Mouse Effect using Flash

This code will teach you how you can create mouse effects using Flash

Step 1
Go to Insert>New Symbol
for the name type in Mouse and for the behavior click Movie Clip

Step 2
Now since your movie clip is loaded draw a circle in the center of the screen.

NOTE: the + in the middle of the screen is the center

Step 3
Now click the Scene 1 tab

Step 4
Go to Window>Library and you will see it says "Mouse" inside of it, click on the movie and drag it into your scene

Step 5
Click on the circle and Go to Modify>Instance and click the definition tab, it will say Instance Name with an empty text box next to it, in there type Movie

Step 6
Right click on frame 1 and click the actions tab, you will see a "+" sign on the top left, click that and go to Drag Movie Clip

Step 7
You will see it says Target for that you will type in Movie and on the bottom it will say Lock mouse to center click that and now test your movie.

The code looks something like this:
Start Drag ("Tracer", lockcenter)

Ex: Shockwave below

Added on July 10, 2007 Comment