A Django App - with Model Layer

For our app to interact with the database, we have to use a driver or connector of the language provided by the database vendor; but one has to use database specific “SQL” to interact with it.

Redux – with React.js

Redux is described as a state-management tool that can be used with any client-side JavaScript library or framework , for example JQuery or Angular.js.

A Flask App with Model

Flask and Django are the two most popular Python Web frameworks. But they were products of entirely opposite design philosophies. Django bills itself as “the Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.”

Expert Tips to Make a SEO & User Friendly Website to Grow Your Business

Designing a professional website with the eye-catching theme is insufficient to ensure a superior ranking for your site. You need to consider the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) while developing your site.

A Python-3.5 Web Application with Django framework

Python is an open-source multi-paradigm programming language released in 1991 that supports Object-oriented, Structural etc paradigms and in Version-3 has some functional constructs also.

Inhibitions in adopting DevOps

In 2015 Gartner announced that by 2016, DevOps will evolve from a niche to a mainstream strategy employed by 25 percent of 2000 global 2000 organizations.

Understanding SPDMM

The article provides brief outline of the maturity model used by Impetus Technologies. This maturity model has been drawn from Impetus contributions to different releases of more than 50 products.

How to Develop iOS Apps on Windows PCs by Using a Free Software?

As you know that Microsoft has acquired Xamarin Officially and made xamarin “FREE” for the community edition of Visual Studio. This opens various doors of opportunities for individual developers and small teams.

Clojure web App with interaction with MySQL

Web development in Clojure is flexible and framework-less in the sense that no monolithic opinionated framework like Rails or Phoenix is used.

Trend Micro Incorporated a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, released its latest research re

The Supplix procurement system by Lerbs relies on Bedrunka Hirth automatic vending machines

Intelligent consumable and tool dispensers for e-commerce and Industry 4.0

The Supplix procurement system by Lerbs relies on Bedrunka + Hirth automatic vending machines?

Advanced Weighted Page Rank Algorithm (WPR) with Semantics, Visit of Links (VOL) and Google Analytic

The World Wide Web consists billions of web pages and huge amount of information available within web pages.

Digital Marketing vs. SEO

Most often, digital marketing is confused with SEO, but in fact, it’s not so! They are distinct. Although digital marketing and SEO are found to be functioning in a similar way at times, they are unique.

Real Life Case Study on File Enumeration using Talend ETL

Learning is an integral part in one’s life and it is very true for a person who works especially in the software industry. The changes in the software field is very rapid and the professional needs to update their skills based on the demand in business.

A Clojure App with Interaction with MySQL

Storing and retrieving application data in and from a database is a common task for developers. As in every programming language, there are a number of drivers and libraries to interact with databases in Clojure

Mobile App UI Design matters, User Interface principles & guidelines

In mobile app development, the UI design and UX design play the most significant roles in a mobile app’s success. What are the things that appear in our bright minds when we speak of UI?

Reagent, a wrapper for React.js

React authors define it as a JavaScript library for creating UIs and addressing problem of building large applications with data that changes over time.

Ember.js – another SPA framework

A single-page application (SPA) is a web application that fits on a single web page with the goal of providing a user experience similar to that of a desktop application.

Configuration management

Configuration management (CM) is a process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information throughout its life

Flapjax: A Programming Language for Ajax Applications

This article presents Flapjax, a language designed for contemporaryWeb applications. These applications communicate with servers and have rich, interactive interfaces.

Virtualization Tips & Techniques

In today's IT infrastructure when Virtualization is the hot topic, more and more organisations large and small are looking to investigate the advantages of Virtualization.

Reconfigurable Computing

Reconfigurable Computing provides a comprehensive study of the field Reconfigurable Computing. It provides an entry point to the novice willing to move in the research field reconfigurable computing,

Transforming Mu Sigma's On-Campus Recruitment Efforts

Mu Sigma is a category-defining decision sciences and big data analytics company, helping enterprises systematize better data-driven decision making.

Coding Standards and Guidelines for Good Software Engineering

This cover article will give you the coding standards and guidelines to become a good Software Engineer.

You are being stalked

Before even you start your journey, you are leaving enough digital footprints to indicate where you are heading. And it only gets worse.

When does a startup grow up?

Oxford dictionary defines startup as “A newly established business”. There is no clear definition of what it means in terms of timelines.

Taglays - Co-create and Co-invent with IBM

Tagalys was a pivot from a B2C fashion discover product built in 2013. MAU or Monthly Active Users was key metric in our platform, hence ensured the products we showcased to each user on our platform matched their shopping persona.

Phoenix, Ecto and MySQL Web CRUD app

Phoenix is a popular MVC framework in Elixir and we saw the same in earlier articles. Ecto is an Elixir library meant for interaction with the database. MySQL, as you know, is an open source relational database

OAuth2 JavaScript

When building modern and socially-aware web applications, the related problems of user authorization and authentication arise repeatedly. The rich API ecosystem offered by the Web to developers

Understanding the Importance of CLASSPATH in Java

Classpath is a way of telling your Java class and JDK tools where to find another user-defined class, written by you or others. If you program in Java, without any package declaration, you may compile and run the program

Get Rid Of Mess To Avoid Higher Technical Debt Interest Rate

When you are into the business world, you need to be concerned with the release date. You always need some extra time for getting along with structure of module rights. Unfortunately, you don’t have that amount of time

Four Major Types Of Technical Debts Currently Ravishing The Market

It is always mandatory to differentiate between the various forms of technical debts. According to some experts, there are mainly four major types of technical debt.

Awareness Programs Meant For The Growth Of Technical Debt

In this current development cycle, there are different areas, where technical debt can cause problems down the product line development. For tackling such scenarios, the technical debt first needs to know more about the composition of technical debt.

Adopt Puppet for Managing the Configuration of Servers

Today, we cannot imagine the world without computers. All these computers are managed by the system administrators in any given environment. As system administrators need to manage more and more systems

Migrating Your Website to WordPress: An Inclusive Guide

WordPress is the most flexible and powerful open-source content management system that is growing popularity among people worldwide.

Channels in Phoenix

A Channel in Phoenix is an implementation of WebSocket, the protocol laid down by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for real-time apps.

7 Things to Consider Before Website Goes Live: Must-read Checklist

A lot of efforts are needed in actually designing a site form the scratch. This task can be as big as preparing for a Thanksgiving feast or Christmas single-handedly.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org: A Decisive Guide

Today, blogging has changed its way from being leisure time hobby to a profitable venture and is rapidly growing popularity among people worldwide. Now, the confusion arise which platform to choose in order to start blogging WordPress.com

Best PHP Frameworks for Developing Agile Applications

Undoubtedly, PHP is one of the programming languages which is rocking the development world since the last few years due to its inherent flexibility and comparatively easier learning curve.

Introduction to Go Programming Language

This article from The Go Programming Language is a tour of the basic components of Go. The examples here are aimed at tasks that you might have to do in the real world.

The Internet of Things: An Overview

The Internet of Things is an emerging topic of technical, social, and economic significance. Consumer products, durable goods, cars and trucks, industrial and utility components, sensors, and other everyday objects are being combined with Internet

Meet RxJava: The Missing Reactive Programming Library for Android

If you’re an Android developer, chances are you’ve heard of RxJava. (https://github.com/ReactiveX/RxJava) It’s one of the most discussed libraries for enabling Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) in Android development.

The Six Commandments of Good Code: Write Code that Stands the Test of Time

Humans have only been grappling with the art and science of computer programming for roughly half a century. Compared to most arts and sciences, computer science is in many ways still just a toddler, walking into walls, tripping over its own feet

How 5 trends will shape future entertainment

From CRTs to LCDs to LEDS and now the Ultra High Definition, televisions have evolved dramatically over last couple of decades. At the same time handheld devices are becoming larger and more powerful. Entertainment is now available everywhere

Phoenix - Elixir web framework

On Erlang VM, why don’t you use Erlang for programming web-applications and need Elixir? This question is repeated often in Erlang Circles. The short answer given is that you can’t create something akin to Phoenix/Ecto with pure Erlang.

The CSP Library Core.Async with ClojureScript

We have earlier seen the “actor” concurrency model. An actor program consists of independent, concurrently executing entities (called actors in Akka, or processes in Erlang and Elixir) that communicate by sending each other messages

Quick Start with Apache Axis2

This tutorial is intended for creating services and clients using Axis2 as quickly as possible. We'll take a simple StockQuote Service and show you some of the different ways in which you can create and deploy it, as well as take a quick look

Breaking smart: 7 things you need to STOP doing online

In the beginning, the Internet was not terrifically user friendly - early users needed tech chops just to get online, and they had to do so over a wired, dial-up connection.

Tips and Tools for Optimizing Android Apps

Android devices have a lot of cores, so writing smooth apps is a simple task for anyone, right? Wrong. As everything on Android can be done in a lot of different ways, picking the best option can be tough.

Testing Your Go App: Get Started The Right Way

When learning anything new, it’s important to have a fresh state of mind. If you’re fairly new to Go and are coming from languages such as JavaScript or Ruby, you are likely accustomed to using existing frameworks that help you mock...

UX Testing For The Masses: Keep It Simple And Cost Effective

User experience design (UXD or UED) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.

React.js, UI Library from Facebook for Fast Single Page Applications

React is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces and open sourced by Facebook and Instagram team in 2013.It is a library for Single Page Applications, similar to frameworks like Angular, Backbone, Ember etc

How Much Coding Should Designers Know?

Many designers think each discipline should mind their own business, while others see no problem in professionals wearing multiple hats. Many developers see designers who code as a threat, while others see it as a facilitator.

JavaScript (JS) and ClojureScript (CLJS)

When a platform becomes successful, many alternative languages crop up for it -whether it is JVM, .Net, Erlang VM or JavaScript Run-time. There is a lot of debate about the merits of using JavaScript language

What's New in IT Software

The world of IT moves at a blazing pace, and knowing what's hot and new can be tough. Hardware changes with the blink of an eye, and often makes the news when a new device model hits the market.

Who do you Think Owns Your Android App - Part One

This is the scene; on one side, we have the Android platform developers and on the other, the hackers. Just as with any software system, Android has its list of security problems. And it’s a pretty close race between the two sides.

Java Iteration - An evolution

When we have a collection of elements in a language code, one of the most basic things is to iterate the collection, i.e. go through the collections elements one by one.

Who do you Think Owns Your Android App - Part Two

Part One of this series talks about how effectively intent filters could help you avoid the Confused Deputy problem when developing an Android App.

The Why and How of Encryption (Your Best Defense Against Hackers)

Encryption is basically cryptography for the Internet. The earliest known form of cryptography was used by Julius Caesar who was wary of his messengers

Authentication in Rails with Netbeans6.0

Authentication of the user is the minimum step required to prevent unauthorized people from accessing applications. A lot of third party plug-ins are available for Rails for authentication.

Introduction to C++ Classes

In this part of the article author explains about classes, functions, accepting command line arguments, linked lists, recursion, binary trees and inheritance with an examples

RANSOMWARE: eScan debuts new Technology for Detection and Mitigation

We started our tryst with Ransomware when it started gaining prominence way back in 2012, however Ransomware has been around for almost a decade.

HTTP Request Testing: A Developer's Survival Tool

There are times that we - programmers and/or our clients - have limited resources with which to write both the expected deliverable and the automated tests for that deliverable.

Creating a SQL Server Database

This article covers how to create a SQL Server database, how to set database options, how to work with the Transaction Log, and how to attach to an existing database.

String Methods in Python

In this article we take a look at some of the string methods in Python. There are several string methods that come built-in with Python 2.0 and above.

Technological approaches to overcome legacy issues amongst ERP Based Applications and Microsoft Tech

Enterprises of all ends are trying to integrate and manage all data within a single sign on system. The mission is appropriate as because they store their assets i.e. data in innumerable of incongruent systems

Top 10 Programming Languages to Learn

Having spent more than 10 years in software development and the computer programming arena, one of the most common questions I am asked is:

Akka Actors

Akka actor is influenced by Erlang process and is suitable for use-cases where in the domain-model can be broken into small classes that share no data but communicate only through messages.

Developing Web Apps in Clojure

One may ask what are the advantages in using Clojure for developing web-apps? There is a lot momentum around web development in Clojure as can be seen from the number of libraries emerging for various functionalities.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, also on-demand computing, is a kind of Internet-based computing that provides shared processing resources and data to computers and other devices on demand.

HTML5 Tutorial

You probably have heard of HTML5 by now, I guess the most popular new stuff would be playing video without Adobe Flash, HTML5 evangelist should thank Mr.Steve Jobs for turning it into a technology celebrity.

Java Interview Questions and Answers

These Java Interview Questions have been designed especially to get you acquainted with the nature of questions you may encounter during your interview for the subject of Java Programming Language.

Concepts of Object Oriented Programming

If you've never used an object-oriented programming language before, you'll need to learn a few basic concepts before you can begin writing any code. This cover article will introduce you to objects, classes, inheritance, Polymorphism, etc.

Applets and HTML in JAVA

Computer users today expect to interact with their computers using a graphical user interface (GUI). Java can be used to write GUI programs ranging from simple applets

PHP 5 in Action

In this tutorial author combines multiple features of PHP 5 into a unified program with an example. Specifically, we present a simple address book application that allows you to add new people and search for existing people.

How to Developing An iOS App in Xcode?

Here is a step-to-step tutorial for developing iPhone apps in Xcode. The guidelines illustrated here suggests a step-by-step method to create your app using Xcode interface.

Product Review: Movavi Video Converter for Mac

As you may have noticed not all formats of video can be played on all devices. Although most of the popular formats tend to be fairly universal nowadays and Macs and PCs are both quite versatile

Futures in Scala/Akka

In a number of articles earlier, we have discussed “C10K” problem- explosion in the number of mobile clients- and the inability of multi-threading/ “one –thread-for one connection” model of OOP languages - C#, Java and Rub

Plug - Library for creating Web applications in Elixir

Jose Valim, the creator of Elixir, was part of the Rails Core team and author of the book “Crafting Rails Applications”. He received Ruby Hero award in 2010.

Profile using Oracle

These days everyone using transaction through interenet. Online transactions are not only convenient and it makes layman to save his/her time and easy to do any transaction.

Technological approaches to overcome legacy issues amongst ERP based applications and Microsoft Tech

Enterprises of all ends are trying to integrate and manage all data within a single sign on system. The mission is appropriate as because they store their assets i.e.

The Power of Independent Software Testing

In 12 years of running a leading software testing consultancy firm in Australia, it still amazes me how many software development projects are challenged with quality issues that result in unsuccessful implementations.

The Marriage of Agile & DevOps - A Revolution in IT

Agile development methodology has created a true revolution in IT. It’s brought in more practical means for faster, adaptive, more reliable and cost effective product delivery, to satisfy business enablement and end user requirements.

Understanding Multithreading in C++

This article focuses on multi-threading rather than multi-processing, though most of the concepts discussed are common to all concurrency. Read on…

.Net Interview Questions

These are the some of the question which will be useful for interview point of the view.

Working with Node.js

Node.js is a software platform that is used to build scalable network (especially server-side) applications. Node.js utilizes JavaScript as its scripting language, and achieves high throughput via non-blocking I/O and a single-threaded event loop.

Innovative Interfacing of Microsoft Excel and Access

The present age of information technology overshadows the earlier technologies mainly due to its versatile and vast application in all fields of life. The durable and elegant Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet

New Features in ASP.NET 4.5

.Net Framework 4.5 came up with lots of great features. Writing about all of them will not be possible but I would like to add light on some features especially with regards to Asp.Net.

Beginning with AngularJS

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly.

JSP - EL (Expression Language)

It is always a good practice to make use of a bean in our java programs. A JavaBean is nothing but a java class file which cannot run by itself. The bean may be either a valuebean or functionbean.

Working with Files in JAVA

Computer programs are only useful if they interact with the rest of the world in some way. This interaction is referred to as input/output , or I/O. Up until now, this article has concentrated on just one type of interaction: interaction with the user,

Programming with “Behaviors” in Erlang/OTP

Joe Armstrong, co-creator of Erlang said “ I didn’t set out to invent a new programming language. At the time we wanted to find a better way of writing the control software for a telephone exchange.

Vert.x for real time web apps in Java

The explosion in the number of mobile clients to applications, like real time chat, collaborative document editing, massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, stock trading applications etc-called “C10K” problem

C# code Debugging tips

The article is targeted at developers starting off with C#. If you are an experienced hand then perhaps you may want to skip reading this article. No one writes perfect code. You're most certainly familiar with those problems that prevent code from executing properly—they're called bugs.


A package defines the scope of the declarations it contains and may be separated into an interface package and an implementation package. C++ provides several types of scopes...

Elixir another language for BEAM/Erlang Virtual machine

Jose Valim the creator of Elixir was a Rails committer. Seeing a version of Rails2.2, which was called “thread-safe Rails”, was not actually thread-safe, he began looking for concurrency models in functional languages like Erlang and Clojure.

A new Algorithm - Divide and conquer approach to increase Computational Efficiency

In computer science, often the question is not how to solve a problem, but how to solve a problem well. For instance, take the problem of sorting.

Working with CSS

It is time to take your web designing skills to the next level with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). They are a way to control the look and feel of your HTML documents in an organized and efficient manner.

Angular Client for CORs-enabled “Applications”

The title refers to a client for “Applications” in general, because the same JavaScript/Angular client code can access the CORS-enabled services provided by different server-side technologies: JEE, Dot.Net and Node

Tips in C++

To write perfectly exception safe code, it's necessary to keep track of any allocated resources and to be prepared to release them if an exception occurs. This is often a straightforward process.

Beginning with Jython

Author has given a step by step introduction about Jaython Programming in detail. Jython is a complete programming language—not a Java translator and not just a Python compiler, but a complete implementation of Python in Java.

Cocoon – Web-Publishing Framework

The author provides a brief introduction to an Open Source software that is meant for use as a web-publishing framework

Tips To Know If You’re A Beginner In E-commerce Industry

If you are a beginner to E-commerce industry or looking up for different ways to sprint up your already existing business on web, then definitely this post is just meant for you.

Interactive Usage Features of UNIX Shells with a Software Engineering-based Time Response Analysis

Variables that control the OS are called system variables or shell variables. Some shell variables, used in all the shells, are described below

SDL Programming in Linux: Meeting the Mathematical Prerequisites

This episode of the article series deals with the mathematical aspects of SDL programming

Quick look at popular search algorithms

If you think that algorithms were a dry subject you learnt way back in college, think again. Search algorithms are still an area where path-breaking research is on. In this article, we will go through some of the most common search algorithms available in the marketplace.

Process, the Concurrency construct, in Erlang

Erlang was designed for a telephone system where concurrency was a central concern. Concurrency is the ability for different tasks/functions to execute simultaneously/in parallel.

Three-tier code generator for ASP.NET

This episode discusses the basics of a useful tool that simplifies coding for developers. The 3-tier code generator is a wonder tool that helps developers to code within minutes a simple module to add and update records in a table.

Modern Erasure Codes for Distributed Storage Systems

Cisco, in its recently published Global Cloud Index (2014-2019) forecasts that by the end of 2019 cloud traffic will more than quadruple to 8.6 zettabytes (ZB) and data center traffic will more than triple to 10.4 ZB1

More Agile Options

When you think about Agile Software development, one thinks only about Extreme Programming (XP). It is natural because Extreme Programming is by far the most favorite of all Agile methodologies. It is popular because the methodology is very well documented and many articulate practitioners prescribe it.

XP Explained

The author provides a concise extrapolation of Agile programming’s most popular methodology.

Seven Trends that Influence Search Technologies

The author portrays some important aspects that have an impact on search technologies. Read on to find out what these are and how they affect searches, their pros and cons, etc.

MongoDB , Angular.js and Vertx-Web -Rest Services

Reactive frameworks are becoming main-stream, because of “C10K” problem- explosion in the number of mobile clients and the need for better scalability and low latency.

Open Source tools to help Educators stay Organized

The number of universities and schools that have opted for open source alternatives of popular properties solutions has significantly increased over the last years.

Beginning with JavaScript

In this article Vinay Kumar gives an introduction to JavaScript, taking through fundamentals of getting scripts embedded in HTML pages.

Angular.js + Vert.x-web Rest Services -with NetBeans-8

Angular.js the most popular open-source client side JavaScript MVC framework sponsored and maintained by Google; it was seen in a number of articles. Vertx-web is an extension to Vert.x that makes the development of Vert.x-

An Erlang Tutorial

Erlang is a programming language created in the Computer Science lab at Ericsson in Sweden in the late 1980s. The above prompt represents an Erlang shell, where you can try the full power of Erlang

What Makes Hiring PHP Development Company So Profitable

For any business to be successful, it requires reaching out to the maximum number of prospective customers and clients. In this era of digital technologies and the internet, the best way to market a brand or a company

Top 7 Reasons To Use HTML5 For Mobile App Development

Every business wants to leverage mobile apps for enhanced productivity and user engagement. As there are different mobile platforms, apps are also required to be developed for all of them.

Growth of Internet user’s

The World Wide Web (WWW) has changed the computer and communications worlds like nothing before. The basic objective of the WWW is to create a widespread information space for communication and sharing of information among different users around the whole world.

6 Best HTML5 Mobile App Development Frameworks

In the past 3 years, the mobile application’s demand has shot up dramatically worldwide. Especially the HTML5 and hybrid application have got the major attention from different arenas like e-commerce

Programming Tips 

Do you want to become a great coder? Do you have a passion for computers but not a thorough understanding of them? If so, this cover article is for you.

Reactive application platform for Micro-services-Vert.x

Vert.x is “a platform on JVM for writing polyglot reactive applications. It is framework in Java similar to JEE or Spring, but reactive. What is meant by reactive?

Multi Objects Serialization and De serialization using Python with SDN

The advent of enterprise and service provider applications towards cloud and virtual computing environments has created overpowering impact on the underlying networks.

Impact of Digital India on the nation

The Digital India Initiative is quite ambitious and aspirational. It is the dream project of the government to bring India to the global platform. This vision aims to transform our country into a digital economy with participation from citizens and businesses.

Java Message Service 2.0

Introduction: JMS specification version 1.1 was released in 2002.JMS 2.0 its first update was released in April 2013, a decade later, though JMS is one of the most successful APIs around. In JMS 2.0,

Keeping Your WiFi to Yourself

Do you know who or how many people are logged in to your internet connection at any given time? Did you authorize all those users? How do having these mysterious users affect you or the performance of your wireless connection?

Techniques To Follow When Creating Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

Developing mobile friendly websites is the need of the hour as people have shifted their interest from desktops to mobiles when it comes to checking their mails.

