DeepBrain Has Developed an Interactive Fairy-Tale World for CDM at Lubyanka Square

The DeepBrain Innovation Lab has developed one of the main attractions of the recently reopened CDM - Centralniy Detskiy Magazin na Lubyanke. The visitors will have a chance to discover and enjoy 10 interactive themed zones.

An interactive concept for the first time implemented in the world exclusively for the CDM respects all the possible requirements of a modern shopping and entertainment center. Interactive zones integrated into a mobile application are an essential part of the customer´s journey, determining and directing it. It should be mentioned that the zones are organically built into the architecture of the store´s historical building, emphasizing every floor´s individual theme.

Each zone is a balanced unity of entertainment, educational and creative elements, available to all visitors at all times. The unique scenarios´ role is not only in sparkling the shoppers´ interest and ensuring their return. First and foremost, they serve an educational purpose for the younger visitors through cognitive games by means of the modern technologies - sensor screens, mobile devices and gesture manipulation.

One of the zones is dedicated to Alice in Wonderland, where children can hand-paint the fantasy´s characters, and then see how they come come alive right before their eyes.

Would you like a pet fish? There´s definitely one for you in the 12-meter-long interactive aquarium to play with using your mobile device, having fun together with the other visitors. Regular push-notifications will keep the "pet-owners" posted, bringing them back to CDM again soon.

Yet another zone will take you on an interactive mysterious space trip. Adults and children will fly across our Galaxy, sweep through the solar system and learn interesting facts about the structure of planet Earth.

Latest technologies were applied to create the interactive zones. The graphics were made with Unity 5. Cutting edge professional Samsung panels are used for the screens. Gesture recognition is ensured by the 2nd generation innovation by Microsoft Kinect for Windows. Some other zones are managed by specialized 5-generation IntelNuc stations.

The interactive zones include 56 screens in configurations from 1 to 6, and are managed in a variety of ways: touch control, gesture control, using mobile devices and trackballs.

"The interactive zones at the CDM are a unique project on the world scale. We are very happy to be a part of it. The fun and the education of all the 10 of them is enough for a full-featured museum. In that sense, Hals Development´s decision to make the interactive zones free and accessible to all visitors is particularly valuable", - says Roman Akinin, Head of DeepBrain.


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