key event handlers in JAVA

An applet which demonstrates the key event handlers

import java.applet.*; import java.awt.*;

import java.awt.event.*;


<applet code="SimpleKey" width = 300 height = 200>



public class SimpleKey extends Applet implements KeyListener{

String msg = " " ;

int X = 10, Y = 20;

public void init() {




public void keyPressed(KeyEvent ke) {

showStatus("Key Down");


public void keyReleased(KeyEvent ke) {

showStatus("Key Up");


public void keyTyped(KeyEvent ke) {

msg += ke.getKeyChar();



public void paint(Graphics g) {

showStatus("Key Down");

g.drawString(msg, X, Y);



Note : After you have studied the above code :

»  Copy it onto your hard drive in Notepad or MS Word or any text editor. Save the file as "".

» Open a new text document, mention the applet parameters within the html parameters and save this file as   "SimpleKey.html".

» Compile the .java file (from DOS prompt if you are not using a visual editor like VJ++, etc.) to check for errors   and to obtain the .class file.

» Run at DOS prompt, using the command : appletviewer

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