7 Things to Consider Before Website Goes Live: Must-read Checklist

Jennifer Adam

A lot of efforts are needed in actually designing a site form the scratch. This task can be as big as preparing for a Thanksgiving feast or Christmas single-handedly. If you think, you are ready to publish your site, think again. There are so many things to be considered right from the creative to the logistics, before you go live on the internet.

You may have invested ample hours in a day or month or on arranging, writing and designing your site, carefully observing each and every conceivable detail. But, even the experienced web developers take out some extra time, check or double-check or even triple check their work, before it shows up in the search results.

Before you launch your website, you need to consider certain things, if they are in order. Just consider it as preparing a home cooked food for your guests, it consists of various ingredients, but you have to sample it or taste it to see if you got it right. Similarly, you need to test your site before you launch it.

Let’s have a quick glimpse over a few essential things to take into consideration, before you go live with your new site.


Content is what will help you get extra points and if done incorrectly can get you the penalties. The three important things that you must ensure are: content must be unique and duplicate one must be avoided, your grammar must be clean and perfect and the most important is that the content should be relevant. Read the entire content twice or thrice and once again by a third person. Your content must look professional, misspelled words can ruin your image. Highlight significance with section headings, bold keywords and bullet points. Images should not dominate your layout. However, you can let your visitors click for the large pictures.


In this competitive era, where speed is the requisite for almost everything, you need to ensure faster loading speed for your website. If a website takes more than 30 or 35 seconds to load, users would be no more interested in your website, no matter how loyal your customers are. Therefore, speed test for the site is certainly mandatory.

Amazingly, it is easy to test your website for speed. You can get a chart of almost everything that the website is loading and how much time it is taking to load the webpages.


A strong “Call-To-Action” is required to make the internet users visit your website. But, how they can serve the purpose for you! why exactly, they should visit your site and where should go next! are some of the questions that must be answered by you without any fail.


This point is very important for the web developers as well as SEO analysts. The titles are the key aspects to great search engine optimization. Therefore, it is essential to write the right and appropriate titles. Also, these are necessary as they tell the users what the specific page is all about. Title should be unique and must change with every page in accordance with the content on that particular page.


A website always contains some links, which are essential to help you create authority, generate backlinks and provide your users the detailed information that they might be looking for. Along with these benefits, links help you get a major advantage of improving SEO and bring to the entire new level. But, always make sure that every link actually leads somewhere. There should be no room for broken links and dead pages.


It is wiser to check, if your website works well across all the popular web browsers. Your website may be perfect, pixel-precise and attractive, but make sure that it looks great on all major browsers by maintaining its elegance.


Your texts and colors may look perfect, while you are working on, but come of the things may go wrong later in this department. Make sure that colors do not make the site’s look too bright. Ensure that the text is clearly visible, legible and do not create any confusion between the letters. Amazingly, these small things can do miracles in saving your hard-work from some major troubles.


Thus, this is the perfect time to observe the tiniest detail and obsess over every single bit of it. Do not forget to go through this to-do list, before you launch your website. This incredible guide will definitely help you succeed in this competitive internet market.


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