A Sneak Peak into Mobile App Development Trends 2015

Amanda Cline

The mobile apps development industry is riding high on the success and is skyrocketing with each passing day. Apps have established their own niche in the life of mobile junkies, encouraging millions of developers to actively take part in this app revolution. The extensive nature and scope of this industry has made it subject to many changes and trend fluctuations. The mobile application development services is in a mature state and is forging ahead from smartphones to tablets to wearables. Now that 2015 has come already, we decided to share some insights about some mobile development trends that are expected to take shape this year.

For this, we have taken a reference from the Vision Mobile' App Developer Trends report generated in the first quarter of 2015. The report provides a very useful info about the position of application developers, the current state of the app market, and all the big changes that will influence the flow of application industry.

1. The Rise of Apple Swift Language

Apple's most cherished Swift language is witnessing an incredible growth. The report of Vision Mobile has shown around 20% of mobile developers were using Swift just after four months of its launched. On the contrary, Google's Go language failed to create such a benchmark, with just 5% of the market share among developers. Swift's success in replacing Objective-C doesn't imply its decline, but it has created an urge among developers learn both languages to become a proficient iOS developer.

2. The Ever Going Platform Wars

An interesting shift can be seen in the way both of the leading platforms- Android and iOS will continue to fight for the lion's share. While Apple has increased its technological potential, Android leads the market with its high-end designs and the latest features. Windows, on the other hand, currently enjoys 30% of the market share, but fails to generate enough demand and sales to rise above from the two giants. Android has 40% developers, iOS 37%, and Windows has 8%. In addition to this, with the tremendous growth of mobile apps, one just can't underestimate the significance of web apps, which are yet another business source for millions of digital marketers.

3. The Increasing Demand of Cross-platform Tools

According to the State of the Developer Report, over the years, the use of third-party tools has increased up to 83% for accomplishing tasks like crash reporting, testing, analytics, etc. Also, for the last six months, demand for cross-platform tools has increased from 23% to 30%, which is quite commendable. In fact, developers' knowledge about these tools has also grown and they are using them actively to generate more business and revenue for their organization.

4. Enterprise Apps Attract More Developers Than Consumer Apps

Both Smartphones and app stores continue to claim their dominance among the digital folk, yet no one can guarantee whether your app will hit the market or not. The reason being, developers now seem more interested and keen to develop enterprise apps as compare to consumer apps. With 43% developers focusing on enterprise apps, only 19% of developers are involved in the development of consumer apps. Consumers don't show much enthusiasm to spend some real money when it comes to purchasing apps. On the other hand, enterprises are ready to invest huge money on developing apps that help them gain maximum revenue and productivity.

To Conclude

The Vision Mobile's report cites crucial details about the present and the future of mobile app development. The report gives us an idea of where the application market is heading to and the changes that are all set to dominate the mobile industry.

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