PGConf US 2016 on April 18-20, 2016 are available through EventBrite priced at $439.00, with a heavily discounted student rate of $49 available by emailing to register.   

“PostgreSQL has earned its reputation as the solid open source option for enterprise transactional databases. But we are also seeing it become the weapon of choice for a diverse new generation of developers using languages like Django and Python,”  explains Jim Mlodgenski, conference organizer for the US PostgreSQL Association.
“At this year’s conference, we are building on the traditional enterprise focus and exploring some of these exciting new use cases. And we are also keen to use our 20th birthday celebration to reach out to even more potential new users from New York’s flourishing tech scene.”