Digital Marketing vs. SEO

Most often, digital marketing is confused with SEO, but in fact, it’s not so! They are distinct. Although digital marketing and SEO are found to be functioning in a similar way at times, they are unique. We believe that the team at will be the best people to take this subject matter further. So, let’s hear from them the difference between these two strategies and how they are useful here.

Why Hire an SEO Company?

In general, it’s important to hire an SEO company for optimizing your website so as to enhance the website’s position in the SER (Search Engine Ranker). As such, they will use various SEO strategies and/or best practices to make the site get higher rankings in the SER. As the SEO experts, we would say that SEO is a subgroup of digital marketing. The SEO specialists are the ones who integrate the best practices of digital marketing and SEO to achieve the aforementioned goals.

Differences Between these Elements:

As we have already mentioned, both these elements have several similarities and both the SEO experts and digital marketing managers will often share same skills. As such, the SEO specialist would have the expertise to optimize the website so as to increase the traffic and revenue. In contrast, the digital marketing manager works alongside the SEO expert so as to increase the overall revenue of the company by increasing its exposure in digital media. In simple terms, the digital marketer would have the SEO in their toolbox.

Thus, both these people would share several strategies, although digital marketing includes some other additional best practices than them. As these two are overlapping with each other, we would find it harder to separate them.

To put it simply, as an SEO specialist, your duty will be to increase the visitors to the website, while the digital marketer would be concerned with increasing the online presence of the company.

Proper Integration of SEO and Digital Marketing:

It’s very obvious that SEO is constantly changing as fast as the search engines continuously update their process of ranking websites. Therefore, the SEO specialists are bound to keep updated with the latest trends. As such, the more recent updates in SEO strategies were noted in digital marketing. This led to the emergence of a new term called “Search Marketing Integration”.

As the search engines are continuously broadening the specifics they use to view a website and measure their content quality, it can be noticed that a search is overlapping with other strategies of marketing in place. This is expected to bring a complete revolution in the way a company approaches sales and branding. The victor would need integration of both SEO and digital marketing.

Several factors have changed over the past two or three years, and the line between the two strategies has blurred. Yes, they are separate but becoming the ones with singular aims and hence, are becoming an integrated unit. Therefore, the degree of success would depend on the ability to create a campaign using both of these strategies together.