Tips To Know If You’re A Beginner In E-commerce Industry

Paul Schroer

If you are a beginner to E-commerce industry or looking up for different ways to sprint up your already existing business on web, then definitely this post is just meant for you. Here, in this post, we will discuss various different parameters of E-commerce ranging from best platforms to the features and functions they must possess.

Let’s begin this journey and dive into the revolutionary realm of E-commerce.

In the last few years, E-commerce has become the hot topic of the web industry that swayed up all the conventions of existing market world. The introduction of various advanced technologies and tools has not only empowered business owners to have remarkable web solutions but has also armed developers with proficient skills and strategies to develop out-of-the-box E-commerce solutions.

Realizing the excellence of web-enabled E-commerce development platforms, a major section of web developers is shifting to them to materialize their objective of owning a unique and sustainable shopping platform. However, it is very important to choose the right platform, whether you are newbie or an established site owner as a web development platform is capable of either breaking or making the reputation of any online business. 

Emergence Of E-commerce Development Platform

With time being, the competition shifted from ground marketing to even online marketing. And, in order to gain a huge popularity for your business, you need to possess an E-commerce website built using a remarkable web development platform. Such web development platforms comprehend matchless functionalities like scalability, responsiveness, SEO-friendly, and much more. 

Although there are certain features that should be checked in before deciding for an E-commerce platform.

Key Features To Look For In An Equipped E-commerce Development Platform
Convenient: It is the prime factor that should never be overlooked while choosing a web development platform for your business. An easy to use platform is highly popular among developers as well as site owners. As far as basic usage of the functionality is concerned, a platform must be capable of being used with a little technical knowledge.

Flexible: A platform should provide the function of easy integration of added features that are capable of enhancing the functionality of the website and its related services.

Feature-rich: An E-commerce platform should bestow all the latest features that are capable of developing sustainable web solutions.

Futuristic: Only a platform that possesses advanced and all updated features becomes the first choice of developers as well as the site authors. As it helps them provide sustainability to their business and get it ready for a long run amid stiff competition.

Multilingual: A multilingual shopping platform can fervently help in serving a larger audience across the globe. If you are looking forward to setting up your business at international level, then opt for a platform that serves in multiple languages.

Pocket-friendly: Open-source E-commerce platforms are highly in demand as they allow developers to access their core functionalities free of cost. An open-source platform is the most cost-effective method of building shopping websites.  

Now that you have learned about the features that must be checked before deciding for an E-commerce platform. Let us now take a glimpse of some commonly used and most popular E-commerce development platforms.

Best 5 Listed Web Development Framework That Influenced E-commerce

Here is a list of 5 best E-commerce development frameworks that have not only simplified but have also leveraged the web industry from conventional methods to some advanced strategies.

1. Magento:

Magento is a globally-reckoned E-commerce-oriented web development platform that triggered the prevalent concepts of e-commerce designing and development. This robust platform possesses a range of various matchless features like cross-browser compatibility, SEO-friendly, multiple-storefronts, multilingual, etc. It is available in two variants: Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition in the market. Enterprise edition focuses on empowering large scale businesses while community edition focuses on small-scale community-like business establishments.

Salient features of Magento that have led to its popularity amongst the businesses these days:

  • Offers out-of-the-box shopping solutions
  • Intuitive Admin panel
  • Device-agnostic
  • User-friendly
  • Open source
  • Compatible with added software and programs
  • Bestows a powerful front-end and backend backed by single admin console
  • Supported by an expert team of developers who continuously strive to deliver updated and advanced features. 

2. PrestaShop

PrestaShop is a leading name after Magento that has truly influenced the E-commerce world. This framework has been fervently used to create world-class shopping solutions endowing matchless functionalities. It easily integrates various unique themes, templates and modules to help in leveraging your E-commerce business into a success. This platform is highly capable of sprinting the ranking of a website which lies well on SEO part and this is the only reason PrestaShop is preferred by a majority of developers.

3. UberCart

UberCart managed to rank among the top listed E-commerce platforms for comprehending various matchless web development features that are highly useful for creating some innovative web solutions. It also proffers certain functions like easy order management, catalog formation, product management, etc. that play a significant role in regulating the functioning of a large scale E-commerce establishment.

4. BigCommerce

This exemplary platform renders an exquisite range of 125 creative templates that have empowered developers to create remarkable shopping websites, thus creating an impressive business set up on the web. BigCommerce confers its name in the list of easy to use web development frameworks that can be easily used to inculcate efficient functions like drag and drop features, return services, etc. Although this platform does not support multilingualism, it still bags a renowned name amid global developers.

5. Shopify

Out of the thousands of E-commerce frameworks available in the market, Shopify is known to have the simplest and easiest to understand structure that has been actively used by developers to create matchless shopping solutions so far. It has potentially helped many newbie businessmen to establish an exclusive mark of their business in the online market. 


Now that you have got an idea about the features and top E-commerce frameworks, it is important to know how you can materialize such great business ideas into reality. Hire an expert web development company or a developer, based on your requisites and expenses, having a professional background in building astounding E-commerce solutions. The proficiency and excellency of professional web service providers are matchless. 

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