You are being stalked

Before even you start your journey, you are leaving enough digital footprints to indicate where you are heading. And it only gets worse.

As soon as you enter your first search criteria on a booking website, you are being tracked. Observe the ads that you start seeing subsequently. It would invariably be offers related to flight tickets or hotels for your destination. It could also be ads of taxi services from airport to the hotel that you checked for its location!

After you book your flight tickets, the tracking is taken to a new level. Even by doing a simple activity of selecting a movie in the flight you are giving out valuable information about what you like, what you don’t.By giving out this information, you will now be able to get recommendations of what to see next. You might even be able to complete this movie in the next flight if you are not able to finish it!

If you think, I would be able to avoid that by just curling up under my blanket and taking a nap, think again. Because recently an airline experimented with a Happiness Blanket that reads your mood!

And if nothing else, you are easily tracked by your appendix-by-choice – your phone. They always know where you are.
And who are they? In most cases these are just some data collectors who sell this data to advertisers who pay more for specific targeting. A hotel in Chennai would obviously want to send its advertisement to a person landing atChennai airport.
There is a fine line between data collection for convenience and intrusiveness that could make you susceptible to identity theft. How much is enough?After leaving so many digital footprints behind, how can you be sure that these are not reaching wrong hands?

There was a time when the tracking was so primitive that we could rely on ‘privacy settings’ to control how much of information we would want to share. It’s not as simple anymore. You are being stalked, whether you wanted it or not.
They want to take the moral high by justifying this intrusiveness by stating that they are just trying to make our lives easier. You get what you want without even asking for it. Things just appear. All magic! They claim that they are taking care of your needs!
If you have grown up in a small town or village, you would know what justifiable intrusiveness means. Even after many years when you go there, everyone knows you have arrived. No GPS tracking required. Your friends show up, your favorite food appears, you even get free rides wherever you want to go. Now with some twisted logic you could call even that as stalking. But in your heart you know the difference…