New Virto Gantt Chart App for Simple SharePoint Online Project Management

VirtoSoftware announces the release of its new Gantt Chart App - a project management application for SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint Online. Virto Gantt Chart App is a practical and highly customizable project planning solution designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in a timeline view that makes it easy and convenient to track the work progress.

With Gantt Chart App, users get a full picture of the SharePoint project progression at a single glance: they can assess timeframes for a project fulfillment, determine the resources needed, plan the order of SharePoint tasks and see how they relate to each other. Gantt Chart App also facilitates project sharing and collaborating in real time. All this convenient online project management power features are provided in a simple and attractive Gantt Chart form.

Virto Gantt Chart App for SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint Online allows users to display and manage several SharePoint tasks in a single Gantt view, easily create and complete tasks, assign resources, edit timeframes and percentage of completion with just a few clicks directly from the table or Gantt chart. Users can customize elements of a diagram by choosing the size, color, and other parameters to make Gantt Chart App ideally fit their SharePoint environment.

With Gantt Chart App, users can easily build SharePoint task relations: parent-child (sub-tasks) and predecessor/successor, which determine the order in which activities need to be performed. Task reordering and changing task duration by a simple drag and drop is supported in Virto Gantt Chart App as well. This powerful online project management tool allows users to plan and track the process of projects from start to finish efficiently.

Pricing and Availability

Virto Gantt Chart App for SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint Online is compatible with both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online as part of Office 365. Licenses costs $1.99 per user/month; and VirtoSoftware also offers a discounted price for 100 users or more at $199 per month regardless of the number of users. Further information about the product and a FREE 15-day trial can be found at


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