Drop down Menu with Description

See the description of the site you want to visit in the drop down menu.

Code:2 parts to this script
part 1 - put your messages in here, if you add more, make sure you change 
"new Array(6)" to match the number of entries.
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
<!-- Begin 
var messages = new Array(6); 
messages[0] = "";
messages[1] = "India's Complete Software Magazine";
messages[2] = "Converging Intelligence"; 
messages[3] = "Linux magazine on CDs";
messages[4] = "Your Hardcore Hardware Resources";
messages[5] = "Connecting with Emerging Minds";
function messageReveal() {
var messageindex = document.messageForm.messagePick.selectedIndex
document.messageForm.messageField.value = messages[messageindex];
function go() {
document.location = document.messageForm.messagePick.options[document.
// End -->

part 2 - edit your entries here

<form name="messageForm">
<select name="messagePick" OnChange="messageReveal()">
<option value="#">--- Select ---
<option value="http://www.developeriq.com/">Developer IQ
<option value="http://www.iqtechmedia.com/">IQ TechMedia.com
<option value="http://www.linuxmagindia.com/">LinuxMag India
<option value="http://www.theitiq.com/">The ITIQ
<option value="http://www.iqresearch.net/">IQ Research
<textarea name="messageField" rows=6 cols=30 wrap=virtual></textarea>

--- Select ---
Developer IQ
IQ Techmedia
LinuxMag India
IQ Research



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