PSD to WordPress converted site- Top tips to ensure its prolonged success

Mike Swan

Despite the versatile nature of PSD designs, there are situations when designing web pages using PSD can't turn much beneficial. It is here that the significance of converting PSD designs into a specific web development platform or content management system like WordPress can prove to be ultra advantageous. The continuously growing urge for creating dynamic, appealing, responsive, user-friendly and search-engine friendly websites has paced up the popularity of PSD to WordPress theme conversion process. If you too have recently switched from plain PSD designs of your web pages to the excellent WordPress theme, then this is a post just for you. Here, I've offered you some handy tips on affirming long-lasting success of your site which now has an impressive WordPress theme. So, let's get to learn more about these tips.

A look at some of the pros associated with PSD to WordPress theme conversion

Before proceeding ahead, let's have a look at some of the key advantages of choosing PSD to WordPress theme conversion for your website. Well, if you're looking at owning a website that's visually appealing and full of impact, WordPress is the web development platform you'd regret missing. If your PSD-design based website isn't offering you the expected sales, it's high time to get it converted into a site that's equipped with a beautiful WordPress theme. Getting in touch with a reputed PSD to WordPress theme conversion services company will enable you to have a website that's both robust and competitive. The tons and tons of plugins available with WordPress make it convenient for you to revamp your website in accordance to the contemporary digital age.

A PSD to WordPress converted site has a SEO-friendly structure and allows you to represent your vital data in an easy and convenient way. Irrespective of whether you're running an e-commerce store, a review portal, an online portfolio, a blogging site or anything else that's related to serving diverse business needs; PSD to WordPress theme conversion has always helped in achieving the best results. Undoubtedly the best CMS around, WordPress has indeed become the number one choice of everyone who wants to get a feature-rich website.

Now, coming to some of the simple-to-follow tips on ensuring prolonged success of a PSD to WordPress converted website

1. Ensure that the website runs with the most recent of WordPress

Since WordPress has been introducing some or the other features with every latest version, it is recommended to ensure that your PSD to WordPress converted site runs with the latest WordPress version. Doing this will affirm that your site will include all the innovative features like support for multiple browsers, mobile-responsiveness etc.-making the site work efficiently.

2. Ensure flawless device testing for your website

As per this tip, make it a point to test your website for its compatibility with multiple devices including smartphones, tablets etc. Even while converting your PSD-based website into WordPress theme-based site, your main concern must be on its complete compatibility with different varieties of devices and browsers.

3. Setting up permalinks is something you can't afford to miss for sure

A viable means of differentiating between pages is setting up the permalinks. A permalink is basically the name for a page, which indirectly helps the particular web page in getting ranked quite well on different search engines. This permalink includes the main domain name with no special characters.

4. Install Google Analytics software

This is an unavoidable tip for all those who don't want their site to get affected adversely, post a PSD to WordPress conversion process. It's actually hard to know how your site is being received by internet users unless and until you analyze its performance on a regular basis. It is here that installing Google Analytics serves as a great sigh of relief. Google Analytics will allow to to generate statistics for your website, derived on the basis of vital metrics including Total Number of Visitors, Number of Returning Visitors, Number of New Visitors, Page Views, Bounce Rate, Sessions, Average Time per Session etc.

5. Perform a detailed quality check of your website

After getting your site converted into a WordPress theme-based portal, make it a point to check its quality. Here, you need to check whether the website adheres to all the basic guidelines laid down for ascertaining a brilliant user experience.

6. Don't forget to include Call-to-action and a flawless Contact Us Page

To make sure that your website is capable of generating maximum leads, it is imperative to equip the same with appropriate call-to-action links/buttons along with a fully-functional Contact Us Page. A call-to-action placed at the right location and with the right kind of color, graphic and text can prove utmost beneficial for the site's basic conversion process.

If managed with the right ethics in mind, a WordPress website can  allow you to grow your business prospects in an excellent manner. Here's hoping the tips given above would help you in keeping your site updated and in sync with current technological advancements. 

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