New Google Analytics feature displays which companies are visiting your website

A newly released add-on for Google Analytics provides full and free access to detailed information about the companies that visit your website.

The new add-on has become increasingly popular with Google Analytics users and provides thousands of new leads for businesses every hour. With the new add-on, you can quickly download the complete list of company's visitors directly to Excel or CSV file.

In addition to providing detailed company data, the add-on also provides contact information for specific company employees including email addresses and LinkedIn profiles.

The new add-on will give more than 49 million Google Analytics users the opportunity to generate leads that specifically identify the companies that are engaging in Google Adwords campaigns or are visiting your website directly.

Data provider, Fastbase Inc., supplies all company information and contact data in real-time to the new add-on. The new add-on is free for all Google Analytics users and is available for download here: New Google Analytics Add-on