Top Must-Have Skills of Joomla Developer

David Meyer

For creating a well-structured Joomla website, it is a definite need to possess expertise in handling different tasks that are significant to meet the web development challenges. Every business owner wants to own a perfect site composed acutely with tons of outstandingly better aspects and features. In the arena of developing professional sites, it is crucial for you to be acquainted with all modern technology trends/standards used to implement the minutest requisites.

However, there are numerous CMSs integrated with cutting edge features, but Joomla is one secure and flexible content management system contained with a plethora of web development qualities. Developing site from the scratch using this open source platform is an ardent process, for which, it is imperative to be bestowed with in-depth proficiency. To get rid of these complexities, it has become a trend to hire Joomla developer these days as it’s a cost-effective way to attain first-rated outcomes. Though this CMS comes with tons of user-friendly features, but still a few fields are there, in which, you must have an in-depth dexterity before getting started.

Let’s Explore Must-Have Developer Skills To Start Working With Joomla   

Through this post, you will get the elaborated skills of Joomla developer that must have in a professional to develop a website. Let’s have a glimpse over key competence:

  • Must Be Abreast With Joomla Basics

Before planning to execute the business needs with Joomla, it would be our suggestion for you to keep yourself acquainted with all basics to efficiently handle every complex blog or website need. It is essential to know how categories & articles work and what are exactly plug-ins, component and modules. The acknowledgment of menu building with distinct menu items should be there in the developer. There are numerous resources over the Internet to learn the basics of Joomla.   

The best resource is Joomla Community Magazine, OS training and Joomla documentation website to learn.

  • Acknowledged With HTML & Possesses Coding Adroitness

To create a successful website, it is vital to have basic HTML knowledge so that all the business needs can be implemented easily without any sort of issues regarding coding. The error-free code for websites or blogs is the primary concern. Thus, you should probably have skills to handcode the articles, include customized HTML modules and perform modifications on templates. If you are already adept in some portion of HTML, then it would be greatly easy to do this job.  

  • Has Practical Knowledge & Technically Know-How of CSS

We firmly believe that CSS is an indispensable skill and has great advantages especially when you want to customize any Joomla website. Therefore, you may get benefits from having expertise in CSS. Mostly available extensions work smoothly and look elegant when being installed. To have the appearance of website consistent, you need to try some CSS tweaks. But, if you are not familiar with the basic CSS concepts, then it would be better for you to learn the same before implementation.  

CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheet. This prominent language is used to define presentation semantics of documents built with markup language. Written in XHTML and HTML, this application is preferred to style the web pages in a way you want to look. You can apply it on different sorts of XML documents including XUL and SVG.

The primary reason behind its introduction is to allow the user to separate document content from presentation such as colors, fonts, and layout. The document content is written in markup language like HTML or similar.

In short, it is importantly used for the separation of visual presentation (CSS) & content (HTML). You can additionally use a single but centrally located file along with styles, which is a feature of CSS. Doing side-wide style manipulations is a simple task.  

  • Important To Have Patience & Practice A Lot

Building a successful Joomla site requires a considerable time and more efforts with hard work, so you should have patience and you need to practice a lot to achieve your goal. The most vital thing is to endorse that this process consumes time. So, we will advise you to complete the steps one by one, means single at a time.

SEO takes time as it is not a fast run game and as such, no instant fix to mature. So, keep practicing Joomla.  

  • Be Acquainted With SEO & Its Basics

Although content is king at the site and has crucial importance, but side by side, no one can ignore SEO. It is divided in 3 major parts including links, content and technical optimization. It’s a complex domain, but knowledge of some primitive stuff is still needed until you find another better & advanced technique than it. Thus, you need to be aware of its key qualities required for the web development.


Joomla, a world-renowned CMS, brings a myriad of attributes that are intuitive to use, but for the successful website development, you need to keep yourself abreast with above-mentioned skills. These are must-have skills, so make sure that your developer is enriched with all these characteristics. 

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Being a professional team member of CSSChopper-Joomla development company, David Meyer also loves writing articles & blogs along with his profession called website development.