Eresource Infotech Expands Its Base

eresource,  India's leading ERP Solution Provider, opens Middle East office in Sharjah

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of Middle East region's fastest growing ERP markets today as modernization initiative continues in every Industrial sector as an effort to increase international competitiveness.

Today businesses understand that services and solutions like ERP can help them reach their objectives while carving a niche for themselves in their market space, this results in the rise of software sales in the region.|

Keeping this scenario in mind and to support the region's business growth as well as to meet the increasing market demand for a reliable and affordable ERP system, eresource ERP has recently opened its Middle East office in Sharjah, UAE. The new initiative will be known as 'eresource Middle East (FZE).

Mr Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech said:  "UAE's IT sector sees an 8.8 per cent increase in 2015. The buzzwords that is going around would include Cloud Computing, Mobility and Security which are some of the current Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  trends that have generated a lot of interest among consumers. User-friendly applications would be the essential focus of the solutions industry.  Complex ERP solutions that are currently in use are more likely to fail and hence the need for user-friendly applications are going to be in high demand.. ERP solutions are no more just aimed for the big companies.”

Mr Sudheer Nair further said “Today SMEs are also equally looking at more sophisticated application that will suit their business process and budget allocations. They feel these type of applications are necessary to streamline data transactions and improve their business processes. eresource ERP solution is customized to suit these SME requirements, which will ideally fit into their limited budget.  Our new product eresource nfra ERP has been developed exclusively for the Project-based industries such as Oil and Gas, Construction, EPC Contractor, Architect and Infrastructure Development. . We have also have another exclusive product for the Trading Industry in the region.”

While quoting the reasons for opening the Middle East office, Mr. Vivek Jingade, Director Sales & Marketing, Eresource Infotech said "Opening our UAE office marks an important step towards our expansion plans. This  also showcase the growth path that we are moving towards. Our strategic initiative to open an office in the region will help us to serve our customers very closely and actively thus making our objectives like Guaranteed On-Time Implementation and timely technical assistance more realistic".

"Our current clients' list includes organizations from the Middle East, Africa and India. As the global demand for our robust ERP system increases, we will be expanding our presence in other regions that are experiencing economic growth," Mr. Vivek said.

Mr. Vivek further clarified "Most of our clients are big organizations whose business operations are spread over different locations across the globe thus integration of business operations becomes a complex issue for these organizations. It is also our prime objective is to help them in operational procedures by implementing an intelligently integrated ERP system which will allow them to work freely and efficiently from any location."

Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO and Managing Director, eresource, will head the Middle East operations and all implementation and other operations will take place under his direct guidance.

According to Mr. Sudheer Nair,   “In this short span of time eresource has been able to march towards  becoming the leading ERP firm in the Middle East that offers exclusive ERP for Oil & Gas and its other related trading industries as well as all project-based industries that includes Construction and infrastructure. Companies like PetroGas Piping FZCO, Baron Emperor LLC, Trigon International, Trinity Enterprises, Bulk Piping FZC  and Ocean OilFields FZE. are some of the companies in the Middle East that eresource serves with its ERP solution presently. The list is incomplete as the names of the companies where the finalization of agreement is on its last stage, are not included.."

eresource , established in 2006, is one of the few companies offering a wide range of ERP solution for different verticals. Growing as a leading enterprise solution company, eresource provides end-to-end solutions that leverage technology-enabling customers to grow their business. eresource serves many client in India and abroad and as one of the pioneers of Web-based ERP solution.