Data Warehousing – Change Management In A Challenging Environment

A data warehouse is a type of computer database that is responsible for collecting and storing the information of a particular organization. Author explains the Change management in a challenging Environment.

Creating Flash using Ming

PHP uses the Ming library for generating Flash movies, which is licensed under the LGPL. The library is also object-oriented and actively developed by the maintainers.

Tips that every Windows Network Administrator must know

So, here is some of the core networking concepts that every Windows Network Admin (or those interviewing for a job as one) must know.

Internationalization and Localization in Java - II

Time is represented as a long integer measured in milliseconds since midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) January 1, 1970. This starting point for time measurement is known as the epoch.

Internationalization and Localization in Java

The credo of “Write once, run anywhere” means that your code will run in many places where languages and customs are different from yours.

A Simpler Angular Client for JEE REST Service

Earlier we saw how an Angular client accessed different web services: JEE, ASP Net Web API and Node. You can also recall that the client used “angular-seed”, a skeleton project which has an elaborate directory structure to maintain

Methods, Techniques, Trends and ChallengesWhile Implementing Content based Video Retrieval Systems

With reference to my last article published, this paper contains the discussion related to one step close to implementation.Content Based Video Retrieval (CBVR) has been increasingly used to describe the process

Combining XML, Web Services, and the Semantic Web to bind document

We present a paradigm for uniting the diverse strands of XML based Web technologies by allowing them to be incorporated within a single document. 

WordPress Tips

With millions of WordPress website out there, getting your own site the desired attention of your target audience can be challenging.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your WordPress Websites

No other platform than WordPress can ensure the survival of business website over the web. In addition to it, WordPress websites are exceptional to showcase the business products or services to gain clients’ attention.

Context and Dependency Injection part-II ( CDI-Events)

As mentioned in the earlier articles, Contexts and Dependency Injection(CDI) is a new addition to the Java EE specification from Java EE 6.

7 Steps to a Mobile-Friendly WordPress Site

The number of mobile users is booming and there are no signs of a drop in this ratio in the near future. Mobile has become an essential platform for a number of business owners to showcase their product...

A CDI, EJB3 and JPA -Java EE-7 application with NetBeans 7 or 8

CDI is a very promising technology in Java EE. Its precursor was the open source JBoss Seam. As pointed out in the earlier article “Context and Dependency Injection- support in NetBeans6.9”,...

Docker Management using JMeter

In the advent of server virtualization, IT business is having numerous benefits such as being able to provide sufficient infrastructure with limited physical system...

Application Factories - How Application-Aware Is Your IDE?

We introduced the concept of application-specific metadata to capture the structure, evolution and logic of the application, and we also discussed Application Modules as simply a collection of application source artifacts accompanied by Application Factory Metadata.

XLinq .NET Language Integrated Query for XML Data

XML seems to have changed the way development happens. It has got adoption for formatting of data in Office files, in configuration files and in database.

Threading makes an application program implementation faster an Experimental view

A thread is a single line of execution within the process of application. That means that inside the application, more than one thing can happen at the same time virtually.

Java Web Services in NetBeans Part-II

The promise of web services, as said earlier, is interoperability between disparate systems such as JVM and Dot Net. For the present, we will see the facilities offered by NetBeans to create web service clients and create Java and JSP clients.

Java Web Services in NetBeans

The promise of web services is that it would allow seamless communication between disparate systems – that is between systems that make use of different environments like Dot Net and J2EE.

E-Crime: A New Challenge to Policing Outcome

No area of criminal activity is more on the cutting edge or has greater global implications than crime involving technology and computers.

XQuery: An XML Query Language

As increasing amounts of information are stored, exchanged, and presented using XML, the ability to intelligently query XML data sources becomes increasingly important.

History and Working of Web Crawler

A web crawler is a program/software or programmed script that browses the World Wide Web in a systematic, automated manner.

PHP Coding Standard

It helps if the standard annoys everyone in some way so everyone feels they are on the same playing field. The proposal here has evolved over many projects, many companies, and literally a total of many weeks spent arguing.

Struts, Spring and Hibernate-Integration

Layered architecture is the hallmark of a good web application and a layer must talk only to its adjacent layers. This makes maintenance easier and application becomes less brittle.

Spring MVC Application with JQuery for View

There is increase in the adoption of server side JavaScript frameworks especially “Node.js” for various reasons.

Smart HCI with Touch Screen Technologies

The touch screen is going to be a vital component of the human computer interface(HCI) in computing , PDAs , handheld & wireless devices

C# Programming Guidelines

C# has become the most in demand among Dot Net languages. This article explores the best coding standards to be followed with C#

C++ Coding Standard

Writing maintainable C++ code is often considered an impossible task. But then coding standards help.

Advance Topics in SAP for Interview

Technical Interview is one of the main hurdle in the selection process, SAP Technical Interviews in demanding and different from its own perspective. The expectations could be different from interview to interview.

Inherent flavors of MySQL

This article explores the inherent properties of MySQL database transactions. The MySQL database management system was developed by a consulting firm in Sweden called TcX.

Q&A Interview with Sara Purdon , Protecode’s Marketing Manager

Today's software applications are increasingly complex, containing a mix of proprietary, third-party and open source components

An Introduction to concepts in Virtualization

There are number of definitions for virtualization. Here is one. Virtualization is a framework or methodology of dividing the resources of a computer into multiple execution environments

File Objects in Python

This article is an introduction to File I/O in Python. It discusses the methods and attributes you can use to manipulate and get information about file objects. The OS and Pickle modules are also explained.

Interview with Mr. Sesha Rao, Managing Director, India Operations from InsideView

InsideView powers the world’s business conversations. We triangulate data from over 40,000 sources and serve it directly into sales and marketing applications.

Blogs and Flickr

In this article, we take a look at how you can integrate blogs and wikiswith a masup web site such as Flickr

16 Algorithms you ought to know….

Algorithms in popular sciences is defined as a finite list of well-defined instructions for accomplishing some task that, given an initial state, will terminate in a defined end-state.

DB2 LUW Data Organization techniques - Table Partitioning with MDC

DB2 LUW Data Organization techniques – Table Partitioning with MDC

Best video retrieval without using Crawling Search Algorithms

It is very difficult to beat the traditional process of retrieval. Which is a bit failure prone method. The traditional process includes the concept of crawling. So proposing a new process which will be crawling free.

Simpler algorithms that every developer need to know

In this article we take a look at some of the simpler algorithms that every developer need to know. Most of these algorithms are ideas that you learn while in college. However, remembering them is of tremendous use as you grow in your career.

Open Source Java Tools - Hibernate and Eclipse

Hibernate is the most popular Object Relational Mapping tool. As we program in java, for that matter in any object oriented programming language, the business logic is represented in terms of objects and their interactions.

Interactive Graphics Designing With JOGL

Java OpenGL (JOGL) is a wrapper library that allows a standard graphics cross-platform application programming interface (API) called OpenGL to be used in Java.

Image fusion Technology - A Pixel Based technique for Medical, Multifocus and Satellite images

Image fusion integrates images of the same target or scene from multiple sensors to produce a composite image or images that will inherit most salient features from the individual images.

Tips to Get a Project Back on Schedule

Admit it, we have all been in situations when we are working day and night on a project, and it is still running late.

Changing Adobe

Adobe is no more the graphics developer tool vendor it used to be. It is a developer friendly company that has a huge array of technologies which the coders are going to love.

Understanding Flex

Adobe Flex is a cross-platform development framework for creating rich Internet applications (RIAs). Flex enables you to create expressive, high-performance applications that run identically on all major browsers and operating systems.

7 Ways to Succeed as a Project Manager

When it comes to project management, there are many challenges to keep each project on track and within budget. There are several factors to consider, as well as internal and external elements that may cause a project to derail.


OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. OpenID starts with the concept that anyone can identify themselves on the Internet the same way websites do-with a URI

AJAX – A new approach to web applications

AJAX is also known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications.

Programming Real Time Systems in Java

Real-time programming requires that you consider things that are hidden from high-level application programmers. Some of those considerations are choice of hardware, operating system, and programming language.


Author explains about SQLite basics, inserting Data, retrieving Data , Indexes, Error Handling, and In-Memory Tables.

Effective Requirements Management within the CMMI

An introduction to the process improvement model, CMMI, and a summary of its impact on requirements management. This article also provides recommendations for implementing the tool support that will help organizations achieve key CMMI levels.

Introducing ECMAScript 5.1

ECMAScript 5.1 (or just ES5) is the latest revision of the ECMAScript standard – the specification that JavaScript is based on.

Understanding Buffer Overflow

The author explains how the register plays an important role in buffer overflow and the main cause for that is the EIP. Here we see how buffer overflow can influence the strings in making the program a big failure

Unsafe Code in Visual C# 2005

In this article author explains how unsafe code can access unmanaged memory, which is outside the realm of the Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Ultimate In-memory Data Collection Manipulation with Supergroup.js

In-memory manipulation of data often results in a pile of spaghetti code. The manipulation itself might be simple enough: grouping, aggregating, creating hierarchies, and performing calculations;

Application Techniques in PHP

In this article author explains some techniques that you may find useful in your PHP programming, such as code libraries, templating systems, efficient output handling, error handling, and performance tuning.

Spam Free Googling Technique to Retrieve Optimized and Multilingual Results, Translation and Speech

Paper contains the feature where the spam links and results are filtered from the result set coming from google.com obtained by giving a query.

Navigating the React.JS Ecosystem

The speed of innovation in JavaScript Land is so high, that some people even think it is counter-productive. A library can go from early-adopter toy, to state-of-art, to obsolescence in the course of a few months.

Test Scripting

There are several schools of thought to test scripting. In risk averse industries such as defence and finance there is a tendency to emphasise scripting tests before they are executed.

Importance of jQuery

The jQuery library provides a general-purpose abstraction layer for common web scripting, and is therefore useful in almost every scripting situation. As plug?ins are constantly being developed to add new abilities.

An Introduction to JavaScript Automation with Gulp

As web developers, we sometimes find ourselves repeating the same tedious tasks again and again. If you consider how much time is wasted by running a build command or hitting refresh on your browser,

The GWT Toolkit: Build Powerful JavaScript Front Ends Using Java

The GWT Web Toolkit, formerly known as Google Web Toolkit, is a set of development tools for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications using the Java programming language.

Defect Management

Defects need to be handled in a methodical and systematic fashion. There's no point in finding a defect if it's not going to be fixed.

Unit, Integration and System testing

The first type of testing that can be conducted in any development phase is unit testing. In this, discrete components of the final product are tested independently before being assembled into larger units.

Ractive.js - Web Apps Made Easy

In today’s rapidly proliferating landscape of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, selecting the one on which you want to base your development can be quite a challenge.

25 Essential JavaScript Interview Questions*

As you know, JavaScript is the best scripting language in the world. Read the Essential JavaScript Interview.

Hiring a Top JavaScript Developer

In today’s technology landscape, JavaScript has essentially become synonymous with client-side web development and now, with the advent of technologies like Node.js, JavaScript is becoming a dominant server side technology as well.

Backbone.js with Spring REST API - A Demo

Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API of enumerable functions, views with declarative event handling, and connects it all to your existing API over a RESTful JSON interface

30+ Tips to get your web sites run faster

Here are some of the best tips to improve the performance of your web site.

8 Essential Ruby on Rails Interview Questions*

Check out the top 8 Essential Ruby on Rails Interview Questions and answers. It will be interesting to read.

What are the Benefits of Ruby on Rails? After Two Decades of Programming, I Use Rails

Sometimes I hear people complaining about their clients, saying that they insist on using Rails, that they’ve had too much Kool Aid.

JavaScript Not Working? Start with the 10 Most Common JavaScript Mistakes

Today, JavaScript is at the core of virtually all modern web applications. The past several years in particular have witnessed the proliferation of a wide array of powerful JavaScript-based libraries and frameworks

Regular Expressions in PHP

In this article author explains about regular expressions using PHP with an example. A regular expression is a pattern that can match various text strings.

Android Tutorial

Google's Android platform for developing Mobile applications. The language used for developing Android programs, is Java. But, it is not j2me.

Information Modeling with XML

XML allows us to model information systems in a natural and intuitive way. This is because XML allows us to express information in ways that better match the way we do business.

33 Eclipse Tips

Eclipse is undoubtedly the most popular IDE. Here we list around 33 popular tips that can make you a better developer.

Java Utilities

Author explores the java.util package utilities in detail and explains different classes associated with it.

Grails vs JRuby on Rails - recent developments

Author explains briefly about Grails vs JRuby recent developments on Rails. For Java Platform, JRuby on Rails and Grails are two leading Agile frameworks based on dynamic languages Ruby and Groovy.

Using XML-RPC for Web services: Getting started with XML-RPC in Perl

Creating an XML-RPC Web service with Perl is almost as easy as CGI scripting. This article will bring you up to speed on what XML-RPC is and how to use Perl's Frontier

SDL Programming in Linux: Meeting the Mathematical Prerequisites

In other words, before proceeding further, the mathematical prerequisites have to be met as mathematics forms the core of 3-D programming.

Lists in Python

A list is also a compound data type like a string, but which consists of a set of ordered values that are indexed sequentially.

Top Must-Have Skills of Joomla Developer

For creating a well-structured Joomla website, it is a definite need to possess expertise in handling different tasks that are significant to meet the web development challenges.

AJAX – Web Applications

AJAX is also known as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications.

SDL Programming in Linux: Spicing up with Sound

A game without audio is like buffet without spice. Without sound bytes game can be played but it would fail in providing an immersive environment.

Dynamic Memory Allocation

Author gives a brief idea about how dynamic memory allocation works in this article. Working with a fixed set of variables in a program can be very restrictive.

21 project management tips, trips ,traps and myths

Authorn expands some commonly attributed software project management related humor and explains some realities of this not so accurate science.

Making your site search engine friendly. What works. What doesn't. Strategies and myths

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about content. And keywords. And how you code your site. And how many people are linking to you.

How to report Bugs effectively?

Anybody who has written software for public use will probably have received at least one bad bug report. The author provides effective steps for reporting bugs

Tips for simpler programming in C#

In this article I will write tips on C# programming. Each tip will be supported by the sample C# codes, which will make it easy for the C# newbies to get a hold on.

Tcl/Tk -The Swiss knife of GUI and Scripting

As powerful and flexible scripting language Tcl/Tk finds itself to be very popular among users. Although Tcl/Tk programs occupy huge memory space they provide a full-fledged and sophisticated GUI framework.

A Glance Into The Remarkable HTML5 Canvas And Its Features

Like a canvas is a quite significant object for a painter, similarly the HTML5 Canvas offers a great freedom to HTML5 web developers so that they can seamlessly transform their creative imagination

Leveraging Responsive Magento Themes for emphatic Magento Development

Having chosen Magento for powering your e-store is indeed the best decision that you have made. It goes without saying that Magento E-commerce is indisputably and undeniably the best e-commerce development

JDO Unplugged

Java Data Object is a standard interface set that defines linguistics for storing persistent objects. In this article, the author strives to decipher the complexities of JDO.

An introduction to Apache Hadoop for big data

Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware.

Leveraging Analytics for Software Testing

Software Testing is no longer a ritual that has to be performed at the end of the Software Development Life Cycle. The increasing role of IT in running businesses has necessitated Quality be inbuilt into software.

Database Profile

Database security systems that depend on passwords require that passwords be kept secret at all times. Because passwords are vulnerable to theft and misuse, Oracle Database uses a password management policy.


XML has developed into an extremely important technology, and some applications of it are very complex. But there is a core of simple ideas that can be easily applied in Java.

Some of the features of Adobe FB

Adobe Flash Builder is the Development kit, which provides the potential of using the Adobe Flex framework, MXML, Adobe Flash Player 10, ActionScript 3.0, Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES, and the Adobe Flex Charting components in single development environment.

Working With Flash Builder [Part - II]

As we know that, the charts are the visual representation of data and which help in understanding and analyzing the result.

Working with Flash Builder [Part I]

To create a new project in the flash builder navigate to the File > New > Flex Project from the opening screen of the Flash Builder.

Creating a database application

The flash builder have a superb feature called Data Service which provide the server integration functionality. Thus, flash application can contact the server database.

Building a Module in Python

Modules provide a convenient way to share Python code between applications. A module is a very simple construct. In Python, a module is merely a file of Python statements.

Combining animation and ActionScript using Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4

In this tutorial author provides an overview of the new Flash Builder 4, Flash Professional CS5

Build a Photo Viewer Using Flex and the Flickr API

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the as3flickrlib library to create a Flash Flickr photo viewer.

Build a Desktop Flickr Uploader with AIR

In this article author teaches how to will build a desktop Flickr image uploader using the AS3/FlickrAPI and exporting the application as an AIR app.

Localization in VB.NET

Have you ever thought of using Microsoft Word, Outlook Express or some other applications in your mother tongue?


SugarCRM is the world's leading provider of commercial open source customer relationship management (CRM) software for companies of all sizes.

Building an Address Book using ASP.NET

The author provides a new age solution for storing data and accessing it without any restrictions on time and location.

Information Discovery on the Web : Issues & Problems

Web information discovery (WID) presents a wonderfully rich and varied set of problems. Efficient Web Search systems are important for relevant information discovery on the Web.

C# Tips

Each tip will be supported by the sample C# codes, which will make it easy for the C# newbies to get a hold on.

Search Engine Optimization: Part-2

If you done correctly your entire primary steps for SEO with meaningful title, meta etc then you can proceed for the next step to being submit to search engines.

Search Engine Optimization : Part-1

No matter you developed a good website with good stuff and tons of features but you are not getting hits from your site and you taught that my every effort is worth less

Model-View Architecture using Servlets, JavaBeans and JSP (Principle and Implementation)

Struts is based on MVC Architecture. As a prelude to Struts, the author explains how MVC can be implemented without using the Struts framework, so that in the sequel,

How to Guide on Creating SharePoint Lists and List Templates 

The Microsoft Windows SharePoint program is used by many organizations, as it helps them in managing their information in the SharePoint site in a highly efficient manner.

7 Dead Simple Tips To Ensure Long-Lasting Mobile App Success

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a developer, the very first thought that strikes your mind during a mobile app launch is that your app should get ranked amongst the leading apps available on different renowned app stores.

Effective Step To Secure Your WordPress Website

The security of your WordPress site matters the most if you are one of the business owners running your websites.

HTML5 and Tips and Tricks

HTML5 examples can be really good inspiration for anyone starting a new web project, after all it is the future of web page markup and we all need to prepare for it.

Asp Net MVC , Web API and Entity Framework(EF) application

But real world applications mostly use database tables to store data. So now we will see an application which stores the data in a MSSQL Server database - table.

CORS-enabled Node/Express application and the JQuery client in Netbeans

We have earlier seen CORS-enabled JEE REST services. We will see a CORS-enabled Express application now and a little later a similar Asp Net Web API application.

7 Mobile App Development Blunders You Must Avoid For Sure

There is no doubt that mobile applications have paved the way for a wide range of innovative and exciting business ideas popping up into the minds of entrepreneurs residing in different parts of the world.


Asp Net Web API is a new Web service technology created by Microsoft with an aim to serve a broader range of clients including browsers, mobile devices etc.

A Sneak Peak into Mobile App Development Trends 2015

The mobile apps development industry is riding high on the success and is skyrocketing with each passing day. Apps have established their own niche in the life of mobile junkies,...

Angular, Express, Node and Sock.js Chat application

For a chat application, we will replace JQuery and Socket.io with Angular and Sock.js in the above stack.

PSD to WordPress converted site- Top tips to ensure its prolonged success

Despite the versatile nature of PSD designs, there are situations when designing web pages using PSD can't turn much beneficial.

Software as a Service (SaaS) – A Cost-Effective and Fast-to-Implement Delivery Model

In the late 1950s, there was a huge demand for people with programming experience. The use of computers for business applications was also rapidly expanding.

C, C++ and C# – A Reality Check

It is almost 45 years since Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie wrote a program that is said to be the first C compiler. Fifteen years from that date, in the year 1985 we saw the first commercial C++ compiler in the market place.

Blackhat v/s Whitehat SEO

What are the techniques used by these two SEO communities? How do you differentiate between them? Read to understand…

Styles of Web services

It investigates the glitches hindering seamless communication between heterogeneous systems

Designing Windows User Interfaces

The author presents some basic guidelines for developing user-friendly Windows applications. Learn how to design Inductive User Interfaces and make it easier for a user to navigate through the application

Understanding SSL

The article explains how SSL works and the example explains how you can install SSL on Apache Server

A List of Some Useful Web Apps You Should Definitely Know About

As Smartphones and mobile devices continue to redefine and refine our lives, the technological firms are on the brink of creating web apps that make our personal and professional life easier.

Using J2ME for Color Graphics

Creating graphics using MIDlets is a fascinating topic. Here is a detailed practical approach on how to go about it. Creating the Servlets and MIDlets form an important part of the discussion 

Looking to mobilize your site/blog? 6 high-end services to choose from

The global rise of mobile technology has given birth to multiple design technologies that have been effectively utilized for building outstanding websites and apps that can run on multiple devices which run on different mobile...

Knowledge and experience in using the Struts Framework

Knowledge and experience in using the Struts Framework, is a highly valued skill at present for Java programmers.

Angular, Ember or Backbone- Pick Out The Most Appropriate One

It should come as no surprise that the landscape of JavaScript framework is boundless. The options are seemingly limitless and developers can easily find themselves lost in the sea of options.

Celebrating Java and Open Source

There are several Java based Open Source projects which are important to all developers. We take a look at some of these…

Handling Deadlocks in Java

A set of processes or threads is said to be deadlocked when each thread is waiting for an action that only one of the others can perform. This article discusses synchronization,

Sock, Node and Angular- JS application

Of-late there is a lot of buzz around Sockjs. One of the reasons may be that Java frameworks like Vertx, Netty and Spring-4, have implemented SockJS protocol

AngularJS Client for RESTful JEE Web Services

What is a web service? How does it differ from a web application? Web applications send content in HTML to a Browser which interprets it to display a web page.

Research Article: Bionic Contact Lenses

Augmentation of the virtual world with reality promises to brighten the future of mankind. This article aims to construct a novel contact lens capable of augmenting the reality with cyber world.

Static Polymorphism

In this article we would try to understand meaning of one type of polymorphism that is static polymorphism, and how can it be implemented in programming language Java.

Steganography Torn Apart!

This may seem to be an ordinary beginning to an ordinary article. It is not. There's a secret message hidden here, in this very paragraph

Spring IOC, Spring Integration and RabbitMQ

There was a special DIQ issue on AMQP, an open standard which anyone can implement, and anyone who codes to the standard can interoperate with MQ servers from any AMQP vendor.

