7 Dead Simple Tips To Ensure Long-Lasting Mobile App Success

Lucie Kruger

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a developer, the very first thought that strikes your mind during a mobile app launch is that your app should get ranked amongst the leading apps available on different renowned app stores. Well, a serious adherence to some simple steps can easily prevent your mobile application development efforts from going waste. This is a post which makes you familiar with seven simple tips which are a must-follow for ensuring the long-lasting success of your mobile application. So, let us get to learn more about these tips which can prolong the popularity of your precious mobile app.


1. Pay attention to the application's visual appearance as you do for its functionality

Well, only the first few minutes spent on your app will determine whether a user would download and install your app onto his/her device. Although, the flawless functionality plays a vital role in keeping the users engaged for a longer time, it is the app's designing and appearance which prompts the user to choose your app for meeting his/her requirements. Therefore, in order to make your app stand out from the crowd, it is crucial to ensure that the same offers a “wow” factor to your targeted audience.

2. Opt for incorporating a good viral mechanism into the app's core functionality

Looking at the constant surge of social media platform, it isn't a bad idea to equip your mobile application's core functionality with a suitable viral mechanism. For instance, adding WhatsApp and Instagram support for your app will allow users to potentially gather a network of new users who can use your app in the best possible manner.

3. Start marketing your app way before launching it in the Mobile App Marketplace

All successful apps are being promoted way before they hit the popular app stores. You can opt for dividing the app marketing plan into three specific phases viz: pre-launch campaign, launch campaign and post-launch campaign. Excellently designed banner images for your app can be showcased on profile pages of different app stores. Plus, you can use stunning screenshots of your app within the description displayed for the chosen app store(s).

4. Sticking to the Basics will work for your mobile application

Instead of rendering complicated and unnecessary functions, it is recommended to offer a simple, basic functionality within your mobile app. Fortunately, a majority of mobile app development platforms offer you a wide range of tools, themes, templates etc. that can be utilized for converting your ideas into reality. User prefer apps which come with a simple interface. Hence, ensure that your app is easy-to-understand for a major portion of the target audience.

5. Collect user reviews for your app way before launching it

Gathering user feedback for your app is an excellent technique of receiving useful insights on overall improvisation of the application. You can invite your friends, colleagues and relatives to test the functionality of your app so that you can gather their feedback for being able to make any further improvements. Asking about their overall experience of using the app will help you deliver a fully tested application to all the reputed app stores.

6. Device a proper strategy for app distribution

In the huge crowd of app distribution channels available in the app marketplace, it is better to be strategic about choosing a perfect combination of distribution channels that would best for your targeted customers. For instance, being featured in Apple's Top 50 or 100 apps lists and What's Hot section is a remarkable strategy which would aid your app in getting noticed by maximum number of target users. Additionally, you can generate a press coverage for your app around the time of its launch. Getting positive promotion via the media can fetch you a direct entry to the leading app lists available on different app stores. Some other  strategies that will work for your app include: running contests, launching app giveaways and choosing the best PR tools.  

7. Pay due heed to the security and privacy concerns of targeted customers

Nowadays, privacy has become a serious concern among app users. Customers avoid downloading an app which doesn't come with good safety features and privacy policies. Especially, apps involving financial transactions need to have a great level of security as compared to the usual fun and entertainment apps. So, as an app developer or a business professional, do pay attention to the security and privacy aspects associated with your mobile app.  

A majority of apps tend to fail due to lack of a single key ingredient within the overall promotional strategy. I'm sure the above mentioned tips would motivate you to get going with ensuring that your app is noticed by globally-located target customers.

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Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is one of the leading Android app development companies. She provides concrete information on latest information on mobile technologies like iOS or Android development processes.