Awareness Programs Meant For The Growth Of Technical Debt

In this current development cycle, there are different areas, where technical debt can cause problems down the product line development. For tackling such scenarios, the technical debt first needs to know more about the composition of technical debt. After that, they are going to identify it and address its exact presence in the said system. There are various attributes, which can make a technical debt. Each comes with some symptoms, which show the increasing levels of technical debt in system. Some of those symptoms are implementation debt, architectural and design debt, documentation debt and test debt. You need to know more about it!

Checking on the points

Well, you have to deal with implementation debt first. This debt manifests as code duplication. It further deals with code smells and even static tool rule violations. Furthermore, you might have to deal with architectural and design debt, as another symptom of technical debt. You can check these points out through design smells and some of the design rule violations. Test debt seems to be quite easier to detect, especially when you have lack of tests, improper test routines, and inadequate coverage in the current code base. Try learning a little bit about the documentation debt. There is lack of documentation, out of date products and even some poor documentation services, which can help in your service.


Various forms of debts related to it

Just like credit card debt relief, you need to be aware of the types of debts, associated with technical ones. That way, you can get along with the symptoms first and check out for the right kind of solutions, to it. Well, you have the strategic debt to be precise. These are mostly known for strategic purposes. Such debts can be taken for long terms. You even have the tactical debt. This is known for quick gains. Even it is meant for paying back in short terms. You even have the inadvertent debt, which is unknowing to developer, who lacks the awareness and skill for handling technical debt.

Checking for the other options

While dealing with technical debt, you might have heard a lot about incremental debt. This is defined to be a continuous form of inadvertent debt. You have to look down at the break of the technical debt. It starts with the symptoms and on ways, in which the services are caused. You will get to see more about technical debt and ways to use them well. For keeping debt from taking over the current code base and slow developments down, you need to learn a lot about the debt.

Give rise to awareness

It is mandatory to start this procedure by heightening awareness around the term technical debt. It helps in holding team meetings, where the technical debt needs to be explained. After that, you have to introduce and put the procedures in their correct places for addressing them well. For preventing buildup of the technical debt, the developmental teams are used for holding training sessions for learning everything in future, and even performing some of the best practices.