3D Web pages using X3D

X3D is the next version of VRML. X3D (Extensible 3D), which is the extending VRML97, using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

Understanding Shared Source

Shared Source is Microsoft’s first concrete step in bridging the gap between the Open Source and Closed Source world. But what is Shared Source? How does it help Microsoft? We find out….

Static Typing versus Dynamic Typing

In this article I shall discuss what static typing and dynamic typing are. I shall also discuss the debate surrounding the very definition of these concepts.

Semicolons 2015 from Persistent

Semicolons, a 24-hour hackathon organised by Persistent Systems, a Pune-based global software product development and technology services company,

The nirvana of true cloud computing is not a reality yet

The post global meltdown period has witnessed a paradigm shift in the business approach where cost reduction has emerged as the top priority for most corporates across the globe.

Your Public IP Address and ssh

Many Internet users don't understand that with most ISPs their computer has a public IP address.

How to Develop Software?

Jim Highsmith directs Cutter Consortium's Agile Project Management Advisory Service, is a fellow of the Cutter Business Technology Council

Shareware: Does it make sense?

The shareware marketing model benefits both developers and consumers. It offers developers an inexpensive alternative to showcase their product and consumers get to evaluate the software before purchasing.

Network Protocol Analyzer with Wireshark

Wireshark is an open-source protocol analyser designed by Gerald Combs that runs on Windows and Unix platforms.

Establishing Software Quality Assurance Program

Software Quality Assurance involves the entire software development process. It is oriented to monitoring and improving the process, making sure any agreed-upon standards...

Usability Analysis

In this article we try to understand the exact implication of the term Usability. The means to achieve optimum Usability and also the various reservations concerning the subject are discussed here

Action Script - More Flash forwards

In this article I will be covering the heart of Flash animation, ActionScript. ActionScript is basically what makes Flash interactive.


A web programmer will be familiar with PHP stacks, LAMP and WAMP - Apache, MySQL and PHP for Linux or Windows.

Developer Tips and Tricks

Years of experience in the development field and brilliance of many a developer have helped to coin out the right tips and tricks for developers. Read this article and ensure optimum results from your programming

Planning a Gaming Career

If you want to learn games programming, there are no specific courses that offer you training. But Amit Patel has a few tips, which will help you on the way

Complex Legal Proceedings May Have Far-Reaching Effects for the GPL and Software Licensing

A lawsuit filed in Texas—one which was subsequently followed by a countersuit—may very well prove to be a landmark case in the world of free and open source software.

Node, Express.js and Mongoose : Part-II

The excitement created by Node is similar to the one created by Rails a decade ago. Express is like Sinatra, a leaner web framework that gives you option to choose your supporting technologies.

AI in Games

Artificial Intelligence is making a mark in many games. Author Howland writes on various AI techniques seen in games, and predicts that more AI will make into the gaming world

Node,Express.js and Socket.io application

Socket.IO is a simple little library that’s a lot like Node’s core net library. Socket.IO allows you to send messages back and forth with browser clients that connect with your Node server,

Angular.js- an introduction and with Node

Angular.js is an open source JavaScript library that is sponsored and maintained by Google. It has been used in some of the largest and most complex web applications.

Build A Selenium Test Of a Web Application in 30 Minutes With TestMaker

“While it is a wonderful time to be developing applications, maintaining quality over time becomes geometrically more complex with Rich Internet Applications (RIA), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Web services.”

GCC Myths and Facts

In this article, Jao Seabra makes an effort to clarify some of the myths and misunderstandings associated with GCC.

RESTful JAVA Web Services with Jersey and EJb3

SR 311 is the specification for JAX-RS and Jersey is its reference implementation. JAX-RS is a part of JEE stack and can be used with other components in the stack like EJB-3

Interview with Mr. Sairam Vedam, Asst.Vice President, Marketing - Cigniti Technologies

Cigniti Technologies is the World’s 3rd largest Independent Software Testing Services Company, headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Messaging with RabbitMQ - in Java

Distributed applications or applications with loosely coupled architecture are the needs of the day and their components communicate through messages

AJAX Tips and Tricks

If you're developing in AJAX, we have a few tricks that can avoid common issues and speed up your AJAX development time.


REST stands for Representational State Transfer which was introduced by Roy Fielding in 2000. It has been more than a decade since REST was introduced. But it is only recently that REST based web services started to gain popularity.

MongoDB and Scala - with Casbah driver

MongoDB is probably the most popular “NoSQL” database and in the earlier articles we saw about its installation and use, through JavaScript console and Java and Ruby applications.

C++ Coding Tips

Programming in C++ is a life-long pursuit, and you never stop learning. In this article, I’ve looked at just the tip of the iceberg; however

Vert.x, a Reactive, Polyglot framework/platform on JVM

Java shot into fame “through” applets; but soon it was replaced in the browser by JavaScript which was developed as a scripting language that looked like Java.

Interview with Anubhav Pradhan, Lead Principal – Education and Research at Infosys

Though we have apps for everything, and anyone can develop an app, the app development is a niche skill that present its unique challenges to developers and enterprises.

WebSocket-JEE7 Implementation with GlassFish4.0 and NetBeans-7.4

Network transport service or communication is modeled on “layered architecture”; at the bottom is physical/internet layer and at the top is the application layer

Java 8 New Features

Java 8 is packed full of some really exciting features at both the JVM and language level. While some of the features initially envisioned

Choosing an Open Source License – Infographic

Open source license management provider Protecode has put together an infographic on choosing the best open source license for a project.

HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques

This article demonstrates, how to improve your HTML right away, and they won't demand that you learn any client-side scripting or programming.

Database Sharding

Almost every User-interfaced application shall have data stored in one or other form. Frequently, RDMS is used to store application data for any user-interfaced application.

Node.js, a Reactive Platform for DIRTy applications

Reactive platforms are the order of the day and recently in the first Reactive conference “React 2014”, all the experts in the field assembled and gave talks.

Monads and Scala

What is a monad? Its origins are in Category theory. But it was initially used in Haskell for “controlling side effects” and later for other purposes also.

Unleash the Power of Minitab for Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a data driven approach for Business Excellence. It exploits the capabilities of statistical analysis for business process improvement

Interfaces in Java 8: Change the way you code Interface

Some of the Java 8 most discussed features are full-fledged inclusion of Lambda expressions and Stream API.

Garbage Collection and changes in Java 8

Java latest version 8 has been released recently by Oracle and is available for download. Java 8 has really some nice and exciting new features and updates to existing core Java API.

Interview with Anup Kalbalia, Senior Project lead at Directi (Codechef)

Directi had made its first visit to a campus for hiring freshers in the year 2009. It was a phase in Directi,

Best Search Engine Optimization Tips

There are many On-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques that we can use for each of our websites, some that often get overlooked.

Scala - Guice- JPA application with NetBeans-7.4

You know that Play2 framework was entirely re-written in Scala .The reason given was that Scala makes Play more type-safe and Play meets the need of Scala for its own 

Functional Programming, Lambda and Stream in Java-8

The above concepts are not new and Java is the last mainstream language to introduce lambdas or anonymous functions and streams

Differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 beta (updated for beta 2)

Author explains about differences between Flex 3 and Flex 4 beta, the Flex 4 beta architecture differences, and an introduction to changes in component

Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

LINQ is a unique product that was brought about many changes - not “skin-deep” but that affected the basic character of C# in many ways.

Platform Virtualization and Software Licensing: Best Practices for Software Vendors

There are many related, yet different, definitions for virtualization floating around the Internet. If examined more closely, we discover that most of them focus...

Addressing Challenges in Software Protecting for .NET

This white paper addresses the challenges in software protection for the .NET Framework in addition to providing a variety means for protecting your applications.

5 Key Steps to SaaS Enablement: A Technical Guide to Moving On-Premise Software to the Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a significant shift in the way software is delivered. As more and more makers of traditional on-premise software...

Adding Flavors to Flash Movie with Coding

The flash movies can be made more powerful and attractive by adding program codes .It can be achieved in flash with ActionScripting.

Understanding the Execution Gap

We are responsible for the results of the project undertaken. Results are affected by things you can control and things you can’t control. There are two things you can control.

Developing Android Augmented Reality Applications

Augmented Reality is one of the top technology trends to look for in 2014. In this article series of “Developing Augmented Reality Application for Android”,

Migrating applications to Flex 4 beta

When migrating Flex 3 applications to the Flex 4 beta, you should not expect to do very much work. Other than bug fixes and a change in the default theme,

Implementation of a Finite State Machine

In this article author introduced the finite state machines as a modeling technique for computing problems.

Introducing Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK

This article aims to introduce you to the variety of new features available in the Flex 4.5 SDK release and provide you with additional resources and documentation

Coding productivity enhancements in Flash Builder 4.5

Building on the release of Flash Builder 4, Flash Builder 4.5 introduces a range of improvements to the code editing environment that will help to make you more productive...

Technical Debt: A Debt every Developer should consider

Developer has recently joined a project and given a task to modify one of the existing functionality. He gave estimation as sufficient small as change was small and do-able in given estimated time.

Technical Publishing using LaTeX

Technical publishing demands as much regard for right formatting as for the matter presented. Although formatting a document is perceived as a simple task

Best practices to architect applications in the IBM Cloud

In this article authors discover a list of component features you need to use for a better cloud experience

Powerful 3D Slideshow Maker: Flexible Animation, 270+ Effects, Export for Web and Gadgets

For those who love images and design! New SmartSHOW 3D slideshow maker features an overwhelming variety of effects and tools, letting you turn images into a cool 3D show.

Points you need to consider before adopting Agile

You are a software service provider – you develop software for your clients. Majority of your clients are from a different city or even a different country.

Unlocking the Secrets of User Management in ERP Systems for SMEs

Modern organizations are categorized as small enterprises, medium enterprises and multinational enterprises .SME generally refers to as small and medium enterprises.

Ref (STM), Agent and Transactor in Akka/Scala 

Asynchronous programming involves lower level thread management which is not that easy. The above abstractions from saving us from that trouble make our lives somewhat simple.

Entity Data Mode (EDM) in Entity Framework (EF) with SharpDevelop-4.4

In DIQ, there was a request from a reader for coverage of LINQ and Entity Data Model among other things. Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is indeed a unique product in mainstream languages.

Best Practices for Transitioning your On-Premise Software Business to the Cloud

SafeNet has spent the past several years working with software publishers that are planning for, or are in the process of, a migration of their on-premise applications to the cloud.

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview - Part III (Final)

There are questions that employers commonly ask at .net job interviews and it's important to be prepared to respond to those interview questions.

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview - Part II

Part-2 questions are very helpful for the people who are trying to get the job on .NET The most common question for experience persons

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview - part I

These questions are very helpful for the people who are trying to get the job on .NET The most common question for experience persons is

Asynchronous Programming in Dot Net

Various asynchronous programming techniques available on Dot Net. You can compare them with the ones found on JVM. Many of them including tasks (Future) you would have seen on JVM.

Interview with Scott Price, Vice President & Co-Founder of LoadStorm

LoadStorm is both a cloud based load testing tool and performance engineering consulting services. We help web developers measure the scalability and speed of their applications. 

Client Server Architecture

Throughout computer science history, numerous attempts have been made to disengage users from computer hardware needs,

Materialized View

The entire article concentrates the practical session using SQL statement. This article covers various usage of materialized view.

Developing Your Own Flappy Bird in Flash CS 6

I take this immense pleasure to meet every one on this article. Once upon a time, the same universe had a scenario like games mean it’s for kids in a small video box or small box in hand.

Use of Guice - DI in Scala

Scala has completed ten years. Its stated objective is to smoothly integrate OOP and FP paradigms to express common programming patterns in a concise

Inheritance in SOAP based Java Web Services

Java Web Service is simply a service made available over the web. Java Inheritance has been a building block in architectural based design.

Design patterns and Type system in Scala

Though of late design patterns have got some beating, one should not forget that they embody recurring and widely useful ideas.

Clojure –an important Functional Language on JVM

Clojure is Lisp variant that has both JVM and Dot Net implementations. But its JVM implementation is better known. Lisp is a functional language in the sense that its functions

Applications areas of expert system in human resource domain

Here, we are trying to figure out applications of expert system in different subdomains of human resources domain. 

Create Dimension

This article completely focused about CREATE DIMENSION statement in the data warehousing using snowflakes schema. This article also discusses the usage of level, hierarchy and attribute in the dimension statement. 

A Spring MVC, Spring and MongoDB application

In a series of articles, we dealt with the utilization of a Dependency Injector like Spring or Guice in a Java SE or web application and a few covered Spring MVC also.

Expert systems: Programming languages, tools and shells

There are basically two types of programming languages. They are algorithmic languages and symbolic languages. ‘Pascal’, ‘C’, ‘Basic’ and ‘Fortran’ are algorithmic languages. 

A Proactive Approach to Open Source Governance

Open source software has become an omnipresent and major driver ofsoftware activities worldwide. Many organizations, from small start-ups to large multinationals,

Dynamic Programming in C# 4.0-Primer

The new C# programming update bridges the gap between dynamically and statically typed languages. Read on …

New Features in SQL Server 2012

This cover article introduces the major new features provided in SQL Server 2012 and covers a number of the enhancements to previously available features.

Akka/Scala Futures

Future is a pattern implemented in almost all languages- as deferred in JQuery/ JavaScript, as Task in Dot Net languages and as Future in JVM languages.

Assemblies in Dot Net

When we build a C# application or a program written in any other Dot Net language, it is compiled into a Common Intermediate Language -CIL- file.

Exploration of Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open-source web browser developed for Windows, OS X, and Linux, with a mobile version for Android, by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation.

Compression Technique in Mobile Phones

In many of the mobile applications, files are occupying more memory space. There are no in-built archives. Under this assumption, the goal is to develop a platform independent system that provides data compression utility

MySQL High-Availability Options

An analysis of today’s MySQL high-availability challenges and what asynchronous, semi-synchronous and fully synchronous replication offer toward reducing downtime

Using MongoDB with Java and Ruby

MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL solution. Its JavaScript shell may serve the purpose of an administrator to execute commands connected with the administration of the database.

Akka- and its Actors

What is Akka? Akka is a platform and toolset on the JVM for creating concurrent and scalable and fault tolerant systems - not merely in Scala. It was coded using 90% Scala and the rest in Java.

Basic Photo Corrections in Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop includes a variety of tools and commands for improving the quality of a photographic image. This article steps you through the process of acquiring, resizing, and retouching a photo intended for a print layout.

Exploring MongoDB

Database systems are evolving from past five decades, and each decade added lot of innovations -- file based DBMS in 60s; RDBMS in 1979; SQL, desktop DBs, object-oriented DBs in 80s;

What's new in Flash Builder 4.5

This article will provide you with an overview of the new features, product enhancements, and workflows introduced in Flash Builder 4.5

Protecode Mitigates Open Source Security Threats Like Heartbleed

Despite recent reports of high profile software security vulnerabilities, many organizations still do not have a clear understanding of what open source and third party components are in their codebase

Expert Systems: Journey from fundamentals to legal and ethical issues to be addressed

Expert System is a special branch of Artificial Intelligence. AI is basically study of human thought process. 

Understanding jQuery

The aim of this article was not to teach jQuery but to simplify its understanding by drawing a comparison between it and a conventional programming language.


MongoDB is a document database that provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability.

David Taylor President North America & India, Micro Focus

Micro Focus has been helping customers to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently for more than 35 years.

Spring’s support for Java Messaging

Now-a-days one application using the services of some other/remote application is a common scenario and the fact whether the application..

Support for JMX in Spring

The JMX support in Spring provides you with the features to easily and transparently integrate your Spring application into a JMX infrastructure.

Java Management Extensions (JMX)

JMX stands for Java Management Extensions and it is a part of SDK from Java-5 .It is a facility to allow remote clients also to connect to a JVM, and manage/monitor running applications in that JVM.

Big Data Query Analytics

This is a comparative study and a general overview of big data query engines. The two most recent and important analytical techniques i.e. Hadoop,

“ NoSQL”(Not only SQL) – an Overview

Of-late we come across terms like NoSQL, Big Data, NewSQL etc frequently. RDBMSs have successfully served for more than three decades;

Agile Programming

Agile Programming is a collection of principles and techniques that try to overcome the inflexibility of the strictly-design-based development cycle. Three things make AP very powerful:

Build your first Android Application using MIT APP Inventor

This article will guide you how to make your first Android app using MIT App inventor. With the help of mit app inventor you can develop applications with no proper knowledge of coding skills before starting your application

Next-Gen Cloud Innovations

Now cloud adoption and diffusion can be seen in the larger domains of ICT. But it is accepted that it is commercialized in the recent time only with the larger pie and penetration by the managed

Fun with Fibonacci Sequence

We discussed three iterative solutions using while, for and do…while constructs. Later the code was converted to a reusable user defined function fibonacci().

Redefining XML Information using XSLT Transformations

XSLT or “eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations” is used to transform a XML document into other browser supported formats be HTML, XML etc.

Linux and its most used commands

Every desktop computer uses an operating system. The most popular operating systems in use today are:

Spring MVC Hibernate Many to One application : Part-II

It was mentioned in the earlier articles that from version 2.5, coding with Spring MVC has become somewhat simpler due to the following changes:

Spring MVC and Hibernate Many to One application: Part-I

Spring MVC, with its modern features from version 2.5, is the most growing web framework in usage and it is in a position to take over the mantle from Struts1.

Programming the Fibonacci Sequence

In this article we briefly introduced the Fibonacci sequence and its implementation following different approaches.

Static Analysis of Source Code (Case Study – LINT)

In this article series we are discussing the static analysis of source code in detail. In the first part of this series (Static Analysis of Source Code - An Introduction) we discussed the corresponding fundamentals in detail.

Static Analysis of Source Code (Tools and Techniques)

In this article series we are discussing the static analysis of source code in detail. In the first part of this series (Static Analysis of Source Code - An Introduction) we discussed the corresponding fundamentals in detail.

Static Analysis of Source Code

Software reliability is an increasing risk to overall system reliability. As systems have grown larger and more complex, functionality in mission- and safety-critical systems is more often exclusively controlled through software.

The Singleton is no simpleton!

Well, if the title of the article has got you thinking, then it serves the purpose. The Singleton is a design pattern which most of us associate with a relatively simple pattern to implement as compared to other patterns.

Moodle - Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Moodle (abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free and open-source e-learning software platform also known as a Learning Management System,

The Manual Cost of Managing Open Source and Third Party Code

In the past, developing all software internally was a point of pride. Today, the complexity of modern software, coupled with the pressures to release products on tight deadline...

Drupal - Open Source CMS

Drupal is a content management system (also refered to as CMS), meaning Drupal is used to manage content on informational sites, social media sites, member sites, intranets and web applications.

Joomla! ...because open source matters

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.

Word Press - Web Software

WordPress is well-known for its ease of installation. Under most circumstances installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete.

Content Management System (CMS)

In the beginning, the web was simple. We used Mosaic to browse it. We used a text editor to construct pages on it in a language called HTML.

Top 10 open source projects ever

Open source has grown to a major force in the IT industry. In 2013 we've seen moves from the likes of Ubuntu and Mozilla to take this further into the mobile world.

A Google Guice and JPA- 2 Application

Some of the features which were earlier found only in the proprietary extensions to JPA1 have now become part of the specification/standard and are available in all implementations in JPA2.

Interview with Dr. Anand Deshpande, Chairman, Managing Director & CEO, Persistent Systems Ltd.

Persistent Systems was incorporated as Persistent Systems Private Limited on May 30, 1990. It was subsequently converted into a public Limited company on September 17, 2007 


The DB2 Data Server High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) feature is a database replication feature that provides a high availability solution for both partial and complete site failures.

Events and Event-Handlers in C#

For users of GUI environments, events like as button-clicks, keystrokes or mouse clicks would be familiar. In VB an event-procedure that responds to an event, is almost predetermined.

Nanotechnology - A New Way of Life

Nanotechnology was first defined in 1974 by Norio Taniguchi (Tokyo Science University), but conceptual exploration of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology was delineated in early 1980s.

DB2 Recovery basics

Recovery means bring back the database to consistent state. Recovery can be done at entire database level or sometimes application collapse set of tables in that case table space recovery is sufficient.

Build your first Windows 8 Phone App

In this article author showed how to build your first Windows 8 Phone app and uploading your application to windows stores.

Statistical Processing using Apache Commons Math

Statistics is an essential field of study for everyone – from high school kids to hardcore researchers. Expertise in statistical processing is a desirable strength for employees of any organization

EntityFramework and ASP Net MVC Applications with SharpDevelop(SD)

Entity Framework (EF) forms part of Dot Net from version 3.5 SP1 onwards; but the framework contains only the “core components” of Entity Framework (EF).Important features such as DBContext API, Code First etc.

Windows programming with C# in SharpDevelop (SD)

C# took many good ideas from Java, such as a clean programming language, a virtual machine, and garbage collection... In SD, when we can create a Windows Application, a Windows Forms application...

Dhingana for Windows Phone 8

Dhingana App is the largest online collection of Indian music. The app is already available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows 8

Let’s enable cloud ‘Mix n Match’ : Cloud Aggregator

A cloud aggregator is an entity that enables intra-operable relation-ships with multiple cloud providers and integrates ...

DB2 LUW Backup Basics

Backup is a copy of database or table spaces. DB2 LUW backup is logical backup, it backed up the pages of objects like indexes and pages rather than physically takes database/table space files.

Functional Programming with C#

Functional programming is a programming paradigm in C# that is frequently combined with object oriented programming.

Secured Communication for Distributed Organization in Networks

Establishing hidden communication is an important subject of discussion that has gained increasing importance nowadays with the development of the internet.

Gupshup Messenger App

Gupshup Technologies has launched its mobile application called GupShup Messenger that takes social messaging to the next level.

Creating your first Windows 8 Grid App and uploading application to stores

This article will guide you how to make your first windows 8 grid app and this article will also help you for uploading your application to windows stores.

Interview with Rami Sass, CEO and co-Founder of White Source Software

White Source is a SaaS solution that identifies and mitigates open source pitfalls. The service allows developers to enjoy the full benefit of using open source components ...

Object-Oriented Features in C#

As mentioned in the earlier article C# is an eclectic language- it is an object oriented language with functional features, a statically typed language with dynamic characteristics...

