Adding Scenes to your movie in Flash

A basic Flash movie which contains two or more scenes will play back one after another, in the order that they are listed in the Scene inspector. To make your movie more interactive you should use actions.

Modify> Frame> Actions (tab)

The use of actions like Stop, Goto and Play in your movie will add an element of interactivity and allow your visitors to move around your movie like a web page.
Scenes are a great way to organise your movie, however, they have their drawbacks. 
Put your mouse over Window use the Window> Inspector> Scene command.
Put your mouse over Insert Use the Insert> Scene command. You might want to use the steps above to organize your scenes. 

How to Add a scene:

Click Add in the Scene inspector or choose Insert> Scene.

Delete a scene: 

Click Delete in the Scene inspector, or open the scene you want to delete and:
Choose Insert> Remove Scene.

Rename a scene:

Click Properties in the Scene inspector or choose Modify> Scene. 

Duplicate a scene: 

Click Duplicate in the Scene inspector.

Change the order of a scene in the movie: 

Drag a scene name in the Scene inspector.

Display the Scene inspector: 

Choose Window> Inspectors> Scene.

View a particular scene: 

Choose View> Goto and then choose the name of the scene.

That's it for the basics in Scenes!!

Added on June 4, 2007 Comment