MP3 In Flash

Create your new movie, or open up your existing movie. Open Winamp. Get your mp3. You know that you can only import .wav files in Flash. So first open the mp3 you want to import into winamp.

Now press Ctrl P, which will open up a little window, with "Nullsoft Winamp - Preferences" on the top. You should see a little tree on the left, and to the right be focused on "Input Plug-Ins".

On the tree, click on Output. In the main window, double click on "Nullsoft Disc Writer Plug-In". It will then present you with a tree asking you where you want to save exported .wav files. 

Now simply push play on winamp. You shouldn't hear any music, and the timeline bar should be moving faster than usual.It's exporting the .mp3 into a .wav. This is good as long as your mp3 is very small, as this is going to increase your file size very much. If you want only a part of the of an mp3, simply position the timeline slider on winamp to the beginning of what you want to export, play it, and then hit stop when you want to stop the exporting.

Now you probably want to be able to listen to mp3s while you're working, so be sure to go back to preferences and change everything back. Just simply click on the "Nullsoft DirectSound Plug-In" in the output window. Then you're all set. 

Back to Flash. With your movie open, go to File, then click on import. Find your exported .wav file, and import it. Now you'll have to wait a long time if you're importing a 40 mb .wav, so how about reading my note so that you have a much smaller .wav (and therefor a smaller movie). Anyway, with it imported, open up your library (Ctrl L). You should see your imported sound. Right click on it, and then chose Export Settings. Under the compression setting, change it from "default" to "mp3". 

There you have the mp3 playing in Flash.
Use it in moderation to prevent increase in file size.

Added on June 21, 2007 Comment