How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Websites

Williams Heilmann

No other platform than WordPress can ensure the survival of business website over the web. In addition to it, WordPress websites are exceptional to showcase the business products or services to gain clients’ attention. With the exceptional WordPress features, it gets easy to develop the web page from the clients’ point of view.

Prior to explaining more on the ways to reduce the bounce rate of WordPress websites, let’s talk about WordPress as a content management system. It is well known that WordPress is a great CMS that is used by some of the top developers across the globe. Even though the platform is great, several bounce rate incidents have reported with WordPress also.

Bounce rate specifically refers to the quick navigation of the users from a site to the another. This decreases the conversion rate of the website, which ultimately harms the popularity of the business websites. To keep a check on this very issue, the most used tool from the giant search engine is Google analytics.

Reasons that increase bounce rates

Users leave a page because of a number of factors among which following are ranked higher:

  • Users generally leave websites in case they do not find informative content over the page.
  • A poor website visibility can be another reason for the same
  • In case website design is not retina-friendly, it may contribute to the increased bounce rate
  • It is also the usability (if not found up to the mark by the users) that also adds to the bouncing rate is not up to the mark for the users.   

Retaining the users on the website is very much important to offer higher website ranking. There are different ways that would help service providers to reduce the bouncing rate of their WordPress websites. Among a number of solutions that are practiced worldwide, here is a summary of the ways that have proved their worth in reducing the bounce rate of WordPress websites. 

Tips to reduce bounce rate on WordPress websites

Serve quality with the content

Quality content serves as a pillar for the success of the websites. Content that is low in the quality is always going to damage the reputation of the websites in addition to serving to the higher bouncing rate. 

Poor quality content will also give a reason to the users to abandon the websites even for the references. Thus, choose to serve the clients with quality content on the websites. It will always give a profound reason to the users to refer to the websites.

Improved site speed

Websites that take more than 2 seconds in the loading are likely to be abandoned by 50% of the users. Stats show that a second’s delay in the website is likely to contribute to 7% reduction in conversion. Reduction in the conversion rates will ultimately harm the online reputation and the business revenue.

Therefore, improved site speed will keep up the interest of the users alive over the business website and will give a boost to the business.

Development of responsive sites

Responsive WordPress websites are an easy way to get noticed by an extended number of online visitors. Such websites can easily be accessed over the smartphones; thus, are ultimately contributing to increased users. With this reason, it is important to develop websites that are responsive in nature.

Responsive themes are all there to develop sites that are responsive in the nature. There is a huge collection of such themes over WordPress websites.

Exceptional user experience

It becomes very much important to offer a delightful experience to the users. Providing an exceptional user experience is going to count as one among the imperative factors to provide the higher ranking to the websites. Additionally, easy navigation, influential website appearance, and a great web content are sure to attract the users.

In case, users have a great time over the website, there are sure to pay a frequent visit to the site. It will further boost the page rankings.


By keeping all these points in the practice, you can easily notice the reduction in the bounce rate of your WordPress websites. Bouncing rate of the website is a serious issue that must be paid attention. In case, you fail to retain the users on your websites, your business may suffer miserably over the web.

The ultimate aim of designing business websites is to gain more and more clients from across the globe. In case it is failing in this sole endeavor, there is no point in investing your hard earned money on such sites. Hence, try solving this particular problem in case you are having the same.  

Author bio: Williams Heilmann works at PSDtoWordPressExpert, which provides world class PSD to WordPress conversion services and holds expertise in resolving the bouncing rates of WordPress websites. His research frequently gets shape in impressive blogs that are further shared with the users.