DJTextmenu uses the same menuing structure as our DJPopMenu, but allows the developer to show information in a traditional text menu structure rather than as images.


includes support for multiple submenus and "3D" button action. All fonts, and colors can be configured by the developer. The border can be on or off.Text can be underlined for a "URL link" effect. Menu can be vertical or horizontal.This program gets you "out of the applet box" when displaying pulldown menu information. Notice from the examples that the menus drop down below the boundaries of the actual applet. Menus can be nested as deep as required.

NOTICE: This applet requires JVM 1.1 support from the browser to work correctly. Netscape on the Mac does not currently support this functionality

Typical Applet Configuration
<applet code = DJTextmenu.class archive = height = 30 width = 250 >
<param NAME = appletfontsize VALUE = 12>
<param NAME = backgroundColor VALUE = 0x000000>
<param NAME = panelbackgroundColor VALUE = "204,204,204">
<param NAME = canvasbackgroundColor VALUE = "204,204,204">
<param NAME = statusbarTextColor VALUE = "255,0,0">
<param NAME = statusbarMouseOverTextColor VALUE = "0x0000FF">
<param NAME = bordersize VALUE = 1>
<param NAME = threeD VALUE = true>
<param NAME = textOffset VALUE = 15>
<param NAME = frame VALUE = "_top">
<param NAME = underlineText VALUE = false>
<param NAME = underlineTextColor VALUE = 0x00FF00>
<param NAME = direction VALUE = 1>
<param NAME = menuFontSize VALUE = 12>
<!-- this code defines the text displayed across the top of the applet -->
<param name = "menuitem0" value = "">
<param name = "menuitem1" value = "">
<param name = "menuitem2" value = "">
<!-- this code define the main menu for the first test area -->
<param name = "item0menu0" value = " ">
<param name = "item0menu0item0" value="Home Page|">
<param name = "item0menu0item1" value = "-">
<param name = "item0menu0item2" value = "About Us |" >
<param name = "item0menu0item3" value="Conatct Us |">
<param name = "item0menu0item4" value = "Advertise with us|">
<!-- this code defines the submenu referenced above in item0menu0item2 -->
<param name = "item0menu1" value = " " >
<param name = "item0menu1item0" value = "Home Page|">
<param name = "item0menu1item1" value = "-" >
<param name = "item0menu1item2" value = "About US|">
<param name = "item0menu1item3" value = "Contact US|">
<param name = "item0menu1item4" value = "Advertise With Us|">
<!-- this code define the main menu for the second text area -->
<param name = "item1menu0" value = " ">
<param name = "item1menu0item0" value = "Home Page|">
<param name = "item1menu0item1" value = "-">
<param name = "item1menu0item2" value = "About US|">
<param name = "item1menu0item3" value = "Contact US|">
<param name = "item1menu0item4" value = "Advertise With Us|">
<!-- this code define the main menu for the third text area -->
<param name = "item2menu0" value = " ">
<param name = "item2menu0item0" value = "Home Page|">
<param name = "item2menu0item1" value = "-" >
<param name = "item2menu0item2" value = "Profile|">
<param name = "item2menu0item3" value = "Career at IQResearch|">

Parameter Definition

backgroundColorThe background color of the applet. This is the border color if selected with borderSize > 0
The background color of the canvas area around the text
panelbackgroundColorThe background color of the main panel area . 
statusbarTextColorThe text color of the Text Descriptions
The alternate color of the text description when the mouse is over the text.
appletFontSizeThe font size of the text description. Default is 12 if not defined
borderSizeThe size of the border in pixels. 0 = no border. The color defined in panelbackgroundColor will be the border color.  Default is 0 if not defined.
menuFontSizeThis parameter will change the font size of the pulldown menu item lists. Default if not used is 12
textOffsetspacing ( in pixels) between each of the text bar entries
FrameThis parameter defines where the URL's will be launched to on the page. Default is "_top" . You can also force any individual URL to any frame by overriding this function. See note below.
threeDParameter is either TRUE or FALSE.
If "true" then text will have a "3D" button around them when the mouse is over the image
Default is "false" if the parameter is not defined 
menuitem0 - menuitem (n) These are the text descriptions to place on the applet See notes below for format.
item(n)menu(n)Pulldown menu definitions for the associated text. See notes below for examples. 
underlineTextParameter is either TRUE or FALSE
underlineTextColorIf underlineText is "true", then this is color of the underline
direction1 = vertical alignment   0 = horizontal alignment

Note: All colors are entered in either hexidecimal or decimal RGB format . As an example , the color white = 0xFFFFFF in hex and white = "255,255,255" in RGB format.

Overriding the frame parameter

You can override the default frame parameter as follows :

value = " my_Description | my_url.html > new_frame"

If the pipe symbol ">" is detected after the URL entry the applet will assume you are referencing a frame and send the URL to that frame rather than the default frame.
 Text Definitions

This applet supports up to twenty(20) text entries.  an example is  :

< PARAM name = "menuitem0" value = " first pulldown menu text description">
< PARAM name = "menuitem1" value = " second pulldown menu text description">
< PARAM name = "menuitem20" value = "  twentieth pulldown menu text description">

Menu definitions

Menus are attached to each of the above defined text strings as follows :

the first string is attached to the menu called item0menu0.
the second string is attached to the menu called item1menu0.
the third string  is attached to the menu called item2menu0.

Each menu has up to fifty(50) items associated with it. Each item is defined in the format

item0menu0item0        the first item in the list
item0menu0item1        the second item in the list

Each item has two (2) parameters associated with it. The item name that will be displayed in the pulldown list, and the URL that the user will be sent to when the item is selected with a mouse click. The two parameters are seperated with the "|" character.

referencing sub menus

A menu item can reference another menu. To do this, put the new menu reference in the value field of the parameter instead of a document page. ( see example code above )
As with the other examples we will assume that we are referencing the first text entry. Since the first  menu is called "item0menu0" we reference the sub menu as "item0menu1".   The main menu could also reference another menu called "item0menu2".  To further go down the menu tree, the sub menu "item0menu1" could have a reference to a third menu called "item0menu3".
The number on the menus is not important. The only restriction is that all menus associated with the first image start with the description "item0"

Note: Unlike the main menu for the text entry, sub menus need a value parameter. This is the name that appears in the main menu that references the sub menu.
Requested Modification added 05/21/00

If a pulldown selection contains only one entry, the popup menu will not be displayed. Instead, the URL associated with the entry will be launched when the user clicks the mouse button. This allows you to have a button that does not use a pulldown menu.

Confusing !! Not really ...

Examine the sample code listed above in the typical applet definitions above and follow the path of the menus. I think you'll find it quit logical when you see the flow of the layout.

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