New Creative and Delightfully Fun HD Arcade Game

Aratog Games announces the release of a delightfully fun free-to-play arcade game Hungry Mouth HD on Google Play. Hungry Mouth magically transforms the player into a cute and really hungry monster who is stuck inside a trash can and must eat healthy items - and avoid unhealthy ones - to grow strong and escape from the trash can to a sunny beach. And a bad boy wants to catch the monster, so the player has to avoid him too.

Parents, who want to provide children aged 3+ with amazing cute and easy-play game that will put a smile on their face and teach them the importance of eating healthy, can now download the newly-released Hungry Mouth from Aratog. Hungry Mouth HD offers a fun and wonderfully illustrated world that will excite children and their parents alike.

Hungry Mouth offers 32-level campaign mode in two different gameplay locations, as well as Survival mode, where players can earn candies for the monster.

Hungry Mouth HD special features include:

  • stunning art, design and amazing visuals
  • a charming soundtrack and sound effects that immerse children in a world of wonder
  • a lot of good and bad items to keep the game interesting during many hours
  • plenty of levels, each with their own story and targets
  • a variety of fun character animations
  • a more challenging "survival mode" option
  • the option to track achievements and get bonuses from it

The game available on Google play has Thumzap service integrated into it. Thumzap makes it easy for players to send their friends and family a request to pay for their in-app purchases and get a bonus +20% of game currency for free.

Pricing and availability

Hungry Mouth HD is a free-to-play game. Supported platforms are: Android, iOS and Web.

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