Progress Introduces the Next Generation of Automated Testing

Progress Introduces the Next Generation of Automated Testing with Latest from Telerik Test Studio

New IntelliMap feature enables early test collaboration between testers and developers, dramatically shortening cycles and boosting productivity.

Progress today announced the latest release of the intuitive, easy-to-use, Telerik® Test Studio® automated testing solution. As part of today's release, Telerik, a Progress company, has added IntelliMap, a revolutionary advancement in test automation. This new functionality introduces a new way for testers to work in parallel with developers and avoid delays during quality assurance (QA).

Test Studio solution enables users to record flexible tests for playback and write as much or as little code as needed, to build highly maintainable test suites. With this new release, users will be able to define and build tests ahead of time, without ever firing up the recorder.

"Earlier collaboration helps bridge communication gaps in the teams so that they can work more effectively which results in a faster delivery of better value," said Melinda Ballou, Program Director of IDC's Application Life-Cycle Management and Executive Strategies service. "Test-first and agile approaches can improve team communication effectiveness, help to dramatically shorten feedback cycles, and get testing activities working in conjunction with development versus occurring after development is complete."

New features available in this release of Telerik Test Studio solution include:

  • Element Builder and Step Builder: Prior to this release, the Step Builder enabled developers to craft certain types of steps using existing elements added by the powerful Telerik Test Studio recorder. Now developers can use the new Step Builder to craft any type of step-the options are limitless. Combined with the new Element Builder, Step Builder enables fully scaffolded tests to be created before the UI is delivered.
  • Early Test Collaboration with Intellimap: "Intellimap" is an intelligent mapper that enables testing teams to develop tests in parallel with development, while minimizing dependency on the UI. It hooks into the web browser and provides an easy-to-use, visual experience to quickly add find logic to "shell" elements.

"Traditional delivery models often have testing as a late-occurring activity performed after development is complete. This gap increases delivery friction, because bugs are found later in the cycle. These kind of disconnects carry over from one iteration to the next," said Aaron Mahimainathan, Senior Vice President, DevTools and Telerik Platform, Progress. "With this release, we are enabling teams to collaborate early and run tests as systems are in development, then move the tests into the regular build/test/push workflow, as needed."

For more information or to download Test Studio solution, please click here. You can also register to learn more during the webinar, "Early Test Collaboration for Successful Automation," April 28, 11:00 a.m. ET.

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