Microsoft presents Pragyan Hackathon

The brightest minds head to Bangalore this December to attend the Pragyan Hackathon to compete for internship opportunities and prizes worth Rs. 1,00,000. The event, presented by Microsoft, is to be held at the IFIM Business School, in the heart of Electronic City. The participants will work over the course of the 12th and 13th of December in teams of three, to design and develop an impressive web or mobile application that revolves around a singular theme. This theme will be announced two weeks prior to the event, but actual work on the app must only take place during the two-day hackathon. The fortnight is expected to help participants plan their app and decide its framework, since there are no constraints on platform or language.

The hackathon, powered by Datawind, promises to be a celebration of learning and technology, but also promises all contestants food and a place to stay overnight. While the deadline for the registration for the hackathon ends on 25th November, registration will also close after the first 200 entries.

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Pragyan has set their terminal online with the webpage at, which aims at answering the more frequently asked questions, and post updates about the Hackathon on their Facebook page,