Stimulsoft Releases Reporting Tool for JavaScript - Stimulsoft Reports.JS

Stimulsoft, a leading developer of utilities and reporting components for .NET Framework, Java, PHP, Flex announces the release of the first version of the reporting tool for JavaScript. The new product Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a complete set of components, unattached to any platform and devices.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS includes a full set of components needed to complete the work with reports - the report engine, HTML5 runtime designer and viewer. The main feature of the product is that it does not require any server side - everything works on the client.

The reporting tool has a complete set of components necessary for designing reports - animated charts, images, sub-reports, etc. Stimulsoft Reports.JS supports JSON, XML data sources, as well as MS SQL and MySQL over Node.js. Finished reports can be exported to PDF, HTML, Excel and Microsoft Word formats.

The installation package has a lot of useful examples on the use of the product in different situations. They will help to quickly understand how to work with the product and begin intensive use in the projects.

Stimulsoft Reports.JS is a part of the Stimulsoft Reports platform. Stimulsoft developers guarantee maximum compatibility between the products. Reports designed in other report writers of Stimulsoft will work in Stimulsoft Reports.JS and vice versa.


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About Stimulsoft

Reporting components from Stimulsoft embody functionality that simplifies and shortens the development cycle of business applications. Using them, the client gets powerful data processing and visualization. Customers of the company are large and small commercial organizations, governmental and educational institutions in more than 140 countries.