Vserv.mobi - Mr. Dippak Khurana, CEO & Co-Founder

As mobile advertising continues to evolve, Vserv.mobi predicts the key trends that will drive the industry next year

Kurukshetra, the international techno-management fest of CEG

Kurukshetra, the international techno-management fest of CEG, is conducted by CTF every year to create a perfect confluence of technology

Real Time Business Analytics

Modern business analytics provide a platform for the organizations to compete and win in even the most challenging environment. Modern analytics helps companies acquire new business,

Spring Security Framework-2

Spring does not come with a built-in security framework. But there is Spring Security project under the same umbrella ie from Spring Source.

Support for Hibernate in NetBeans

Most significant development projects involve relational database and they are also invariably multi-layered. Having a separate persistence layer to interact with the database ...

DB2 Federated systems

A federated system is a special type of distributed database management system (DBMS). A federated system consists of a DB2 instance that operates as a federated server,

Create your own Operating System

Every one in this world are very curious to know How operating system(os) is build.For those people this article will guides you to build you own operating system.

The Myth of Software Reengineering

After giving a brief introduction of what Software Reengineering is, the author reveals why reengineering has gained prominence today. The various steps involved in Reengineering are discussed as the author also discloses root cause of reengineering.

C#-An Eclectic language

C# started its journey as a typical language from “C,C++” family and a clone of Java. But the features added in its later versions have made it an eclectic language.

Interview on Protecode Compact™ with Mahshad Koohgoli, CEO of Protecode.

Protecode has developed new product called Protecode Compact. A solution designed specifically for the smaller software development organizations...

FeedZai Selects Protecode Compact to Streamline Their Open Source License Management Process

In 2013, FeedZai migrated to Protecode CompactTM, which allowed unlimited analysis within a department or small organization.

Interview with Paulo Marques, CTO and co-founder of Feedzai

Feedzai makes commerce safe using machine learning and big data science to fight payment fraud.

Spam Free Googling Technique to Retrieve Optimized and Multilingual Results, Translation and Speech

This article contains the feature where the spam links and results are filtered from the result set coming from google.com

Big Data Vis-a-Vis Hadoop and Storm

The term Big Data is so generic that the hunt for its origin was not just an effort to find an early reference to those two words being used together.

Antipattern in Service Oriented Architecture: SOA ==SOAP

Service Oriented Computing (SOC) is a distributed computing paradigm having its own design principles, design patterns, concepts, technology and frameworks.

Support for Hibernate in NetBeans-7

This article is meant for those who want to use Hibernate in place of JPA .We all know that Hibernate solves the impedance mismatch problem between objects in our programs

DB2 UDB SQL Replication

DB2 LUW comes with the feature called Replication which is very useful when we need to create another set of tables with the similar data.

Spring Security Framework

Spring Security Framework, earlier known as Acegi Security, is a subproject of the Spring framework. This can be used to secure any Java application, but it is mostly used for web-based applications accessed through internet where hacking is rampant.

DB2 LUW table data recovery scenario

Recovery is nothing but bringing back the damaged database to consistent state. We will see about table data recovery to a point in time for a particular scenario in DB2 LUW.

Asp MVC3, Ninject and NHibernate application in SharpDevelop (SD) - 4.2

In VS in Model-First approach, we can generate the applications from the entity diagrams and in Code-first approach the same can be done from the code for entity classes.

Scala – Some More Concepts

Scala and F# are popular languages that have successfully blended functional and object oriented paradigms. Though they support functional programming, they are not exclusively functional programming languages.

Play-2.0 Scala MVC framework

Play was originally created by Guillaume Bort as a Java web framework, for internal use in Zenexity focusing on developer productivity. It was a RESTful framework and so it did not try to hide HTTP but embraced HTTP.

Connectivity in Android Apps using Network Service Discovery

Android's wireless APIs enable communication with other devices on the same local network, and even devices which are not on a network, but are physically nearby.

Bug Lifecycle Explained: Useful Tools for Bug Tracking

Software testing, despite the name, is about more than just testing software. It is obviously important to identify as many bugs as possible, but finding the bugs is only half the battle.

Build vs. Buy: The Hidden Costs of License Management

In today’s dynamic and competitive software business environment, software licensing and management solutions must be flexible.

DB2 UDB Event Monitors

Event monitor is the monitoring DB2 LUW utility included which includes different types. This is a useful option provided to a Database administrator to not only monitor a database but also helps to debug the issue.

F# -Functional Language for Dot Net

For developers who have never looked at F# before (a vast majority of the .NET developer population), this article takes a quick glance at the F# syntax.


If you want to do multiple tasks in a struts application, you are having three choices

File Handling in C: A Simplistic Approach – Part III

In this last part of the article series we will illustrate how to move in a file freely to write at specific locations and to read data from specific locations.

File Handling in C - A Simplistic Approach – Part II

In this article we will first use those functions to create and delete the files. Then we will move on to write data in created files followed by appending them.

File Handling in C: A Simplistic Approach – Part I

File handling is generally considered as a difficult proposition by novice programmers. The aura around file handling basically stems from the variety of involved mechanisms to do so.

Is Big Data a panacea?

In the conventional model of business intelligence and analytics, data is cleaned, cross-checked and processed before it is analyzed,

Sending email using JavaMail API

Javamail is a simple java library for sending and receiving emails. It provides facilities for connecting to an email server, authenticating the user with a set of id and password, creating a session and sending multipart emails.

Data Warehouse Vs Hadoop Vs Storm

It came as a surprise to me when I decided to write an article about storm during the same period when the Sandy cyclone was taking place in United States.

Understanding White Box Cryptography

Traditionally, cryptography has offered a means of communicating sensitive (secret, confidential or private) information while making it unintelligible to everyone except for the message recipient.

Unicode based keyboard driver for Marathi/Hindi/Sanskrit

As far as current reality and emerging trends in global management practices is concern, the use and role of information technology is changed very drastically.

Automating Code Review using Checkstyle – Part 2

In this article we will see how to integrate Checkstyle and the checks, built using the Checkstyle framework, into Continuous Integration tool & few other plug-ins’.

XebiaLabs Adds XL Release to Accelerate Software Delivery

XL release provides advanced enterprise release coordination, streamlines path to delivery through automation and collaboration

Innovation: A salt of Success curry

In this fast rapid changing world each and every organization trying hard to be the top in the field they are working.

Thoughts on Bug Fixing

Bug tracking and bug fixing are some of the essential jobs every programmer need to indulge in.

Refine our Google Search

Google Search (or Google Web Search) is a web search engine owned by Google Inc. Google Search is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web, receiving several hundred million queries each day through its various services.

LightRef - Link re-writing and analytics platform

LightRef is a link re-writing and analytics platform that can rewrite long URLs meaningfully by analyzing the content of the web page

How to Get Software Licensing Right – the First Time

For any business, pricing and delivery models are evolving. And it is important to take the time to align your license enforcement with them.

Entity Framework - Code First and Model First Approaches

You can see Code First is more advanced and provides answer to the criticism we have seen in the earlier articles leveled against EF by NHibernate camp. But model first is simpler to start with. So we will see both these approaches.

Scheduling Workflows Using Oozie Coordinator

In Hadoop Ecosystem, most of the functionality like map-reduce jobs, pig scripts and hive queries are executed as batch jobs. This creates a lot of overhead in deployment and maintenance of hadoop components.

ASP Net MVC and Entity Framework application in Visual Studio 2010

For creating web applications on the Dot Net platform, ASP Net MVC with the ORM Entity Framework is preferred now over ASP Net Web Forms.

Alternate Data Streams in File Systems

Generally a file consists of multiple heterogeneous objects stored together. For example, a word processor file may consist of text, images and graphs.

Spring MVC with JPA in Netbeans-7 

The simplified ‘Spring MVC’ is not as simple as Struts2 but it is built on top of Spring IOC container and no integration code is required and a single xml configuration may suffice.

A Functional Programming Language on JVM- Loop

In an earlier article we saw that the Java platform, with its robust garbage collector, fast virtual machine, and a battery of libraries for every conceivable task is modern and remains to be the number one choice of the software world.

Interview with Mahshad Koohgoli, CEO of Protecode. Major Enhancements to System 4 Product Suite.

Protecode provides products and services for managing open source software licenses. The company offers both cloud-based and on-premises solutions that enable organizations

Cloud Computing-A Walkthrough

Cloud computing is the new buzz word in the IT industry. Different experts have given various definitions for cloud computing that is determined to rule the software industry in the coming years.

Scala - A multi paradigm language on JVM

A significant segment of Java community is now willing to have a look at the Functional languages on JVM as an alternative to Java in production environments, especially in web environments.

Cloud as enterprise solution for Messaging and Collaboration

Organisations are making technological shifts to Cloud Computing .This IT BUZZWORD since its advent is gaining popularity and has been helping IT organisations

DB2 LUW Table Compression Techniques

DB2 V9.7 has extensive compression features which we will discuss in this article. Data Compression has become essential to utilize the storage effectively considering the cost of storage being one of the core cost reduction strategies followed by almost all organization.

Understanding Google Search Page

Today we cannot imagine the Internet without Google. It provides a one stop point to access the immense information repository available over World Wide Web. 

JS Bin - The Online Web Programming IDE

JS Bin is a browser-based online IDE for web programming. This web application has features like syntax highlighting, parenthesis matching, HTML tags mismatch, which makes web programming faster

Being a Master

Here are 12 tips for mastering a computer language, emailed to me by a former colleague

Automating Code Review using Checkstyle

Code reviews are quintessential part of every quality process / checklists that has ever been created. This is an important verification activity that is made mandatory as part of every Software development lifecycle.

Best practices for using Adobe Illustrator with Flash Catalyst CS5.5

In this article author focus on best practices for using Adobe Illustrator to successfully create artwork for Flash Catalyst.

Ninject - A Modern Dependency Injection Framework for .Net

Ninject is a lightweight dependency injection framework for .NET applications. A DI framework helps in splitting our application into a collection of loosely-coupled cohesive pieces, and then gluing them back together in a flexible manner.


Asp.Net MVC was developed as an open source project under the patronage of Microsoft, recruiting developers from Monorail, an open source initiative by Castle project based on Ruby on Rails.

Software Liability

Today software generally comes with End-User License Agreements that require the user to sign away their right to sue software developers if their app contains security flaws that leaves the user’s computer open to attack by malware.

MS-Excel as a Graph Plotting Tool for External Data

MS-Excel provides excellent facilities to plot different types of graphs. Generally these graphs closely integrate with the data present in spreadsheet itself (i.e. internal data).

NHibernate ORM with Fluent NHibernate – Mapping and Configuration

Earlier there was an article in DeveloperIQ on NHibernate ORM, wherein a comparison of features of NHibernate was made with those of Entity Framework (EF).

Mobile Game Development in 10 Steps Using Flash

Once games are meant to play, now a day it was taken more seriously as career. On the run Games are turned into all ages play. An example for proving this is angry birds.

The Amazing Firefox OS

Web developers friendly mobile operating system is coming soon. This article covers all you need to know about Firefox OS, formerly known as Boot2Gecko.

Virtual Computing: Server Virtualization & Applications

Ethical computing has explored a new trend in IT as virtual computing .Virtualization can be viewed as part of an overall trend in enterprise IT that includes autonomic computing, a scenario in which the IT environment will be able to manage

New features in Adobe Flash Professional CS6

With a global video-gaming market valued at $65 billion*, there is high demand for compelling, engaging, and immersive games. As an interactive designer or game developer,

Spring MVC with NETBEANS

Struts is the most widely-used MVC framework with a large user base; but Spring MVC, with its modern features from version 2.5, is the most growing. Rails with its path-breaking features like sensible default, convention over configuration, full stack framework,

Struts2 interceptors, Guice-servlet and JPA

Struts2 is simpler and more flexible than other popular MVC frameworks like Struts1or Spring MVC. Struts2 makes extensive use of Interceptors to handle pre and post processing tasks otherwise called cross-cutting concerns and achieve a high level of separation of concerns

Boredom drives experimentation

Today, software developers are faced with a great abundance of options when choosing how to design and implement systems.

Vendor Confusion

I recently attended a meeting called by a top government organization, which was planning its IT budget for the year. My presence along with couple of CIOs was to provide an independent view of how they should plan IT.

Struts2 interceptors, Spring and JPA with Netbeans

While retaining the simple and flexible Struts2, you can, if you want, replace Guice with more popular Spring DI in the middle tier. Netbeans has no default support for Struts2 but supports the Spring framework

Emerging technologies for iOS programming

For a long time programming for iOS devices required knowledge of Objective-C. This meant that a large part of programmer community wasn't able to build apps for iPhone and iPad.

Interview with Prakash Kini, Director, Sapient Global Markets

Business Centric Testing simply put is testing from the user’s point of view. This requires Quality Assurance (QA) teams to build hybrid skills

Windows 7 tips, and tricks

The Windows® 7operating system make it faster, more reliable, and easier for you to use. Windows 7 helps provide greater security and manageability for local and remote computers helps improve performance and reliability.

Leveraging Open Source and Avoiding Risks in Small Tech Companies

Today’s software development is geared more towards building upon previous work and less about reinventing content from scratch.

BUSINESS-CENTRIC TESTING: a key requirement for new regulatory-driven systems and processes

New regulatory requirements are forcing capital and commodity market participants to re-examine and realign technology infrastructures.


Rails has changed the way web programming is done and has influenced a lot of frameworks including Sitebricks - Grails, Trails and Struts2 etc in JVM and Monorail and Asp.Net MVC in Dot Net;

Review of qTest by QASymphony

QASymphony is the company behind qTest, a new test management tool that’s aiming to empower test teams. As software development has increasingly moved towards Agile methodology, with its focus on fast delivery,

Charting with JFreeChart

Singlechart says more things than a hundred words do. Creating charts from a cash accounting orinventory software provides a powerful way of monitoring the flow of money or materials.

Create Pac-Man Game using Scratch – Part IV

In the last part of this series we will introduce appropriate background sound tracks to make our game more professional. We will also provide guidelines to add opening and closing animations to enhance the overall experience.

Create Pac-Man Game using Scratch – Part III

In this final part of the article we will enhance the gaming experience of our Pac-Man game by adding this element to our game play.

Create Pac-Man Game using Scratch – Part II

In the first part of this article we have developed the static part of Pac-Man game using Scratch. The static environment of the Pac-Man game looks like

Create Pac-Man Game using Scratch – Part I

In this article we will design the static structure of a game similar to Pac-Man using Scratch.

Struts1, Spring and JPA app with Netbeans7

Struts1 and Spring DI are more popular J2EE technologies having wider adoption, but Struts2 is a lot simpler.

A Struts2 application with Netbeans

Struts1 is one of the most successful the web frameworks and in wide use. But the coding required from users -to integrate it with frameworks of other- tier such as Spring or Hibernate or use web 2.0 features like Ajax

Using Microsoft Excel as a Data Mining Tool

The technological advances in Information Technology have made data-collection, data communication and data-organization an almost effortless task.

Technology options for J2EE projects

In the matter of technology, we have very wide choices with a lot of combinations.  Any modern web application, should be based on MVC architecture.

Working with AJAX and JSON

Usually, if you want to return a collection of data to a function we make use of arrays. It is applicable only when both the functions are written in java. What can we do if we want to respond with a collection of data or objects for an AJAX call?


Hibernate is a famous ORM. Spring is almost universally used light-weight container.

Robust Cloud Services Management: Integrating Java & Windows Azure

Improvement in productivity is due not only to technology, but also to how it’s integrated into the organization .Improved productivity has thus become a concern of all organizations, both public and private.

An Analysis on Twitter’s Leaked Passwords

On May 9, 2012 the headlines were ‘58000+ Twitter username and passwords are leaked’. Twitter is one the most used social networks with 140 million active users.


Guice is superior, with its non-xml configuration module, type-safety that comes with Java configuration and type-checking done by the framework when it checks the compatibility of bindings in modules

Survey Finds Application Deployments Fail up to 30%

XebiaLabs reports Continuous Delivery, Deployment Automation top IT executives 2013 agenda

Hadoop MapReduce Output to multiple Cassandra Column Family

Hadoop MapReduce is the de-facto of the Big Data Analytics that is used for analyzing very large datasets in scale of Petabytes using the power of distributed computing.

WICKET, GUICE and JPA application with NETBEANS 

Wicket is a component-based Java web framework like Tapestry or JSF and is different from action-/request-based frameworks like Struts, Struts2, or Spring MVC

OLED Technology on the verge to coup

The World is getting mechanized on the diurnal basis as technology in different areas is continuously leading to revolutions. As technology is incessantly on the path of enhancement, along with it display technology,

Google Sitebricks – an innovative RESTful web framework

Google Sitebricks(SB) is a new web framework that focuses on early error detection, low-footprint code, and fast development. It follows the simple principle of composing a page from a Java class and a backing html template.

Embedding Messages in Digital Images using JAVA

Transmission of messages in several hidden forms has been in practice all over the world for a long time. Apart from the difficult methods of data encryption and mathematical algorithms,

Leveraging Your Private PaaS for Feature Delivery

The growth of cloud services for business has been a hot topic for years now, but 2012 was the year when the cloud went from market hype to mainstream deployment.

Pointers to Functions in C

A pointer to a function is a particularly confusing yet powerful feature of C. Even though a function is not a variable, it still has a physical location in memory that can be assigned to a pointer.

Interview with Vu Lam, CEO, co-founder at QASymphony

qTrace is a defect capture tool that let users document complex defects quickly and easily. qTrace runs in the background of a test session and automatically records the users action during testing.

Introduction to Scratch Programming Environment

Most people view computer programming as a tedious, specialized activity, accessible only to those with advanced technical training.

Hbase - Hadoop Integration

Hbase is consistently evolving into the de-facto of the NoSQL world with its powerful data model based on BigTable and extensive support from the Apache’s Hadoop project.

Virtual Networking and VLAN configuration with VMware and Xen

Using virtualization technology, one can create multiple virtual machines in a single or multiple hosts and can interconnect themwith different type of virtual and physical networks.

Integration of Struts1.1, JDBC and Spring1.2

But, demoAction.java code has to be changed a bit from our usual pattern and ofcourse, helper class (In our case springhiberbean is the helper class)is DAO and it is very simple.

SPRING and STRUTS Integration

Spring is widely used in companies. Whether it is Struts or Hibernate or other services like mail, jms, security or jax-ws, it is required to be used through Spring. So, I am trying to develop a struts demo through Spring.

Struts2 Guide and JPA application with Netbeans.7.0

In the earlier articles on Guice-extensions-Warp Persist and Warp-Servlet, it was mentioned that Warp Project supplies thin, lightweight modules for using persistence, transactions, Servlets and Dynamic Finders in Guice applications.

WARP/GUICE SERVLET-Web Extension For Guice

Guice was a mere DI framework and the Warp extensions have transformed it into an Enterprise software .Warp-persist provides to Guice, JPA integration and transaction support.

Step Away from error-prone ‘big-bang’ deployments

Slowly step away from “one-off release” thinking and error-prone “big bang” deployments towards gradually introducing a pipeline that delivers incremental improvements and new functionality.

Build an online and telephony poll(KBC) in 10 minutes using KooKoo and Wufoo

The development paradigm has changed so much in the recent years that all you need to build applications now is an idea. Almost all services now provide an API and this has led to a lot of Mashups appearing.

Chart control in the Flash Builder

Flash builder now proven for its capability to run its output application in many platforms by Air platforms for desktops, flash player for the web, flash lite on Mobile Phone and added in Flash Builder 4.5 edition are Apple, BlackBerry, and IPhone ios supports.

Software Quality Assurance in an On Demand Software Environment

The professional domain is gradually realizing the increasing importance of Software Quality Assurance and its contribution in today’s highly competitive work environment.

Struts dispatch action with simple demo

The DispatchAction eliminates the need of creating multiple independent actions for each function.


Often one finds that certain types of functionalities such as security, logging, transactions management, caching, performance checking, concurrency control, and exception management are repeated throughout a project

Guice Enterprise Extensions –Warp Persist and Warp Servlet

Warp-persist provides support for Hibernate, JPA, db4o and in fact has been integrated with Guice in its version3.

Creating Custom Shaped Windows using JAVA

Beautiful windows with non-rectangular shape always attract the users and present a magnanimous impression about the program itself. The endeavour for creating custom shaped windows was not straight forward in Java, until the arrival of JDK 7.

Don't be silly

I wonder how many times I've been asked that question over the years. Insert your language, framework, or application and ask these questions.

GOOGLE GUICE- A Modren Java dependency Injection Framework

The evolution of the enterprise patterns and methodologies has depended largely on contributions from the open source developer community and the platform-independent Java provided them a conducive eco-system

Clever coding

I was asked recently by a close friend to do a code review of his project. I must confess my friend being a very smart programmer had written a really fine piece of code, which I found to be too clever.

A History of functional Languages for Java Platform

The success of Java is part of history and today it is the number one software technology. The term Java means both the language and the platform

Interview with Mr. Robert Begg, VP of Engineering at BlueCat Networks.

BlueCat Networks is a leading provider of IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions. Their software solutions give organizations the power to centrally manage “everything IP” in their network.

Agile Development: 7 Best Practices for Scale and Predictability

Agile is hot – and has been so for a while. The multitude of benefits offered by Agile, particularly its ability to bridge the Business – IT divide, has clients naturally gravitating towards it.

IOC Container and other Enterprise technologies in Dot Net

In the Microsoft world, the emphasis is on the RAD - style programming ie the ability to create applications quickly. The tools that provide quick automation and instant results are given preference.

Should your application 'Forgive!' or 'Fail fast!' in case of a runtime error?

Whenever a run-time error occurs in an application there are two opposite error-handling approaches

SilkTest 2011 Interview with Nitin Dang

Nitin Dang is working as Country General Manager- India & SAARC, at Micro Focus


In any significant application, we need a persistence layer to handle loading and saving of data. When building the persistence layer with ADO.NET,

Open Source Database 2012 : Say ‘YES’ to NoSQL 

In response to the lack of commercially available alternatives, organizations such as Google and Amazon were forced to invent new approaches to data management.

Consistent Design Every Time

The Visual Studio Ultimate Edition provides excellent capabilities in the area of UML Modeling.

Role of Services in Enterprise Architecture

Services are an integral part of the enterprise. Introducing service orientation into the enterprise architecture enables the business to be responsive, resilient and efficient

The Obix programming language: more reliable code in less time

Obix is a new, open-source, object-oriented programming language specifically designed to write more reliable code in less time. This article tells you what you can do with Obix and why Obix helps to write more reliable code.

The Mythical Man Month

I happened to read the classic Mythical man month by Fred Brooks again last month. I am convinced that the book is even more significant today. I will revisit two ideas he discussed in detail, in a concise manner.

