A List of Some Useful Web Apps You Should Definitely Know About

Amanda Cline

A List of Some Useful Web Apps You Should Definitely Know About

As Smartphones and mobile devices continue to redefine and refine our lives, the technological firms are on the brink of creating web apps that make our personal and professional life easier. Mobile is big and is going to become bigger and more powerful in the near future. It is this outburst of mobile that has encouraged the development of web apps serving as a channel for businesses to communicate and interact with their customers efficiently.

Web apps are awesome as they make it possible for interactive experiences to occur.  There are so many industries which are benefiting from this technology, such as social media, e-commerce, gaming, healthcare, and more. As a real web technology they also create conveniences for their users simply because they reside in the cloud with their associated files, they have browser support and can be run on any computer getting worried about backups. And, as an icing on the cake- they are absolutely free.

In this post, I have compiled a list of some best of breed web apps that help you save a lot of time and make your workflow smooth. The examples listed below are innovative and offer real time technology which ultimately makes them rich and functional.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is an exceptionally reliable web app with a huge fan base. It's an ideal solution for anyone looking for an automatic solution for backing up all their data remotely. It's the simplest and yet the most elegant web app out there with amazing cloud-based storage and synchronization tools. Just install Dropbox virtually on any computer and mobile device and enjoy access to your important files right off the bat.

2. Generate Private Policy

It's an effective and the most stylish way to generate privacy policies. Generate Privacy Policy is a top of the range app that does everything for you to instill confidence among your visitors. With just 5 easy steps it lets you create an ideal privacy policy, thus saving your precious time and money.

3. Launchlist

Get your site ready for a big launch using this professionally developed web app. It's  a solution targeted at web designers and developers who work in collaboration and let them create a list of questions to answer before the final date of launch approaches. The app generates a report which users can oversee before launching their website.

4. What Font

There are times when you encounter a website and gets surprised by the kind of fonts boast. You try hard to scratch the surface to know about its source code and how it can be implemented on your website.

For such cases, go nowhere, but try What Font. It's the best solution available that lets you scan a font to know its genesis. It is easy to use and give you quick results.

5. Check Website Speed

Get assured results regarding the overall speed of your website using this web app. Check Website Speed analyzes the speed of your content from a variety of locations. It gives you correct response and helps you diagnose bottlenecks.

6. TinyPNG

Compress your PNG image files and boost the performance of your website using the all new Tiny PNG. It uses some best compression techniques to reduce the size of your files with affecting the quality. By drastically reducing the number of colors within a file, it drops down the overall size file. TinyPNG isn't suitable for multi-colored images but simple web pages wherein it's tricky to notice the loss of color.

7. CSS Desk

CSS Desk is a professional and simple to use web app that lets you play around some basic web codes. It's a sandbox tool with a focus on HTML and CSS. There's no effort to set up, just install it and start tweaking. It lets you know the accuracy of your code before finally implementing them on your website. If you are a beginner looking for a handy way to get through CSS, then CSS Desk is just for you.

To Wrap Up

With this, we end our list of some top-notch web apps that you should be using to streamline your work flow. Pick anyone of them and start creating beautiful stuffs.

Author Bio:

Amanda Cline  is a skilled Android app developer for Appsted Ltd – a reliable Mobile App Development Company. You can explore more about the development tips and tricks by clearing your queries with her.