Product Review: Movavi Video Converter for Mac

As you may have noticed not all formats of video can be played on all devices. Although most of the popular formats tend to be fairly universal nowadays and Macs and PCs are both quite versatile, there are other formats that often require specialized players, and some devices that can only deal with particular formats.

That is why it helps if you are able to quickly switch the formats of your videos as and when the need arises. While you may think that requires a technical knowledge of video formats and settings (and in most cases – you’d be right), with Movavi Video Conveter for Mac you can skip past all that.

In a nutshell, Movavi Video Converter for Mac is a simple and easy to use Mac video converter that will make converting video formats seem like a piece of cake – even if you have no idea what format you need. Typically you can convert your video into any format by loading it into the software, selecting the format, and starting the conversion by clicking a single button.

If you aren’t sure which format you’d like to use however (or which would be best for a particular device), then you can choose one of the hundreds of presets in Movavi Video Converter for Mac instead. Each of these presets is designed to automatically optimize your video for a particular device or platform, so they’ll take care of the technical side of affairs on your behalf.

Aside from taking care of all your needs when it comes to video conversion, Movavi Video Converter also comes with several other useful features that will let you:

  • Convert audio and image files between different formats.
  • Enhance the quality of your videos with a single click.
  • Create animated GIFs out of video clips.
  • Extract the audio tracks from videos and save it separately.
  • Grab screenshots directly from videos.
  • Cut and join video segments.
  • Crop and rotate the video frame and orientation.
  • Add personalized text fields to create unique captions, watermarks or titles.

In many ways Movavi Video Converter for Mac is the perfect utility for handling your day to day media conversions. With the tools that it provides you’ll find that you’re able to do things with your media files that you may not even have previously considered and seeing as it is so easy to use it won’t take you long to familiarize yourself with them.