Interview with Phil Odence from Black Duck Software

Black Duck is a software and consulting provider offering comprehensive open source software (OSS) enablement and governance solutions.

Pointers to Functions in C Language

In this article author had a look at one of the confusing but powerful concepts in C language.

Generics in Java 5.0

Generics are a programming facility which is provided by Java 5.0. With their use, programmers can write generic code where a type or method can operate on various types of objects with proper compile time safety inbuilt. 

Android Tablets : Digital World on the go!

Android tablets are different from other communication devices available in the market . Android Tablets owe their heritage to the smartphone , for which they share many attributes including operating systems

Ten tips for building better Adobe AIR applications

AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a wrapper around a set of technologies that enables developers to build rich Internet applications that deploy on the desktop.

Mobile development using Adobe Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Builder 4.5

This article has been updated to include new mobile development features added since the preview release, including multi-density authoring support, the ViewMenu component, and USB debugging.

Top 20 practical software testing tips you should read before testing any application.

I wish all testers read these software testing good practices. Read all points carefully and try to implement them in your day-to-day testing activities.

Simple RESTful web services with Glassfish

The author gives a quick introduction to RESTful web service with Glassfish using JAX-RS.

Should your application ‘Forgive!’ or ‘Fail fast!’ in case of a runtime error?

Whenever a run-time error occurs in an application there are two opposite error-handling approaches

SQL – DML Commands

In the last article we studied that SQL is accepted as a standard language for working with databases and it includes the following languages 


The author discusses some of the features that have led to the popularity of SQL and explains with an examples.

Interview with Michele Lapietra from DATA BECKER GmbH & Co. KG.

DATA BECKER primarily develops innovative trade and e-business software. The company is based in Düsseldorf/Germany. It focuses on web 2.0 and e-commerce solutions published in the to date-series.


In industry, it is rare to find applications without having interaction with a database to store or retrieve data. The front end needs a mechanism to connect with databases.

Virtual Destructor in C++

Declarative statement virtual is used to achieve abstraction in C++ programming language. To define an abstraction and take advantage of dynamic polymorphism a method should be declared as virtual in a class which might act as a base class.

Solutions To Common Issues While Using Jasper Reports

JasperReports is an open source Java reporting tool, which is highly efficient and sophisticated software to cater the need of customized reports.

Dot Net Platform and C# Language in the Eyes of a Java Programmer

The name “Java” refers to the programming language as well as the computing platform. Prior to Java, the programming languages like Pascal, C or C++ were compiled into executive files targeted for a specific-OS and CPU-platform.

Business Metric Rules

Dynamic Business Rules can empower any company to better understand their customers, generate greater value, and increase their chances of success.

Integrating Open Source Database with Java Framework

Open source softwares are gaining popularity in the business industries due to it’s flexibility and robustness. JDBC makes it possible to write platform independent Java programs that can be used to manipulate the data in a wide range of SQL


Sun might have failed as a business entity but by allowing a finger in the pie to many stake holders it has succeeded in making Java the number one technology especially in the enterprise sphere and there appears to no end to this position.

Interview with Mr.Ashok Saxena from Kronos Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

Globalisation – Earlier organizations used to have country specific WFM solution deployments. But that was limited in utility as an organization did not have data to compare, say, labour productivity or costs from one country to another.

WEB APPLICATIONS: Development and Maintenance made easier by Struts2

Web applications are widely used today as the earlier client-server applications suffer lot of drawbacks like, in Client-Server applications the client program serves as user interface and it has to be installed on each user PC,

Struts2 (command-line) without using IDE

In this article, author explained how to develop a struts2 example, without using IDE like Netbeans or Eclipse.

Interview with Mr. Pete Cittadini from Actuate Corporation

Actuate's Business Intelligence Software and Enterprise Performance Tools provide the next generation Rich Internet Applications ready information platform fo

Cloud Computing : Security , Privacy & Ethics

External IT’s cloud enabled IT solutions for organizations deliver mission-critical IT services with uncompromised performance, superior agility, bulletproof security and high availability with lower total costs than traditional internal IT.

Best practices for using Photoshop with Flash Catalyst

In this article author provides several tips to help make your work with Photoshop and Flash Catalyst more efficient

Open Source Software Adoption Process

Increasingly organizations are viewing open source and 3rd–party software license management as part of their software quality development process, and are evolving their existing quality checklists to include all or part of the following blueprint.

Making a case for new languages

Java was first introduced over fifteen years ago. Many applications are still built using these languages. They're shiny, new applications. But they are held back by decades-old decisions.

Understanding Framework: Servlet Framework

Framework is buzzword these days. Over period of time, the software industry is using lot of frameworks such as .NET Framework, Servlet, Spring, Hybernate etc.


Try to imagine what you would do if ATMs stopped working, credit card transactions couldn’t be processed, online purchases weren’t recognized, retail registers refused to work causing shops to shut down.

Indexers in C#

Indexers are used to provide array-like access for structures, arrays, and interfaces.


Powerful database servers like Oracle, Postgres and MySQL are difficult to control while embedded databases like SQLite are bit weak. What if an embedded database could later become a full fledged server?

Updating your PowerBuilder Application for Today’s World

This article will discuss how to update your applications, user interface and experience standards.

Certifications in Computer Networking

Networking skills are valuable and a certification gives you leverage over the competition when looking for a great job. Author explains different Certifications in Computer Networking.

Comparison of Various Web Testing CASE Tools

CASE is an acronym for Computer Aided Software Engineering. These tools assist engineers in automating testing tasks.

Managing the Performance Issues in Oracle – Part 2

Bear in mind these important factors while evaluating the following methods for your particular situation.

Managing the Performance Issues in Oracle – Part 1

We have different ways to organize data in a database and performance management. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these methods of relational database data organization.

Using Flash Builder 4.5 to package applications for Apple iOS devices

This article and video aim to help ActionScript and Flex developers complete the necessary steps so that applications built in Flash Builder can be deployed to iOS devices during the development, testing and deployment phases of the project.

How to survive attacks that result in password leaks?

We speak about attacks on online providers that result in the leak of personal users’ passwords. Just recently we saw the leak of 6.46 million Linkedin user passwordss

Working with the Project panel in Flash Professional CS5.5

In this article you will learn how to use the Project panel as you set up your project using shared assets and then publish the slideshow to three different platforms to deploy for web, desktop, and mobile


In this second part of the article author explained how to implement JSF and JPA in Netbeans.


Spring IOC container is one of the most widely used frameworks for middle tier and though it has its own MVC framework for the presentation tier, it comes with support classes to facilitate its integration with other MVC frameworks like Struts, JSF etc.


We create many documents using word processors. Sometimes, we earnestly wish we had the ability to create word documents ourselves, from our own program.


Are you interested in running the LAMP stack on Linux and WAMP services on windows? Setting up the services and scripting tools properly was a task demanding time for download and integration.

Database Flavours for Cloud Platform 

The data base management has been a vision for more than three decades and much research has focused on large scale data management in traditional enterprise setting, cloud computing brings its own set of novel challenges

Web Hosting Service Basics

Usually, when you join a shared Web hosting plan, the hosting company gives you a number of facilities, such as a Web-based control panel for managing your site, some usage statistics, and email accounts.

Cloud Computing and Cost Savings to Government

Noted Data Center expert Joseph Karia explains how cloud computing can result in savings. He takes through elements of cloud computing in this article.

How to choose an Anti Virus

The threat of computer viruses is constantly growing, which makes it ever more important that when you choose an anti-virus program for your computer, you choose the right one. Read on....

The Cloud Programming: Frameworks & Technologies 

Cloud Platforms allow programmers to write applications that run in the cloud, or use services from the Cloud, or both while abstracting the essence of scalability and distributed processing.

Interprocess Communication(IPC) Programs in C in Ubuntu Linux

In this article author began to see how multiple processes may be running on a machine and maybe be controlled (spawned by fork()) by one of our programs. In numerous applications there is clearly a need for these processes to communicate with each exchanging data or control information.

Struts2 Spring and JPA integration with NetBeans6.8

In the earlier article on Struts2 it was pointed out that, Struts2 may not be as productive as Ruby on Rails but for those who want to take advantage of the organization infrastructure already in place and stick to Java, Stuts2 is a safe bet among presentation frameworks.


In this article author give a brief introduction about Spring and JPA with NetBeans

Simple Game Development for Touch Screen Mobiles @ 10 Steps

Author explains how to develop simple games in touch screen mobiles using Flash.

Useful JAVA Tips

JAVA on various topics, interest to developers using the Java programming language and platform

Flash Builder Burrito

Flash Builder Burrito is the “next” Flash Builder. This article covers some of the important features of Flash builder Burrito.

Using Web Services Creating Live Currency Convertor Mobile App

Author explains step-by-step instruction, how to create your own mobile app using flash builder Burrito.

Transforming Java programs into Windows Services using Apache Commons Daemon

Creating windows service was possible only using MFC programs, since it involved manipulation of registry values and access to system resources.

Event Logger Windows Service in C# .NET A Step-By-Step Approach

In this article author explains how to develop your own event logger service with C#.NET

Google Web Toolkit-an introduction

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a development toolkit for building and optimizing complex browser-based applications. Author gives a brief introduction about GWT.

Database editing operations using Visual Edit in ASP.NET Datagrid

In this article author briefly describes about database editing operations using visual edit in ASP.NET Datagrid.


Keyloggers are small programs invisibly installed on a computer that record all keyboard input. Author gives brief introduction about Keyloggers.


Web mining is the application of data mining techniques to discover patterns from the Web. Authors explain how to improve business on web using web mining.

NextGen Web Content Broadcasting : Webcasting & Podcasting 

Effective corporate communications requires that the target audience enjoy easy, convenient, and timely access to information. It can be managed with modern web content posting methods.

10 Points to Consider before Migrating to Cloud

Author gives a list of the 10 most important things you need to know and check before you start migrating your apps to the Cloud.


In this article author teaches how to write Flex client programs for ASP.NET, JSP, JAVA and PHP

Understanding RAID

RAID is a technology that provides increased storage functions and reliability through redundancy. Author gives more information on RAID.

Modeling the Enterprise Architecture

In today’s environment businesses need to be dynamic, able to react to changes in regulations, technology, competitive and economic landscapes.

Steps to an Effective ERP

ERP systems permeate almost all operational aspects of the enterprise, and great care and planning are needed to successfully effect such radical organizational changes. But with the right strategy and a little patience, you can reap many rewards.

Essentials of Penetration Tests and Why it is important

Every day with 5000 attempts being made to hack into Indian government IT infrastructure, you need to employ penetration testing.

Sybase PowerDesigner for Data Architecture and Information Architecture

Sybase PowerDesigner is the industry leading data modeling tool that offers a model-driven approach to empower and align Business and IT.

Windows XP tips

Author compiles few tips, which can be of great help to any Windows XP user. So go ahead and get to know some right tips.

Secure your privacy while using Facebook 

Facebook was originally intended for college students, but today anyone can join the network. Although the site's scope has expanded to include more than just students, its purpose remains the same


In this article author teaches how to create Classic Tags using JSP1.2


Author explains breaf introduction in Tagfile and Simpletag in JSP2

Hire Well

During third week of May some of my favourite web sites such as Reddit.com was down for almost 36 hours.

Creating Tomato Catcher Game in Flash CS 4 & Action Script 2.0 @ 10 Steps

In this article author teaches how to create tomato catcher game using Flash CS 4 and Action Script 2.0

The New Wireless Office

Next Generation Offices will be wireless, which will be more faster and more secure.


State management facilities in Seam are very highly. Author explains scope conversation in Seam with an example.


Author looks into the “Home” class and the crucial role played by it in the CRUD operations in this article.

Hot Bites of Programming with Google Go

Google Go is an open source programming language announced in November 2009. After one year of evolution, this article takes a look at the features of the language and the facilities offered by the language.

Computer Worm: An Overview

In this article author discussed the concept of the Computer Worms in detail.

Frameworks for NextGen Information Technology Management 

A primary focus of modern Information Technology(IT) Management is the value creation made possible by technology. This requires the alignment of technology and business strategies

Why PDF matters?

The author explores the nuances of PDF format, and describes why PDF is important, and why Government must consider PDF as common document format for storing and disseminating data and information.

Virtualization woes

Virtualization is now seen as a potential silver bullet to all kind of resourcing and provisioning issues in IT departments. This is very scary.

7 Simple Steps to Online Computer Security

Online computer security is critical right from the moment you switch on your brand new computer. Here are 7 Simple Steps to Online Computer Security (Information Security online).

Writing Simple Buffer Overflow Exploits

Before Starting a practical demonstration of writing basic buffer overflow exploits we will first take a look at concepts and theory first as Abraham Lincoln

Introduction to Keyloggers

We are living in the cyber age. Computers are being used in some of the most important places. Just as we are concerned about our physical security, we must have a basic awareness of security for our cyber presence as well.

Authentication in Seam

Seam Framework provides facilities to enable applications to be secured using user authentication and user authorization and other facilities. Author teaches more on Authentication in Seam.

Extended-persistence context and application-scoped Transactions - in Seam

In this article author aims to show how Seam makes use of the extended persistent context and transaction support provided by the EJB3 container for EJB3 components and how it provide services to POJO components by its own extensions

Securing Wireless Network

It's estimated that in a day 15000 concentrated attempts are made against government networks, web sites and infrastructure. Wireless is cheaper than Wired Networks, but securing them needs careful planning.


Ajax is a web development technique used for creating interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes


DWR is a Java library that enables Java on the server and JavaScript in a browser to interact and call each other as simply as possible.

Cabling market Trends

Structured Cabling has seen many trends in the last two years. Here's a look....

ApacheWicket - in NetBeans

Apache Wicket makes developing web-apps simple and enjoyable. This article will give you a quick introduction to ApacheWicket.

Creating Windows Style Graphical Menus Using C Programming

In this article author tries to present the procedure to create the Windows Style graphical Menus operated by mouse using Turbo C/C++ 3.0 graphics in MS-DOS Environment.

Understanding the Execution of a C Program

The C programming language is a popular and widely used programming language for creating computer programs. Author explains the execution of a C program in detail.

Welcome to the World of Hacking

Welcome to the world of hacking. Past decade has completely changed the way we live and perform our day to day work. Life in internet age is easy, simpler but vulnerable.

SQL Injection Attacks

If we ask developers about the SQL injection attacks, the examples known to them are the most basic ones, like the ones existing in the login forms.

Programming Applications for Android Platform 

Android breaks down the barriers to building new and innovative applications. For example, a developer can combine information from the web with data on an individual's mobile phone — such as the user's contacts, calendar, or geographic location

PDF analysis using origami

The (Portable document format) PDF is one of the most commonly used document format. PDF is mostly considered safe for document exchange, but even it has security issues and concerns.

Different flavors of WINDOWS 7

Microsoft's new OS offering is perhaps the best it produced over last decade. The author explains the different flavors of Windows 7....

New Standards for IT Project Management in 2010 

Uncertainty is a central fact of life on most large IT capital investments & project management. From enterprise applications (e.g., ERP, CRM) to infrastructure technologies (e.g., knowledge management, wireless networking) to IT-enabled strategic initiatives of every flavor,

Understanding the Window Object

The Window object represents a web browser window. In client-side JavaScript, the Window object is the global object that defines all top-level properties and methods.

Testing Java for Real Time Programming

As technology increases in power and decreases in size, embedded systems have become more and more common. Everything from simple toys to cars and complex vehicles are handing control over to embedded systems.


SQL actions are the controversial parts of JSTL actions. Good design patterns demand that J2EE solutions should adopt MODEL-2 architecture and use the following technologies for the various components as specified below

Metasploit Framework

Metasploit is a single most powerful tool available today for the Penetration testers. It can be used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine. A very famous and widely used penetration testers choice.

A Crunchy look on Object Oriented Design

Object-oriented design is the discipline of defining the objects and their interactions to solve a problem that was identified and documented during object-oriented analysis.

Trojan-Horse: An Overview

A Trojan horse is a computer program, which carries out malicious operations without the user's knowledge. Author explains Trojan horse in detail.

Respect the Good Programmer

It is well-known and not disputed by anyone who works in the field that the most effective professional programmers can be thousands of times more productive than the least effective.

Software Cracking

The software cracking is doing the process of reverse engineering on software in illegal way. This is a process of breaking the software codes thus to convert a trial version to full version.

Secure Your Laptop

With the extensive use of laptops across the world, the chances of laptop thefts are increasing enormously.

Multi-Threading & Inner Classes - Part2

In this second part of the tutorial, I will see more of Inner classes and also examples of using them for threading.

Multi-Threading & Inner Classes - Part1

Many developers already have experience with an object-oriented programming. Author highlights the important of Multi-threading and Inner-classes in JAVA

Understanding the Graphics Programming Support in Borland’s Turbo C Environment – Part-III

In this article specifically looks at the graphics library and understand its internal working from a developer’s point of view. 


In this article author explained how AJAX can be used with Seam applications both Seam Remoting and AJAX4JSF


AJAX technologies are used to provide a high level of interactivity within web applications. In this article author discuss how AJAX can be used with Seam applications.

“Electronic Surveillance of Employee At Work: Its Increasing Every Year”

Electronic surveillance is the use of technology to eavesdrop on someone, often without the person knowing what is happening. Author explains more on Electronic surveillance of Employee at work.

Understanding the Graphics Programming Support in Borland’s Turbo C Environment – Part-II

In this second part of the article author explained the screen intricacies involved in the process.

Understanding the Graphics Programming Support in Borland’s Turbo C Environment – Part-I

Turbo C has a good collection of graphics libraries. This article explains how to start graphics programming with Turbo C.

Model Driven Development: A Boon to Traditional Software Development Approach

MDD gives architects the ability to define and communicate a solution while creating artifacts that become part of the overall solution.

Cloud Choices?

Cloud applications are increasingly becoming a mainstream choice for businesses, and that means a lot of ISVs are pondering which platform to use as they begin to roll out SaaS offerings to respond to that market demand.


Author explains how to create online shopping cart using mono and MySQL with an example.

Electronic Surveillance of Employee At Work: Its Increasing Every Year

Electronic surveillance is the use of technology to eavesdrop on someone, often without the person knowing what is happening. Author explains more on Electronic surveillance of Employee at work.


Seam is the first programming model that lets you use Java annotations end to end, from the persistence layer to the UI. Author explains validation in Seam.

Getting Started With Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate – Load and Performance Testing

This article provides a walk through for getting started with load and performance testing with Visual Studio Ultimate 2010.

How Visual Studio is evolving to make your software projects successful….

Visual Studio 2010 introduces UML 2.1 compliant modeling. In this article Tejasvi Kumar illustrates new features in VS 2010 that are useful for granular management of VS 2010.


In this article author teaches how to create, send, receive, and read messages asynchronously using Netbeans.

Technology Fast 50 India, 2011 trends

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2011 program conducted by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Private Limited, the program was initiated in 2005 by Deloitte in line with the regional programs in other parts of the globe

Coupling Remote Sensing & Robotics Programming for Intelligent Applications

A robot is a self controlled device that is built using electronic, electrical and mechanical units. The robot is designed to carry out a specific set of instructions that it is programmed for regularly


So here’s where we are today. Apple, on the verge of bankruptcy a decade ago, is now one of the most powerful and influential high-tech company in the world.

UML Modeling and round-trip engineering with Visual Studio Ultimate 2010

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate is a complete application lifecycle management tool for teams to ensure quality code, from design to deployment whether you're creating new solutions or enhancing existing applications. Read on…

Lab Management in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 introduces architecture and testing tools to integrate the work of all software engineering disciplines in a project.

Glimpse of C Programming in Different Environments

In this article author tries to present C as a language which can be used as it is on different platforms using implementations from different vendors and organizations.

Restricted access to the data

Secured access to the data is one of the most important things should be configured to make sure we do not loose the data either by an accident or by an intention.

Expanding Data Modeling into Enterprise Information Architecture

This article explains expanding Data modeling into Enterprise Information Architecture using Sybase PoserDesigner.

Integrating Java with Open Source Databases

Almost every web developer has a favorite database that he/she feels comfortable working with as all the tricks & gimmicks are already experienced.

Communicating between Flash Player and Adobe AIR with sockets

Adobe AIR with sockets

PowerBuilder and .NET

Lately, a variety of PowerBuilder® customers have asked whether or not they should stay with PowerBuilder or go to .NET.

MANAGED BEANS and more about CDI

Managed Beans are particularly used in the Java Management Extensions technology. But, with the Java EE 6 specification provides for a more detailed meaning of a managed bean.

Context and Dependency Injection- support in NetBeans6.9

Madhanasekaran figures out the whys and hows.


PHP is a widely-used, free, open-source, general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development that can be embedded into HTML and interact with databases.

Migrating from ActionScript 2 to ActionScript 3: Key concepts and changes

This article provides an overview of key concepts that will help you migrate your applications to Adobe ActionScript 3.


Windows 8 is a reimagining of Windows, from the chip to the interface. A Windows 8-based PC is really a new kind of device, one that scales from touch-only small screens through to large screens, with or without a keyboard and mouse.


In this article author explains how to create animations using ruby language.


AccountManager is a small program written in Java using Derby DB for storing transactions. It is sufficient for maintaining personal accounts and accounts of small companies.


Talking about the sorts, three parameters control the sort memory allocation in DB2.

Career Opportunities in Computer Networking

Computer networking as one of the best and "hottest" career fields available today. Author explains about Career Opportunities in Computer Networking.

“E-Appointment :- Its Infrastructure & Setup Instructions”

The eAppointment gives the opportunity to make an appointment over the Internet. This has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day.

SilkPerformer CloudBurst

SilkPerformer® CloudBurst™ lets software quality teams rapidly launch any size peak-load performance test without the burden of managing complex infrastructures.


In this article, author explains how to create CRUD application by choosing menus with JSF 2.0.


In this article author explained how to create online multiplayer game with ActionScript and PHP with an example.

JAVA SERVER FACES 2.0 with NetBeans6.8

In this article author explains how to create a CRUD application with JSF and NetBeans without writing any code.

Simplest way is the best way

A fundamental rule of programming is finding an answer to the question What's the simplest thing that could possibly work.

HR & Payroll Solution Integrated and Interface(HR & Payroll Software Tools)

The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software or online solution for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management,

Moving Your PowerBuilder Application to the Web

This article will present decision-frameworks for determining how much of the application should be moved to the Internet, as well as a present the tradeoffs between techniques, to help the audience decide which technique will prove most beneficial.


Author explains how to develop an online photo gallery using Drupal. Drupal is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Green IT & Green Data Center

The article focus on Green Data Center. Green Data Center mainly focuses on reducing the environment deterioration caused by the computing equipments present in the data centers.

Web Mining in the Modern Computing Environment 

With an enormous amount of data stored in databases and data warehouses, it is increasingly important to develop powerful tools for analysis of such data and mining interesting knowledge from it

What's new in Flash Builder 4

It’s important to know the new features of Flash Builder 4. Here we take a look at some of the new features in Flash Builder.

Data-centric development with Flash Builder 4

Flash development is no more about design and graphics. You can design data oriented applications using Flash. Read on…

Seclore – Borderless Security

Have you ever felt the need to “recall” information that you have sent to other people?


This article will be useful for beginners to design a website using JOOMLA, a free and open source CMS.

Mooting MapReduce

Past five to six years we have seen CPU makers shipping processors with multiple cores. However expect for multi-threaded programming, which's terse for the average programmer to master.

Outage Lessons

During third week of May some of my favourite web sites such as Reddit.com was down for almost 36 hours.

Software development is a trade

There's an age old debate around whether software developmment is an art, science or engineering subject.

Is Scala the next big thing?

f you are still looking for a better Java, and feel Ruby is not your cup of tea, for reasons ranging from speed to lack of comfort with dynamic typing, then Scala might be the answer.

It’s a tough fit

What is software development—an art, science, a branch of engineering or philosophy?

Conference Planner in Django

Django is a high-level Python web application framework designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications, and web services. It is designed to promote rapid development and clean, pragmatic design and lets you build high-performing, elegant web applications quickly. 

GUI Design & Mining the Objectives of iPhone with Objective-C

iPhone is sophisticated devices that combine the revolutionary Multi-Touch interface with powerful features, such as email and instant-messaging capability, a full-featured web browser, iPod, and, in iPhone, a mobile phone.

SELinux (Security Enhanced Linux)

SELinux was initially developed by NSA (National Security Agency), which later released it in public in the late 2000. Since then it has been developed and looked after by Open Source Community in collaboration with NSA SELinux makes use of Mandatory Access Controls (MACs).


Sharing the display of one machine with other machines may be needed in corporate offices and large establishments to make a remote presentation,


Seam is an open source development platform for building rich Internet applications in Java. Author explains Seam framework in detail with an examples.


Author illustrates how Seam web freamwork act as a glue between JSF and EJB3 technology with an example.

Review: Seclore FileSecure

Information Rights Management or "IRM" is a method in which you can control the level of access to a particular digital document or file

Protection Of Organizational Data With The Help Of HRIS

In this article author explains how to protect Organizational data with the help of HRIS

Introduction to Git

Git is distributed version control system focused on speed, effectivity and real-world usability on large project. Author explained in detail with an example.

SOA Testing: Getting Started

It is important to know about SOA Testing. In this article, authors discuss the SOA testing challenges and services briefly.


In this article, author going to discuss about the Java Persistence API (JPA). It is a part of Java EE5 (Java Enterprise Edition 5) and EJB 3.0 (Enterprise Java Beans 3.0) specification.

Take Home Latest TABLET PC at Half of Market Price With its Practical Know-how!

Jetking introduces ‘World’s first Do It Yourself TABLET PC’ Course. Learn how to assemble, run a Tablet and take it home.

Security Features in Dot NET

In this article author tries to elaborate & explain some of these security features and also suggests good coding practices for .NET Programmers.


In this article author explains about JavaFX. JavaFX Script is a highly productive scripting language that enables content developers to create rich media and content for deployment on Java environments.

Surviving as a Freelance Programmer

Freelance programming is a mysterious landscape. Surviving as a freelance programmer requires strong passion for programming and the ability to work with uncertain situations. This article presents some of the common situations faced by a freelance programmer.

Master Foo and Unix

In this series we have stressed a lot on re-usability of code, and why great programmers never code they just re-use code.

Adding Security flavours in Java and .Net Programming Environment

Secure software can only be designed with security as a primary goal. To achieve that we would have to redesign our computer systems with security in our mind including entire computer environment, e.g. hardware, programming languages

Extracting maximum value from the Flash Builder 4 Network Monitor

Author provides a detailed look at how Network Monitor works and how you can use it to inspect the HTTP traffic between your Flex application and the server.

What is hot about Adobe Flash Builder 4? Part III: Data Centric Development (DCD)

This article explains the various data services that can be accessed from Flash Builder. It demonstrates the procedure for connecting data sources with Flash GUI components using PHP.

What is hot about Adobe Flash Builder 4? Part II: Creating GUI

Flash Builder 4 offers a productive work environment for creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). The list of components is exhaustive, from simple buttons and labels to datagrids and reports. Hence, a programmer wishing to create quick GUI will find Flash Builder to be an ideal tool.

Flash makes even more sense for developers

P N Anantharaman, the director of engineering of platform products at Adobe systems talks about the latest Adobe Flash Builder 4.

What is hot about Adobe Flash Builder 4? Part I: Basic Features

Flash has remained a revolutionary technology for creating games, animations and presentations. The latest release of Adobe Flash Builder 4 offers strong enhancements to the existing features of the IDE. Flash Builder acts as a front end for coding in ActionScript using the Flex framework.


Author illustrates how you can use Hibernate capability to interact with database in an object oriented way.

Blueprint : Simple & Powerful CSS Framework

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a popular styling language used to separate the document content from document presentation elements like layout, colors and fonts.

A Web application with JPA in NetBeans 6.8

JPA is part of EJB3 specification as mentioned earlier, but JPA can be used in non-EJB applications also ie in Java SE projects or web projects Entity is no longer entity bean but just an Entity.

Java Persistence API(JPA) and NetBeans

The Java Persistence API is a lightweight, POJO-based framework for object-relational mapping. The mapping between Java objects and a relational database is achieved with the help of Java language metadata annotations and/or XML deployment descriptors (usually XML descriptors are optional).

Managing the Server Utilities on Linux Platform

Linux has been copyrighted under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). This is a license written by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) that is designed to prevent people from restricting the distribution of software.

Unforeseen Aspects in Modern Project Management

Project management is a carefully planned and organized effort to accomplish a specific (and usually) one-time objective, for example, construct a building or implement a major new computer system.


Creating PDF documents was once the work of Adobe distiller or Adobe Professional. The advent of software packages like PrimoPDF, PDFCreator, PDFSam and OpenOffice.org has made it easier to create PDF outputs.

Struts2 Spring Hibernate application -with command prompt

Author speaks about the Struts2, Spring and Hibernate application development using command prompt.

Spring Hibernate Application – with Command Prompt

Author explains the benefits of using the command prompt environment to develop Spring and Hibernate application.

TDL - Under the Hood

In this Part II, we will dig deep into how some of the ‘magic’ has been achieved. In the concluding part, we will actually build a new business document and extend an existing one

Programming with TDL : Part -I

In the Part-I article you will learn the TDL and specific goal of TDL. TDL has been exemplified with the help of a practical example.

Mobile Desktop

A decade back if I asked anyone their telephone number, they used to provide a land-line number, and then provide their hand-phone or mobile number.

Integrating with COM Components In C#

Author explains how CLR provides support both for exposing C# objects as COM objects and for using COM objects from C#.

New Standards for IT Project Management in 2010

Uncertainty is a central fact of life on most large IT capital investments & project management. From enterprise applications (e.g., ERP, CRM) to infrastructure technologies (e.g., knowledge management, wireless networking) to IT-enabled strategic initiatives of every flavor,

Apache2 configuration for python based webapplications

In open source environment, Linux is the common operating system with many of its distributions. python is the programming language used for create most of the open source applications

Talking SMS app for Android

Author described how to create a “Talking SMS” application for Android that makes use of the Text-to-Speech API included in Android 1.6 platform.


Standard Actions, Custom actions (JSTL and other tag libraries) and Expression Language expressions are other elements of Jsp, we are yet to see.


Any user will be comfortable with NetBeans with which he can straightaway create J2EE, Rails etc projects without any effort on his part to configure the IDE for the purpose.

Simple Game Development in Flash

Flash is one of the easy tool in creating games, they are very small and very interesting to play for all ages. Flash has many utility and user-friendly functions for the developers. They even have functions to track the motion through the web cams.


n an earlier article we saw how Spring and Hibernate can be used together and we also saw how Struts2 can be used for creating a web application. Now we will try to convert the Java SE Spring-Hibernate application, we saw earlier, into a web application using Struts2 for the web tier.


In this article author examine how Spring and Hibernate can be used together and how Struts2 can be used for creating a web application.

Using Artificial Neural Network for computational problems part-2: JOONE Editor

JOONE is expanded as Java Object Oriented Neural Engine. JOONE provides an easy GUI for visual design of neural networks, called the JOONE editor. This article explains the procedure for creation of neural networks using JOONE editor.

Using Artificial Neural Network for computational problems part-1: The Basics

Have you ever wondered how different hand written characters are correctly recognized by computer? Have you ever thought how the computer could recognize the face of a person, inspite of minor differences every day?

Fun Programming for Kids

The world today is overrun with computers. These marvelous machines are now part and parcel of the daily life of millions of people in India and across the world. As this trend continues, the demand for skilled programmers will only grow in the future.


In this article we have explained how to develop a simple CRUD application in JPA using Eclipse (Galileo3.5) IDE and MYSQL as a database.


The easiest way to access a database in a Java application is to use JDBC with a POJO model class to set the data obtained from the database.


In this demo, I will illustrate a simple savings bank operation. Normally the bank operations are creating the account, depositing an amount, withdrawing an amount and checking the current balance.


Author is given some of the best Java Tips with an answer

Micro Focus Simplifies COBOL

New Micro Focus Visual COBOL R3 enables developers to migrate their COBOL applications to modern platforms, without rewriting


redirector is an external process that rewrites URIs from client requests. Author explains the how redirector rewrites URIs from the clients requests with an example.

The NewGen EthoComputing : Green Computing

As 21st century belongs to ICT tools like computers, gizmos and electronic items, energy issues have taken a serious ring in the coming days, as the public debate on carbon emissions,...


Java Robot is a handy tool for controlling the keyboard and mouse. It types without touching the keyboard, clicks without pressing the mouse and moves mouse cursor without physically dragging the mouse.

Accessing MySql through C under Linux

Nowadays, the computer world is going to open source environement. Linux is the widely used open operating system whice provides many features among others.

Improving Business Process with RFID Technology

RFID technology offers wireless communication between RFID tags and readers with non line-of-sight readability. These fundamental properties eliminate manual data entry and introduce the potential for automated processes to increase project productivity,

ASP.NET - MYSQL Connectivity Using MONO on Linux

Asp.net is a powerful web technology by Microsoft. If we want to working Asp.net on Linux the only choice is Mono. It is free and open source software.

Getting Started with Server Virtualization

The article discusses pros and cons of Server Virtualization.


Three dimensional objects created using jMonkey Engine (jME) can be made to move and collide and behave like real world objects. This article introduces the means to provide rotation and linear motion to objects.


Linux has emerged as a powerful player in the operating system arena. While the free software paradigm has pushed the number of Linux distributions and its vendors to new heights,

Understanding Desktop Virtualization

This article explores Desktop Virtualization and discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of Virtualization in general.

Software Quality Control through Testing

With the development of Fourth generation languages (4GL), which speeds up the implementation process, the proportion of time devoted to testing increased.

Botnets: A Deadlier Force in Organized Crime

‘Conficker’ is one of the latest computer threats. Most of people consider this threat as new computer virus, but actually it is not a virus, it is a botnet which is much more dangerous than the virus.


Optimization is the process of making your application run more effectively. You can optimize for many things - speed, memory space usage, disk space usage, etc. This article, however, focuses on speed optimization.

Simple Login in PHP with NetBeans

This article describes how to login in PHP with NetBeans with an example.

NewAge Database Management : GIS Database handling 

The primary goal of a data management system is to provide the best quality data possible within a reasonable budget and providing consistent and acceptable documentation, and supporting the feedback of summary information to investigators for scrutiny.

Zipping from Java Programs

Java provides inbuilt support for zipping, which could help the programmer in ma

Text to Speech using Java

Text to speech conversions have fascinated developers for many years. Most modern languages support the technique. In this article Anand demonstrates Java powered text to speech conversion.


Java provides a powerful imaging API which can be leveraged for image manipulation operations requiring automation. The imaging API in Java is powerful enough to load most of the popular image formats, grab each pixel from the image and set the value of each pixel as we wish.


In this article author explained the aglet. A Java – based mobile agent.


In this article author describes how to use the Tahiti server, which is the default sever for the Aglets platform, in order to manage agents on system.


Wireless communication has become one of the most vibrant areas of technology innovation. Cellular wireless networks have experienced dramatic global growth for the past decade.


Information security is vital for computer users. The increasing use of Internet for transfer of sensitive information is making security more important. Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) provides ways of protecting data using several encryption techniques.

Installation of Mobile Agents Software

This article describes how to install and run for the first time Aglets 2 platform. Aglet 2 is shipped with both the ASDK and run–time environment.

Introduction to Mobile Agents

Software agents are programs that assist people and act on their behalf. Agents function by allowing people to delegate work to them.

Skills Re-Session in Recession

Recessions are never purely economic events. As businesses shed jobs, profits fall and investment is cut back so families find their main breadwinner looking for a job,

Document Editing in JAVA

Providing a WYSWYG editor using Java is an easy task, since most of the requirements for the same are available in the swing library through the class JTextPane.

Right Storage Solution: An Update

What is the right storage architecture for you? We revisit DAS vs SAN vs NAS all over again.

Enterprise Java Beans

Enterprise Java Beans, popularly known as EJB are server side components which can be used to build large scale distributed application.


JAXB stands for Java architecture for XML binding. Java developers in the past has been used to the XML parsers of SAX and DOM type


Web services are providing interoperability between the cross platforms. Generally webservices are implemented in three ways.

About Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has released a preview version of Internet Explorer 9 with improvements in performance and adoption of standards like SVG, CSS, HTML5 and more.

Transliteration using JAVA

This article focuses on the concept of Transliteration and how to design transliteration engine using JAVA.

Working with SQLite Databases in Android

In this tutorial, we will see how to work with SQLite Databases and tables in Android.

Object relational Mapping

In this article, we will look into the ORM concepts in the context of Java, however the concepts are equally applicable to any other OO language.


With Mono Linux users can create ASP.net applications. Here’s a starter


Developing cross platform games requires the purchase of costly libraries to support three dimensional graphics or to work with an inconvinient C language interface. Whereas, jMonkey Engine (jME) is a free gaming engine developed in Java,

Agile Framework - Django

Author explained about Django Framework in detail.

Algorithms : The backbone of programming

Algorithms have many applications in computer science. The subject of algorithms is a powerful lens through which to view the field of computer science in general. Algorithmic ideas do not just provide solutions to well-posed problems;


In this tutorial, I will show how we can provide a Flex2 client for XML-WebService. The webservice may have been created by using Apache Axis as Java Web Service or by using ASP.net in C#.


In this article, the author presents the merits of Ruby-on-Rails over Struts and also asserts why Ubuntu+Netbeans is preferable for Rails developmen


Author explains how to develop a simple android application using Google Maps.

StrutsTestCase with JUnit in Eclipse: ( Version: Struts1.*)

This article will be helpful to web developers to test their application when it is being developed as well as the learners of web technologies.

Spring - The Lightweight Container

Spring is one of the most popular framework out side of the standard. The basic idea that Spring promotes is inversion of control. Spring was first introduced by Rod Johnson in 2004.

11 Security practices for managing mailing infrastructure

It pains me when an IAS officer gives me a business card with an email id from Yahoo or Gmail. We have such a huge IT savvy nation, but many government organizations do not provide an organization owned email id to its officers and employees.

Querying the Complex XML database with XQuery

Many enterprise applications prefer to store XML data as a rich data type, i.e. a sequence of bytes, in a relational database system to avoid the complexity of decomposing the data into a large number of tables and the cost of reassembling the XML data


Printing text documents created in Java is done using the default set of methods in Java. But, this API requires a few enhancements to produce better looking printouts resembling professional books.

Why Choose Open Source?

Government must choose open source over proprietary software feels the author


Struts is the most popular MVC framework for the web today. Similarly, Hibernate is the most popular ORM tool

It's still a creative job

More than a decade back I attended a conference hosted by NASSCOM where a distinguished speaker spoke of the future where relevance of the programmer will be very minimal where software factories

Exploring Advance I/O in Java

Both Java and C++ support the notion of input and output streams. In both cases, the notion represents a stream of bytes entering into the program from an external source,

DB Programming with Python and MySQL with NetBeans

The recent popularity of NetBeans is more due to its support of scripting languages, though it is basically a Java IDE which supports JSP, JSF, EJB, Spring, Hibernate etc.

Netbeans6.7M2 and Grails

Grails users can use Netbeans to write rapid applications. Madhanasekarana tells you how

Django – View and Template

Django is a Rails-like agile framework. You can create a database based web application as easily in Django,

Running Multiple Operating Systems Using Virtualization

Virtualization is the process of sharing the same hardware with different operating systems through a program called emulator. The installation of guest operating systems (Windows XP and Mint Linux) on top of Fedora Core 9 using QEMU is explained here.

Interoperability Testing

Interoperability testing is a superset of compatibility testing and integration testing. Author explains how Interoperability or Integration testing is catching up in the Testing world today.

Getting started with CSS 3 Features

The author looks at the latest installment to CSS, and demonstrates some nifty little features.

Creating web enabled InfoPath forms

Author explains step by step on creating and deploying a web-enabled forms using InfoPath

Getting Started with HTML 5

The fifth edition HTML specification is expected to change the way we will develop web applications. The author provides a preview....

Ajax in Grails with NetBeans 6.7

In this article the author explores Ajax integration in Grails.

Hedge your bets!

Leveraging code analysis tools to boost quality in agile development.

JavaMail Using ‘James’ server

Author explains how to send emails using using ‘James’ server.

Web services using JAX-WS

Web Services have been accepted as a technology that is most common for creating reusable applications across domains. This article explores web services using JAX-WS

NextGen Web Computing : Cloud Computing

Dramatic advances in computer and communications technologies in the past decade have set the stage for a major advancement in NextGen computing. Computing speeds and capacities have been growing exponentially for more than two decades.

Remember Yahoo!’s contribution to Open Source

While the proverbial Dog+world has been raving about the contributions Google is making to the open source world,

Karmic Intervention

On October 22nd Microsoft launched Windows 7 which according to me and many is perhaps the best operating system they have launched.

Code Genetics: Software Cloning

Software Clones are segments of code that are similar according to some definition of similarity. Cloning and replication have been widely used in software engineering and distributed applications for various objectives,

Rapid Web Development with Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) Library

The author runs through web development using YUI library and demonstrates the ease of writing Ajax based applications using YUI


This hands-on tutorial is on learning about Django in Ubuntu Linux platform.

Using Hibernate with Struts

Struts is the most popular MVC framework for the web today. Similarly, Hibernate is the most popular ORM tool( Object-Relational- Mapping) tool in j2ee world. My tutorial is about integrating Hibernate and Struts, in a simple example.

Data Warehouse Testing

Data warehouse Testing projects are on the increase today. The reasons for this are manifold, prominent ones being increase in Mergers & Acquisitions, Data Center Migrations,

Best Practices and Solutions for AJAX issues

Author gives an insight to the best practices and solutions for AJAX.

Ruby and Rails – Some more thoughts

Rails is more than just a framework A framework is a program, set of programs, and/or code library that writes most of our application for us.

Star UML

StarUML is an open source project to develop fast, flexible, extensible, and freely available UML/MDA platform running on Win32 platform. Author explains details in step by step.

Linked lists in C

Linked lists is one of the most important concepts that has evolved in languages like C and Pascal. Here the author runs you through linked lists in C.


Java does not provide a ready made component for generating print preview. But, professional level programs require print preview before producing actual printout.

Introduction to Action Scripting in Flash

Author explains the basics of how to use action script in Flash.

Beginner’s Tutorial on PYTHON

Revathy discusses an assortment of programming ideas and tools using Python

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Interview with - Tanuj Vohra

Tanuj Vohra, Partner Director of Program Management for the Visual Studio Test Business at the Microsoft India Development Center in Hyderabad on Visual Studio Test Business.

Information Discovery on the Web : Issues & Problems - Part2

An ideal search engine would give a complete and comprehensive representation of the Web . Unfortunately, such a search engine does not exist. There are technical and economical factors that prevent these engines from indexing the whole web every day.

Information Discovery on the Web : Issues & Problems - Part1

Web information discovery (WID) presents a wonderfully rich and varied set of problems. Efficient Web Search systems are important for relevant information discovery on the Web.


With the release of ASP .NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0, building AJAX application with .NET technology is quite easier without writing single line of JavaScript.


The author adapts an e-commerce application for the Ruby on Rails platform

Why you need to know about web standards

This article will introduce you to the world of web standards. Why they are needed and what all to consider regarding them.

Solving a Linear Programming Problem

Linear programming (LP) is a technique for optimization of a linear objective function, subject to linear equality and linear inequality constraints. The author provides a solution to the problem………


Sun Microsystems is set to go under the control of Oracle. This is going to make a great impact on the software industry as well as the lives of ordinary computer users.

ActiveRecord and its Methods

Author explained about ActiveRecord, the Ruby ORM library, is considered to be one of the reasons for the success of Rails.

Protected Wi-Fi Network Environment for dealing threats

As Wi-Fi begins to emerge as a primary network in enterprise environments, we must consider both the applications that will be delivered and the environment in which those applications must be supported.

Getting started with Ajax and Animation with jQuery

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library. Author explains about Ajax and Animation with jQuery with simple examples

Elastic Data: The next generation data management platform

This article looks at the evolution of enterprise data management systems from relational databases to the enterprise data fabric and explains how the emergence of elastic data provisioning,


Recursion is one of the trickiest areas of programming. For most of the problems solved using recursion, one might come out with an alternate solution using a looping structure. But, some situations require the power of recursion to solve the problem.

CAN: The Future MobiNet

The Controller Area Network ( CAN ) is a communication bus for message transaction in small-scale distributed environments. CAN was originally designed for automotive applications , it has rapidly gathered a growing attention in the control and automation arena.

Ruby and Rails - some more thoughts

Rails is more than just a framework A framework is a program, set of programs, and/or code library that writes most of our application for us. When we use a framework such as Rails, our job is to customize the parts of the application that make it do the specific things we want.


The author takes a look at how Grails can be used in the classical MVC model.

Spring Framework Introduction

Spring Framework has been touted as an EJB killer. The framework has won the hearts of several Java developers. Here is an introduction….

Authentication in Grails with Netbeans

Grails framework is gaining traction. In this article Madhansekaran talks about using Grails to do authentication.

Smartesting, Keystone of the Test Factory

The growing complexity of software applications (business legacy applications, service oriented architectures, ERPs) and the necessity of retaining an overall view of software development, when potentially offshored, entail the implementation of high-performance application validation strategies.

XUL: An Introduction

XUL stands for the XML User Interface Language. It is a declarative language because of XML.

Dealing with Spam Mails

Spam, viruses, and other malware are a converging email threat that produce more sophisticated attacks which can result in significant damage to an organization’s email infrastructure and its users.

Its fun time being a mobile developer

Perhaps there has never been a more exciting time for developers writing applications accessed through mobile devices. The hype is real, and you are all about to enter a space where more phone users are likely to use more and more mobile applications

A few tips in C++

C++ enjoys wide use in the software industry. Some of its application domains include systems software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games.

Windows 7: the best from MS?

Since 1991, I have been using computers, and I have upgraded my computers' or laptops' operating system religiously whenever Microsoft launched a major new edition of their operating system

If you’re laid off…..

Despite all the promises the politicians across the globe are making things are likely to get tougher.


Geetha Ganesan explores Ruby on Rails using the Windows executable Install Rails package.

Why companies consolidating are not great news for developers?

It’s recession time, and with market capitalization of a number of companies nose diving

Soundex Algorithm

Sachin Kadam introduces you to Soundex algorithm, one of the oldest and poplar phonetic algorithms the world has seen.

Beginner's Tutorial in Python

The author provides an introduction to Python, which is fast becoming a ubiquitous language for writing applications in multiple domains

A walk in the clouds!

These days the biggest hype I hear surrounds the cloud. Cloud computing is expected to change the way we do computing, says experts.

Look down the ladder too

There are hopes for revival in the economy and over all job market as we have managed to elect a more stable government this time around. While the fortunes of the software export markets have little to do with what happens within India,

Interactive Usage Features of UNIX Shells with a Software Engineering-based Time Response Analysis-I

In this article we continue our discussions with Shell variables.


Refactoring is restructuring your code in a disciplined manner. Refactoring is an art and every developer needs to develop this skill. It should be part and parcel of developer’s coding life.

J2ME, Enterprise & Webservice

In this article, the author takes us specific cases and demonstrates how one can deploy J2ME based apps.

STRUTS2 Framework Introduction with Ajax , JSON using ECLIPSE

The author elaborates on how you can use Struts with Eclipse to write Ajax apps powered through JSON

Communication Trends-Universal Walking & Talking with Mobility and Portability

Throughout the global telecommunications market, regulators are taking steps to increase competition among service providers.

Measure your Application Performance with Performance Counters

The counter is the mechanism by which performance data is collected. It is that part of a modern microprocessor that measures and gathers performance-relevant events of the microprocessor without affecting the performance of a program.

Grooming Multimedia Effects with Modern DigiCams 

Today we live in a society where digital devices and related software tools enable us to capture pictures & videos. Due to the advances in semiconductors, it has become affordable to own personal digital equipment such as digital cameras i.e.DigiCams.

Generics in Java with Netbeans 6.1 - Part - II

Some of the advanced feature of Java Generics adverted to in the earlier part are: covariance, bounds, wild cards, and bridge methods. First we will take up covariance. In Java language,Generics are not covariant but Arrays are covariant

Generics in Java with Netbeans 6.1 - Part - I

Generic programming means writing code that can be reused for instantiating objects of many different types. For example a single Stack class written with generic programming can be used to generate /store Integer, Double or String objects.

Web Services Development using AXIS2 and Eclipse

AXIS2 happens to be an extremely good over haul Apache Web Service Stack. The author shows how you can actually deploy a web service using Eclipse and AXIS2.

NETBEANS6.5- support for RAILS

NetBeans6 has become a popular RUBY IDE .From version 6.0 to version of the 6.5 of the NetBeans IDE the supported Rails Versions have also changed from 1.2 to 2.1.So the steps required

CSS vs. Tables: The debate continues

In this article, the author discusses the pros and cons of CSS over tables and vice versa. Some tips have also been provided to strike a balance while using these indispensable tools.

Struts 2 Architecture

Struts and webwork has joined together to develop the Struts 2 Framework. Struts 2 Framework is very extensible and elegant for the development of enterprise web application of any size. Struts is working in a Model View Controller fashion.

SDL Programming in Linux: Colors in OpenGL

Rajashekhar looks at Colors in OpenGL in depth. In this article he discusses different color modes that is used in SDL programming

Practical OOP primer -2

Give intro (quarkfile): More on inheritance and constructors, ….

Practical OOP Primer

In this article, the author explains OOP concepts of Packages and Inheritance. He also draws a few UML diagrams. Read on….

Pycon comes to India

The Indian leg of Pycon—an international conference held across the globe by Python programming language developers, Pycon India 2009 would be held at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, India, between Saturday, 26th September 2009 and Sunday, 27th September 2009.

Netbeans - Support for Structs - Part II

In the Part-II article author explained in detail about Struts with NetBeans.

Netbeans - Support for Structs - Part I

In the Part–1 article author explains briefly about NetBeans support with Struts.

RESTful Web Services in NetBeans - with Rails2.0

Ruby On Rails offers powerful mechanisms that can be used to build Web Services….

Data Function Points

In this second part of the series, we will study the rules for Data function points with illustrated examples.

Function Point Counting: Basics

Function Point Analysis is a software estimation method used to appraise the software application as perceived by the user. This method measures the functional size of the software as requested by users.

Advanced Java Interview Questions and Answers - Part -II

In part-2 article author explains some of the Advanced Java Interview Questions and Answers

Advanced Java Interview Questions and Answers - Part - I

Java, formerly known as oak, is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun. It shares many superficial similarities with C, C++, and Objective C

Programming for Distributed Environment in Java For Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Systems

This article covers the basic architecture of Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) and framework is incorporated in Java programming laguanges in different views.

Interview with P N Anantharaman from Adobe

P N Anantharaman is the director of engineering of platform products at Adobe systems talks about the latest Adobe Flash Platform and the developer tools that company is expected to ship shortly


In this second part of the tutorial, the author outlines basic features of the Hibernate environment and the code for performing the usual DB operations.


The J2EE field is agog with excitement about a very popular Open Source technology, Hibernate, being elevated to the status of JCP standard. Feedback from J2EE programmers in the industry reveals that knowledge of Hibernate

Version Control System - Play Safe

Modern day software development or for that matter any field of study or development, involves a collective effort for the speedy and efficient execution of work. Making the simultaneous functioning of the multiple elements a smooth affair is not an easy task.

Developers need a tool chest not a bloatware - Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams, CEO of Embarcadero Software on the company, its merger with CodeGear, the IDE market and how developer tools will evolve over next few years.

Handling Libraries in C

Libraries is the core of this edition and this article portrays the role played by libraries in programming. How libraries and header files make the C programmers’ job easier and efficient, is elaborated here.

Software Agent Technology Towards Mainstream Computing

Agent based systems are one of the vibrant and exciting areas of research and development emerged in information technology in the 1990s. Agents are the latest approach to analyzing, designing and building software.

Assessing Software Maintenance - A Metrics Based Approach

To maintain a software product, is one of the costliest features involved when compared to cost involved in developing the software product. Software metrics in the development phase is one of the approaches to controlling software maintenance cost

Accessing EJB-WebService from DotNet Platform - II

Part-1 of this tutorial discussed the importance of J2EE-DotNet interoperability. In Part-2, the author gives a practical demonstration of deploying an EJB as XML-WebService and then accessing it from ASP.Net and from a stand-alone C# client.

Accessing EJB-WebService from DotNet Platform - I

The most pressing need in Enterprise programming is to integrate DotNet and EJB in Application Servers, using XML-WebService. Part-1 of this tutorial takes a brief look at how the Java and DotNet platforms are organized and the need for integrating them.

ASP.NET Validation Control - A Closer View

The author provides key insights into executing validation controls in ASP.NET pages. This walk-through helps you to understand how the ASP.NET validates and renders validation messages through validation controls.

Can PHP Marry IIS?

Debasish Bose decides to play cupid and manages to marry of the Server Side Scripting Language of the Open Source World with the Queen of Microsoft Web Infrastructure, the IIS Server. All this makes an interesting reading. Read on…

JSTL and SQL Tags

In this fourth part of the tutorial on JSTL, the author deals with the ‘sql’ tags in JSTL and shows how they greatly simplify database operations like ‘select’ queries. Common database operations like Add, Modify, Delete and Verify are also dealt with.

JSTL and XML Tags

In this third part of the tutorial on JSTL, the author explains the use of XML tags of the JSTL and shows their wonderful simplicity, ease of use and raw power.

Core Tags in JSTL

In the second part of this tutorial on JSTL, the author explains how the tags in the core-group can be used in JSP pages along with a number of simple examples.

An Introduction to JSTL

In this four-part tutorial on the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL), the author introduces the concept of tag-based programming and discusses its merits and demerits with some simple illustrations.

Public Key Infrastructure Unveiled

Public Key Infrastructure also known as PKI is basically the solution for addressing the network security issues in the cyberspace using cryptographic techniques.

Challenges in Automatic Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is an important area of research because it offers an improved form of human-machine interaction. The author discusses the problems that need to be overcome to build accurate speech recognition systems.

Flash Forward

Continuing his series on Flash, Sunny takes us on a tour exploring how to import the sound file and edit it by creating buttons. Onion skinning is a special technique used to see the path of the animation

Advanced File Handling Techniques

This article takes a look at advanced file operation concepts in Python. Some of the features inside the struct, os and pickle modules are explored.

Subclassing In VC++

Subclassing is a technique that allows an application to intercept messages destined for another window. An application can augment, monitor, or modify the default behavior of a window by intercepting messages meant for another window.

Introduction to Bread Crumb

This article provides information about the implementation of breadcrumb architecture. My aim is at making developers or architects implement breadcrumb in component architecture with more re-usability of code or functionality.

Writing and Sharing Libraries using Linux

In this tutorial we will know what a library is and the various functions it does. The section will also shower light on the various methods by which we can share, build and generate libraries using Linux.

Java Data Objects (JDO): Transparent Persistence of Java Objects

In this article we will understand about Java Data Objects which are used to access information in a data store like relational database, object database and so on,

Designing Image Filters using VC++

In Digital Signal Processing, filters are very important. Proper designing of FIR/IIR filters for application-specific signal processing is almost a mandatory.

Version Control System: Play Safe

Modern day software development or for that matter any field of study or development, involves a collective effort for the speedy and efficient execution of work.

Showing Hierarchical Data in C#

Debashish Bose checks out the business programming features of C# and demonstrates how you can display hierarchical data with a little bit of coding.

Interview with Thomas Abraham from Sage Software

Sage provides business software, services and support to small and medium sized businesses. Whilst the heritage of Sage is in the small business market but it  also has the experience and expertise to meet the needs of specific industries and larger organizations.

Running and Managing external programs form JAVA

This article talks of how a developer can provide front end applications for console based Win32 and Unix Linux executables from within a Java program.

The 3D Rendered Style Flash Preloader

The author explores the world of Preloaded Styles available in Flash and creates a smiling face on his own.

Mobile Web Application Development : Tools and Technologies

Mobile display devices such as mobile phones and PDAs have become very widely available and used. However, most content on these devices is limited to text, static images and motion video.

WinCVS: View your Repository

WinCVS is a Windows based program that allows us to access a CVS repository that is running on any UNIX server and can be reached in the network. This article will give the readers step-by-step instructions to configure their WinCVS and details to perform some of the basic CVS operations using this tool.

Introduction to Delphi Programming

Delphi is best known for its strength to create general-purpose Windows applications. It is essential to familiarise with the Delphi Programming Environment to get a good grasp of Delphi. So let us go ahead…

Handling Keyboard Interrupt

Users are primarily dependent on the keyboard for entering data into the system. In this article, Abhimanyu Sirohi explains the various methods and utilities to know the status of this input device

Running Tomcat With Apache Web Server

In this article, Manoj Kothale gives a step-by-step account of the procedure to be followed to run Tomcat with Apache Web Server.

Aspect Oriented Programming With AspectJ

In this article, Manoj Kothale explains Aspect Oriented Programming with AspectJ. Let us take a look at the various nuances associated with it.

Reading RSS feeds using JavaScript

This article deals with XML based client-side JavaScript that reads RSS news feeds. The script works with MSIE 4+ and NS 6+. I assume you have some knowledge of the JavaScript DOM and XML.

Database and Server-sides using Flash

The author explains how you can get your Flash movies to communicate with server-side scripts using simple examples.

More on Transcations in MySQL - II

The author explains the different Transaction Isolation Levels in MySQL and how they differ from the default transactional behaviour

Understanding Transactions in MySQL - I

The author introduces transactions in MySQL. Transactions are an important feature that ensures that data integrity is maintained when a database is modified.

Delving deep into Regular Expressions

The author goes deep inside Regular Expressions, and uses VBScript to demonstrate Regular Expressions

Scripting External Data in Flash

The author discusses different techniques to import external data into Flash

Beautify your Visual Basic applications

The author demonstrates ways to make your Visual Basic applications look more attractive.

System Tray Demystified

System Tray is very popular and well known to every Windows users. Simply speaking it is located at the bottom right corner of the desktop.

Object Oriented Programming in VB.NET

One of the important features of Microsoft.NET is the ability to support multiple languages and another important feature is its ability to provide Object Oriented Programming like another languages.

Interview with Benny Mathew

Benny Mathew is a Sr. Consultant with Microsoft Global Services, India (MGSI). He has over 11 years of experience on some of the cutting edge Microsoft technologies.

Database Operations using ColdFusion

In this short tutorial, the author demonstrates the use of ColdFusion Express for carrying out routine Database operations like Query, and DB-editing jobs like Add, Modify, Delete and Verify records.

The Roadways to Linux Ports

The author explores some of the options available to developers to port Win32 software to the Linux platform

Looking up the Dictionary in Python

Dictionaries in Python are an interesting compound data type. Ramdas S introduces dictionaries in Python and the built-in functions and methods supported by this container.

Dictionaries Unplugged

The author discusses some more methods using Python dictionaries. He explains iterative methods using simple programs.

Stored Procedures with MySQL

The author explains the basics of writing Stored Procedures in MySQL and their benefits over dynamic SQL

Assessment of Quality Contributor Attributes

This article aims at understanding the relationship between the product characteristics and the quality attributes of Object Oriented Software as relevant to the design phase of Software Development Life Cycle.

Data Mining in Bioinformatics

The authors discuss different data mining techniques and tools used to retrieve and interpret the vast amount of information available from large bionformatics databases

Turing Machine

When writing a program in a language suppose, Language L1, it is usually apparent that we can also write the same program on other programming languages too.

What makes PHP rock?

Why is PHP so popular? What makes this language, which is just as good or as bad as several of its competition beat all of them when it comes to sheer mass appeal?

How to get Started with PHP?

Coming up with useful PHP scripts is quite easy. Here are the bare essentials to get you started.

Deep inside Action Scripts

In this article the author touches upon some of the most interesting aspects of Flash Movie creations using Action script.

The One Oracle Way

Debasish Bose explores the world of PL/SQL discovering little nuggets of information on the way. This article is a chain of anecdotes of his info-quest.

Eclipse 3.0: A quick run through

Eclipse is the darling of Open Source Java developers these days! In the latest avatar it has outclassed itself, opines Debasish Bose! He explores the IDE, and does a bit of coding

Secured Open Source Database Access through Java

This scope of this article is not limited to the database community because it would also benefit those who are enjoying the glimpses of Java and Linux from the long time.

Thinking like an Administrator

Sanath Sahu talks about the elementary tools an administrator thinks about when they go about the job of

Application Factories: How Application-Aware Is Your IDE?

In an earlier article titled “Moving from a Generic IDE to an Application-specific IDE”, we discussed the need for the IDE to be application-aware and transform itself based on the application it is currently working on.

Introduction to Struts Framework - III

In this, the third part of the tutorial, the author describes Struts installation and also the steps for a problem-free compilation and execution of the Struts example seen in Part-2.

Introduction to Struts Framework - II

Part-1 of this tutorial presented an outline of the Struts framework. In Part-2, the author takes up a practical example and also explains the various components of this application.

Introduction to Struts Framework - I

Struts is a Jakarta project that provides a J2EE framework for building Web applications. In this tutorial on Struts, the author explains its essential features, with a simple lab-oriented practical example.

Implementing Single Sign-On in Portal Applications

Single Sign-On is a system that enables a user to access multiple applications and services after being authenticated only once. The author describes the architecture for implementing single sign-on for Web applications.

Move Over MySQL, SQLite is here!!

The author discusses some of the features that have led to the popularity of SQLite and explains with examples how the PHP+SQLite combination works.

SHOE – for an Intelligent Web

SHOE (Simple HTML Ontology Extensions) is an extension to HTML that allows web authors to annotate their pages with machine-readable knowledge that can then be used by agent and query engines

Myths of Open Source

The author provides you with glimpses of his thoughts on the pros and cons of both Open Source and closed-source. It makes for interesting reading irrespective of whether you are a developer or a user

Delegates, Events and Winforms - I

Delegates in C# hold references to methods and are often used in event-based programming. WinForms handles windows and other GUI controls in the DotNet framework.

Delegates, Events and Winforms - II

The author continues his discussion of Delegates and Events in C# with more Winforms based examples. Mouse and Keyboard Event handlers are also covered.

Program your success

Many computer science students, though intelligent, are unable to cope with real-world programming. This article addresses some of the initial troubles faced by freshers, and explains how to start developing useful software.

What makes a Good IDE?

What are the characteristics that make a good IDE? Here is a look at the 25 factors considered in evaluating the IDEs for our shootout.

Truth about IDEs

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) simplifies and speeds up application development. Yet many expert coders prefer to use less fancy text editors. This article offers pointers on when to go in for an IDE and when to stick to text editors.

Eclipse 3.0

Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs of the last twenty-four months. This is true not just for Java but also for many other applications.

Database Operations using PHP with MySql and Access

Here, we will learn to use PHP for accessing MySql and Access through ODBC and performing the usual operations of Add, Modify, Delete and Verify.

Dictionaries and Enumerations

Dictionaries are an important collections concept in the Dot Net framework and almost all Dot Net languages support it. C# is no different! This article covers the basics of Dictionaries and Enumerations in C#.

Inheritance and Polymorphism

Inheritance is a technique that allows the use of existing classes as bases for deriving other classes. Polymorphism is the ability of different objects to respond in different ways to the same message.

Class Members and Constructors in C#

This article introduces some essential OOP features like modifiers, constructors, structs etc. and demonstrates how these features can be implemented in C# programs.

Strings and Collections in C#

C# comes with some powerful constructs to manipulate strings and collections, which are very frequently used in C# programming. This article introduces some of the classes that support string and collection manipulation.

Starting off with XML

The author looks at what one needs to learn, to build a base for becoming an Extreme XML professional. Here is a checklist on 12 topics.

Mastering XML

XML by itself is not very special, but in combination with some other technologies, XML is revolutionizing the Web. This article presents some of the skill-sets that you need to master to advance your career as an XML professional.

Source Code Management with Subversion

Subversion is a version control system designed to replace the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). Subversion can be used both to track changes to your source code and to manage data.

Five Useful Perl tips

A compilation of five Perl tips that will be extremely useful while writing your CGI scripts

Functional Programming with Python

In Functional Programming (FP), the evaluation of expressions is given more importance than the execution of commands.

PageRanking Explained

How do search engines decide which sites are more relevant than others when a search phrase is entered? The author explains PageRank, the technology that prioritizes the results returned by a popular search engine.

LAMP - the Fiery Foursome

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP, an open-source Web development platform that uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the Web server, MySQL as the RDBMS and PHP as the scripting language.

Multithreading in Python

Multithreading is the ability of an operating system to execute different parts of an application simultaneously. In Python, multithreading can be achieved by using the ‘thread’ and ‘threading’ modules.

Viewing Multiple Images in GDI+ and VB.NET

Graphical Device Interface is an application programming Interface used to create graphical designs in Windows environment. GDI+ is next evolution of GDI. To write GUI application, you need to write some kind of visual interface in the form of windows and controls.

Introducing Regex

Regular Expressions (Regex) is a powerful tool that makes complex data matching and manipulation tasks very simple.

SDL Programming in Linux - Understanding Animation in OpenGL

In this part of the article, the author explains the basics of animation. Basic coordinate geometry, core APIs and techniques for animation have been discussed. Also, an example on basic animation has been demonstrated

VRML - New Modeling Language for creating 3D Web Pages

The author provides some insights into a tool used for creating 3D images on web pages. Read on

Eleven Skills sets essential for any project manager

What are those eleven virtues a project manager need to have? Read on

Load Testing with CLIF

Load Testing is an elementary requirement for any J2EE based enterprise application project of significant size. The primary hurdle faced during load testing, using Java based tools, is generating the required load.


We know very well about predictive text entry or text auto-completion facility. A component for such a need is absent in JDK as of now. This article explains the creation of a component for auto-completing text in JTextField, JTextArea and JTable.

J2ME for networks and Datastore and Multimedia

There is a great increase in the number of mobile phone users in India , nowadays. Mobile phones are increasingly being used not only for talking but for games, data access , networking and web access. J2me is the leading technology used in mobile devices.

P2P Made Easy with JXTA

The name JXTA is derived from the word juxtapose that means to place two objects side by side. The philosophy behind this name is that P2P(peer to peer) solution can not replace client server approach but it can stand altogether with this.

Network and Communication Performance Tuning in Java

This article covers the performance aspect of network and communication systems through generic programming interface using Java programming language .Distributed system, from the information systems point of view, consists of several independent computing devices.

Reporting Project Requirement Guidelines

Reporting projects are a special breed of software solutions. In the software world, successful projects don’t just happen without deliberate efforts to manage evolving requirements and to steer the creative effort.

Establishing the Networking Environment in Linux

Linux and networking go hand in hand. The Linux kernel has support for all common and most uncommon network protocols. The standard UNIX networking tools are provided in each distribution.

COM Server using Microsoft SDK for JAVA

In this lab-session, the author shows how COM servers can be easily and elegantly created using MS-Java-SDK4. Illustrations for using the COM thus created in VB, MFC and Java itself, also have been given.


The facility to declare associations make ActiveRecord more than an ordinary object-relational mapper. In the first place what is an association? It is an ORM abstraction for SQL joins. When we think about database schema, normalization plays a crucial role.

Keep The Number, Change The Operator (Dream or Reality)

The new directive from government which allows a user to change the service provider, yet keep the number is matter of public debate. Here is a discussion on the pros and cons. 

Understanding Form Processing-I

Form processing is the simplest idea in web programming. But what happens behind the scenes. The article series take an indepth look.

Common Deployment Patterns for Web Applications from an architect’s view

A number of diverse deployment patterns have emerged over the years for different kind of applications. No pattern can be a “fits all”, so the emphasis of this paper is on empowering others by providing a guide of common deployment scenarios

Advance Topics in LINUX/UNIX for Interview - Part - III

This article is continuation of part - II article. More advance Topics in LINUX/UNIX for Interview question and answers.

Advance Topics in LINUX/UNIX for Interview - Part - II

This article is continuation of part - I article. More advance Topics in LINUX/UNIX for Interview question and answers.

Advance Topics in LINUX/UNIX for Interview - Part I

Within the broad family of operating systems, there are generally four types, categorized based on the types of computers they control and the sort of applications they support.

Emerging Platforms for Programming Handheld Devices

Handheld communication devices like cell phones (mobile telephones) have become part of our life style, and new mobile devices like the Palm Pilot, the Pocket PC, and the Auto PC is about to be added to the list

Advance Topics in C++ for Interview - Part III

You often need to split a class in half when the two halves will have different numbers of instances or different lifetimes. In these cases, the two halves usually need direct access to each other

Advance Topics in C++ for Interview - Part II

In straight C, you can achieve "encapsulated structs" by putting a void* in a struct, in which case the void* points to the real data that is unknown to users of the struct.

Advance Topics in C++ for Interview - Part I

The first version of C++ was used internally in AT&T in August 1983. The name "C++" was used late that year. The first commercial implementation was released October 1985 .


Ruby on Rails is a full stack framework. What does that mean? Basically, that means that Rails supplies the pieces of code necessary to build robust web applications in one neatly tied package.

Using COM in C# Programs

In this simple hands-on tutorial, the author illustrates how a COM object can be used in C# program.

Smart Network Programming in C#.Net

Networking can be defined, in a general sense, as inter-process communication.Two or more processes (such as applications) communicate with each other.

Advance Grid Applications for Distributed Systems

Grid Computing has gained a huge momentum not only in the scientific community but also in industrial application areas.

Native apps on the browser

Earlier this year, Adobe showcased its Alchemy project that lets C and C++ code run inside the open-source Flash Virtual Machine. Still, while Alchemy and other efforts rely on a virtual machine

Essence of Value Addition

The term value addition has lost its essence, due to incessant usage by both management gurus and industry leaders as a solution for most business problems.


The author explores Restful Web Services in Net Beans 6.0 with Java support

Netbeans6.0 and Ruby on Rails

Netbeans 6.0 and Ruby on Rails

Unique Universal Unix

The author sketches the history of Unix and explains the evolution of the operating system

AGILE Fraework for JAVA Platform - GRAILS

Grails is a new age web framework that makes development efforts much lesser. Madhnasekaran explains…

Dynamic Language for JAVA Platform - GROOVY

Groovy as the names sounds is a Java ready language that is dynamically typed. The author takes a look…

Open Source ERP: A Case Study

ERP implementation has many hidden costs. A Bangalore based company against many odds go Open Source to save money. What are the lessons they learn?

The Classroom of the Future: Enhancing Education through Augmented Reality

Electronic classrooms offer instructors a variety of multimedia presentation tools such as the VCR, document camera, and computer projection, allowing for the display of video clips, transparencies, and computer generated simulations and animations.

Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses - What are these?

This article provides some information about the different types of Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses that exist in cyberspace today. Also included is a sample virus program written in VB 6.0

M-learning - Future Tutor For XGeneration

The main advantage of E-learning is independence of location and time both. However the minimum requirement of E-learning is personal computer which abandons the location independency, one has to restrict his position after all.

Web Services - Strategic Perspective for Technology and Business Planning

Web services development projects have a lot to offer for the present and the future. This new frontier has a terrific impact on the world of business. In this article, Amit Goel examines the different phases of Web services

Software - Testability

Software testability is a set of attributes that bear on the effort needed for validating the modified software. It is one of the important concepts in design and testing of software program and components.

Google Gems : Less Known Most Useful Google Technologies!

Google needs no introduction; it provides very simple interface, with most powerful and faster way to find the relevant information on the Internet.


In the last article we've dealt with how to write WAP client for accessing ejb.In the same way, we are going to see how to write J2ME client for ejb.

Accessing EJB and WEBSERVICE using WAP

In this article we take a look at how you can use WAP technology to access an Enterprise Java Bean and a Web Service using WAP.


RS Ramaswamy continues his tutorial on AXIS. In this article he looks at how an EJB can be created using a wsdd file.

Linux Kernel Compilation –A Step By Step Guide

One of the best things that Linux offers to its users is that it gives you the ability to recompile the kernel.

Cool Ideas from Rails

his is the first time I am writing about Ruby on Rails. I think this is one of the most of important tools since the advent of Microsoft .Net.

Writing Simple C# Programs

his article discusses some of the basic features of C# using simple examples. Classes, methods, properties, namespaces and the different data types are explained.

Getting Started with C# programming

This article provides an introduction to the Dot Net framework and its functioning. It also demonstrates use of the Visual C# 2005 Express Edition Beta to write simple programs.

An Introduction to OOP in C#

OOP is a programming methodology in which a program is modelled as a collection of objects. This article explains the basic principles of Object Oriented Programming.

Configuration Management Tools for Version Control in Windows and Linux

Configuration Management or Version Control Tools are software that is used to track changes to source code files and also to safely store source code.

Accurate data creation and 3D object extraction for GIS databases from digital imagery

The correct and regular assessment of the status of the urban environment is a fundamental towards the understanding of the transformations of local, regional and global ecosystems.

Understanding Form Processing

Form processing is the simplest idea in web programming. But what happens behind the scenes. The article series take an indepth look.

Making Database Oriented Server Side WebService

The special thing about this web service is that it is a database oriented webservice. So, before we begin with the creation of this webservice, we have to first make a database and also a table on which we will be doing some enquiry through webservice.

Building a Library ApplicationFrom Start to Finish Using Sybase

Sybase PowerDesigner 12.1 is the latest offering from the Sybase Stable, and it offers a host of unprecedented power to the Data Modeler using the product.


Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) is a new computing paradigm that utilizes services as the basic constructs to support the development of rapid, low-cost and easy composition of distributed applications even in heterogeneous environments.


Author explores the complete grid computing and types of grid computing in detail.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT)

Generating online reports from business data stored in central or distributed database repositories is a common business requirement for everyone.


RS Ramaswamy explores JNLP and Java Web Start and explores it in detail.

Google Web Toolkit

It is from Google! And it makes life easy for a Java developer. Find more about this SDK.

Refactoring - Performance Counters Solution revisited

Stevan Rodriguez explores refactoring and explains how it works with an illustrative example


In this brief tutorial, the author deals with the method of playing audio files in stand-alone programs and also using JMF to play audio and audio-video files.

Dealing with Security Threats through Biometrics

Biometrics is a field of science that uses computer technology to identify people based on physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints or voice scans. "Bio" in the name refers to the physiological traits that are measured,

.Net Implementation of three- tier application.

While teaching software engineering ,I realized that multi-tier architecture is the best example to illustrate the concept of ‘coupling and cohesion ‘ .As we know that for a good software design, the coupling between the modules should be minimum

Understanding Form Processing better

GET and POST are two methods that are used in all form processing programs. What are their advantages and disadvantages. We find out…

Ajax: an introduction

Last year will definitely be remembered as the rise of AJAX – the new development technique that many believe will blur the line between web-based and desktop applications

Floppy File System (FFS)

Ever had problems with floppies? The author offers solutions for the perennial bad sector problems one associates with floppies.

Relativity in Software Engineering Measurements

In this article, an investigation is made into some aspects of software engineering metrics and their overall impact on software development activities is assessed

On-Demand Software – Future of Software Industry?

The dot-com bubble spanning a period roughly between the late 1990s and the beginning of this century saw numerous upsets and stock market collapses.

Professional Programming: Case Study Using C#

Managing large software projects on a professional scale is essential for software developers. This is targeted on single or small number of programmers who wish to develop professional quality applications.

Forms and Events-I in Java Script

In this article, we take a look at Forms and Events, and explore how they work

Shareware - The Right Price

If you develop shareware software, it is absolutely vital to get the pricing right. This article offers a few pointers to help you decide on the right price for your product.

Coding Standards for Visual Basic

It’s better to say useless, when a work doesn’t follow a very significant word of dictionary

Exporting Data in HTML Format

There are times when we need to represent our data in a more than usual way. Sometimes we need our data to come out of application boundaries and to be made available in a totally different but widely recognized format.

Database Migration : An In Depth look!! (Level 400 Session)

As most of you are aware of the fact that just like operating System migrations are taking place, databases are no different. We are at a time in the industry that needs data to be migrated from disparate systems of one platform to another.

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview - part III

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview - part 3

Advance Topics in DotNet for Interview - part II

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview part3

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview - part I

Advance Topics in .Net for Interview

SDL Programming in Linux - Playing with Graphics

In this article author focuses on the role of graphics in games. You will learn about the graphics subsystem, its functionalities and much more.

url rewriteing with Apache

The author explains with examples, the process to redirect URLs using an Apache module. This process is different from conventional redirection methods.

Beyond Monitoring - Measuring the effectiveness of a Data Warehouse - II

The data warehouse should be considered a work in progress, always needing improvements. Part-2 of this article discusses the factors that affect complex data environments and how they can be managed and improved.

Beyond Monitoring - Measuring the effectiveness of a Data Warehouse - I

Successful measurement is the key to warehouse quality and effectiveness. In Part-1 of this article, the author discusses different types of metrics that help assess whether a data warehouse meets user requirements.


Flex2 is Adobe’s big bet in addressing the RIA needs of enterprise class customers. Here is a primer.

Protecting servers from hackers

This article deals with the issue of protecting servers from unlawful entries. The author provides a detailed overview.

PHPUnit Testing

In this article, the author describes a tool that developers use to ensure the efficiency of their software

Using Database in Jave Server Faces

Author describes how a data table can be created and used using Java Server Faces.

Decorators unplugged in Python

Decorators are an excellent idea, and it is often a bit intriguing. We reveal some of the mysteries.

Understanding the BOM model

The BOM is a basic, but important concept, which every web developer needs to understand.

Express-C: Part II

This level 200 Session deals with a key feature of IBM DB2 – Autonomic Computing.

IBM DB2 Express-C: Part I

This article provides key insights into IBM’s latest database solution.

Where is Flash headed?

In this article, the author peeps into the life cycle of a multimedia tool that is yet to reach its full potential.

Java and Security

unimagined volumes of data to users. It has also enabled access to services through new avenues in a timely fashion.

What's the importance of digital certificates?

When you do a transaction on the Net, there is absolutely no way of identifying who all are the parties involved.

Personalise Your Trade: That's Where the Trick Lies

Unfortunately, the fact that print medium is non-interactive makes it very ineffective when it comes to personalization factors.

Getting Started with Creating our own Eclipse Plugin

Balakumar Muthu teaches you how to write a plugin for Eclipse platform.

A common case of startx / xinit failure

Many of us gnu/linux users have had such a terrible experience. When you login and type the sweet startx as usual, you only receive scrolling lines of error messages.

CGI and Perl- The Basics

George W starts off from where he left us in July, springing back with some pearls from Perl Island. CGI programming may not be as hot as before. But it still makes sense for newbie to learn! Find out why?

Understanding CGI better

In this article the author takes quick tour through the intricacies of CGI programming. The article also discusses different HTTP headers that are useful to a CGI programmer.

The HTML form Tags and Perl

In this article the author delves into HTML forms and how you can create HTML forms using Perl. This is your first step to creating professional CGI pages.

Benchmarking – The Specifics

How we did the tests? We continue the discussion describing some of the specifics that was used to figure out the test results.

Software Testability

Software testability is a set of attributes that bear on the effort needed for validating the modified software. It is one of the important concepts in design and testing of software program and components.

Dynamic Image creation in Servlets and NIO

In this brief tutorial, the author gives demonstrations for image creation in servlets, using the conventional methods as well as the new methods introduced in JDK1.4 (nio).

Understanding the Navigator Object better

A script to detect browser, and operating system, is dissected as we explore the Navigator Object.

Meta classes in Python

Class method, and Static method in Python are considerably different from that in Java, and C++. Python, also, has an interesting concept called Meta class.

Thrilling Desktop APIs in JDK 1.6

This article introduces some of the most thrilling new APIs provided in Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.6 for seamless integration with the native desktop environments, whether it is Windows, or Linux, GNOME, or KDE.

Blooming Distributed Database Access With Java and C#

This article introduces the database connectivity with Java and C# . The main purpose of this article is to introduce the reader about the blooming options available in the market for distributed database access.

Developing ANN in Java Framework

The term neural network is usually meant to refer to artificial neural network (ANN). An artificial neural network attempts to simulate the real neural networks that are contained in the brains of all animals.

Virtual Instrumentation - Changing the Face of Measurement and Automation

For testing cars at automotive companies, or controlling production and quality at manufacturing plants, engineers and scientists need flexible, and cost-effective solutions for test and measurement.

Hacking Windows Registry with VB

Sunny is back and this time he explores the Windows registry using VB 6.0

The Key issues and challenges in Semantic Web Technologies

The World Wide Web changed the way we communicate, the way we do business, the way we seek information and entertainment – the very way most of us live our daily lives.

Building as Address Book using ASP.NET

You must have written address in many places. For example in cellular phone, phone book or in a diary etc.

C# Tips - I

LINQ Expression tree to generate prefix notation of expressions

VB.net Tips-III

I have noticed one cool tip in vb.net is operator shortcuts. As a Visual Basic 6.0 programmer I always used to code like this.

Adding Icons In MenuItems In Vb.Net

The following class is responsible for providing a type of MenuItem object which can contain an Icon along with the Name and Shortcut and EventHandler for it.

Validation Groups in Asp.NET 2.0

Visual Studio 2005 supports two types of coding. One is inline coding and the other one is code-behind model.

Understanding Arp Poisoning

Sniffing in a non-switched network where hub is used is a very easy process as you can capture every packet flowing on the network.

Creating User controls and Custom controls

In this article author explains how to create a simple user control from existing ASP.NET pages, as well as how to create custom controls from scratch.

Servlets and JSP Questions and Answers

ervlet is a java class file executed in Servlet-compliant webserver like Tomcat and result sent to browser(normally). It is also possible to invoke the servlet from an applet or frame.


In this brief tutorial, the author deals with the method of playing audio files in stand-alone programs and also using JMF to play audio and audio-video files.

VB.net Tips-I

Visual Basic is like an ocean. Whenever I stumble on a tip I hate myself! It makes me feel very humble and many times very insecure.

vb.net Tips-II

We start off with a simple tip provided by Pradeep Shah. To create the access database at run time you have to use the ADOX objects. ADOX Object is a set of ADO objects to perform schema related activities.

Changing face of developer marketing

The sabbatical, which I took during the first half of this year helped me to spend a lot of time in doing things which I always wanted to do. Most of these were personal and nowhere related to technology, programming or other stuff our readers may be interested in.

Visual Basic Demystified - IV

In this article, we shall focus something other than what we have covered in our previous articles. We shall not deal with Database Management though it is important part of application designing.

Visual Basic Demystified - III

One of the most required tasks these days for software is to remember the configuration and the settings as changed by the user and function accordingly.

Paradigm Shift in Programming: from OOP to AOP

The author explains OO programming by allowing the developer to dynamically modify the static OO model to create a system that can grow to meet new requirements using Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) complements.

Introducing Master Pages in ASP.NET 2.0

If you have worked in ASP.NET then definitely you have realized that something was not there or it was missing for creating web pages. Almost all the websites use a similar layout.

ERP Software

Enterprises large and small often go in for a massive computerization effort which we terms as Enterprise Resources Planning.

Reading data across sessions by using DBMS_PIPE package

As we know Oracle uses PGA (Program Global Area) for execution of PL/SQL programs and SGA (System Global Area) for maintaining other data for a specific session.

Intelligent Agents Technologies and JADE Framework

This article introduces the concepts of intelligent agents. In the recent past, the development and deployment of software agents as digital assistants for managing electronic information has steadily increased.

Visual Basic Demystified - II

This section probes into the nuances of VB

Visual Basic Demystified -I

In this article, the first in a four-part series, authors sum up the basics of Visual Basic. This series provides an elaborate introduction to this programming language

Understanding Standard Template Libraries

Various tools are available in STL that facilitate easier programming in C++. Read on to discover what these aids are…

Generics and C# 2.0

The author delves into one of the most challenging features of the latest release of C#. He elaborates on the pros and cons of this feature…

Principles of Good GUI Design

One of the factors influencing the acceptance/popularity of an application is the final GUI. The author provides key insights into the tenets of designing GUIs

Future of Business Computing

Arjun Mukherjee explains the various concerns that persist in the software community and has suggestions for a much better software world in this article.

Personalise Your Trade - That's Where the Trick Lies

Have you ever felt the need for a customized newspaper, where your favourite sports page is Page 1 and where politics is relegated to the last page?

What it takes to be a DBA?

DBAs are still in demand. There are companies willing to pay the price which you ask for if you are a good DBA. But how do you become a good DBA?

Shell Scripting, The Easy way

In this introductory article, the author revisits Shell Scripting and gives you some quick tips

Security Primer

With the advent of the Internet we can now connect our computers to a world of information.

Eight Golden Rules for an Indian shareware author

To create and market a successful shareware software, you have to get many things right. The author puts forward eight rules for aspiring shareware authors to consider.

A Recipe for Great Software Quality

We have put together some suggestions, which we recommend to you. These were compiled following interviews conducted with software gurus as well as quality specialists. However, this isn't an exhaustive guide.

True interoperability between Java and Dot Net.

R.S. Ramaswamy salutes ASP.NET and advocates that even J2EE developer should learn ASP.NET. He further advocates true interoperability between Java and Dot Net.

Communism and Open Source

The author compares the political ideology of communism with Open Source. He points out that both are essential for the society and the technology world.

12 reasons why XML is hot!

XML is a very hot technology. It is extremely important to stress that. That is why this article finds itself.

12 Steps to Great Game Design

Finally you have taken that insatiable step forward. You and your team members are now planning to write your first game! We are sure you will be groping around for fresh ideas checking out the games available in the market and trying to identify the right idea, right technology etc.

Java Class Loader – A Class apart

Class loaders have always been the key component of the Java, loading classes into the JVM at runtime. Class loaders fetch classes into the JVM, so they constitute the first line of defense in the JVM Sandbox,

URL Accessing in MS SQL Server

With URL Accessing you can query your MS SQL Server database from the address bar of your web browser

Creating User controls and Custom controls in ASP.NET

In this article author explains how to create a simple user control from existing ASP.NET pages, as well as how to create custom controls from scratch.


PHP 5 makes some significant improvements on the Object Orientated programming model of PHP 4, bringing it more in line with languages such as VB.NET and Java.

Improved Data Caching in ASP.NET 2.0

To build fast and efficient data driven web pages role of caching is important. In this article I am not going to discuss caching in earlier versions of ASP.NET (i.e. ASP.NET 1.x).

Printable Document Generation with PHP

This article focuses on the document that can be generated using PHP namely Rich Text Format (RTF). Rich Text Format (RTF) is a file type used to transfer formatted text documents between applications, even those that run on different platforms, such as IBM and Macintosh.

Seven Trends that influences Search Technologies

The Semantic Web is a project that intends to create a universal medium for information exchange by giving meaning (semantics), in a manner understandable by machines, to the content of documents on the Web.

Building as Address Book using ASP.NET - II

In this article we will add we will add three links. That is for adding a new record, Deleting a record and modifying an existing record from the address book table.

Building as Address Book using ASP.NET - I

Remember the little scrapbook you used to carry, where you stored addresses and telephone numbers. It was quite handy during the good old days. Then came the computer and digital diary.

Open Source ERP - A Case Study

ERP implementation has many hidden costs. A Bangalore based company against many odds go Open Source to save money. What are the lessons they learn?

Open Source Business Apps- Making Money Sense

This article provides some real world examples of how entrepreneurs have been able to make money off Open Source applications

Manipulating Files in C#

Microsoft has provided very intuitive object models for file manipulation tasks. For file system operations we will be using System. IO namespace.

Writing secure web application

eb application attacks are increasing day by day. It’s easy and does not require much knowledge about OS internals or assembly or any such stuff. So you can see many vulnerabilities coming out daily like sql injection, XSS etc etc.

MySQL Text Searching with PHP

When we start design a website with PHP and MySQL database and we really desire to have search functionality. To create -text search with PHP you need PHP, MySQL and a Web Server capable of parsing PHP pages, like Apache.

C# Tips part-III

When you change a field to a property you need to re-build all code that used that field.

Web Frameworks that make money sense

Ramdas S in a two part series takes a look at a host of new web frameworks that makes development faster, smoother and easier.

Open Source Business Apps: Making Money Sense

This article provides some real world examples of how entrepreneurs have been able to make money off Open Source applications

A common case of startx/xinit failure

Many of us gnu/linux users have had such a terrible experience. When you login and type the sweet startx as usual, you only receive scrolling lines of error messages.

C# Tips part-II

Command line interface (CUI) designs for many of the tools found with VS or in Windows were to include a bunch of individual commands or exe with options or flags.

C# Tips part-I

C# generics syntax is much better than the nearest contender C++. Consider the following generic declaration in C++

Getting a feel of Rails and TG

In the last article we peeped into the new world of web application frameworks. In this article we take a close look at two of them RubyonRails and Pythonic framework Turbogears.

Bean Introspection

There are times when Application program files given by vendor are just java class files and you want in-house enhancement of your application, In such cases you can use Java Bean API for introspection.

GUI Guidelines for Microsoft platform

Graphical User Interfaces have become the most preferred user interfaces among the computer users. GUIs have made the work with computers much easier without any need to type all the commands on keyboard as in text-based user interface.

Patient Information System

We have developed a comprehensive but economical system for hospital management. The system acts as a handy tool for doctors and also has ERP capabilities to manage various allied services, like finance, insurance, and pharmacy, associated with a hospital.

Search Engine Optimization Beginning Part -II

If you done correctly your entire primary steps for SEO with meaningful title, meta etc then you can proceed for the next step to being submit to search engines. There are various search engines with different kind of spider, crawler made up with strong algorithms, for that its not recommended to cheat them.

Search Engine Optimization Beginning Part -I

No matter you developed a good website with good stuff and tons of features but you are not getting hits from your site and you taught that my every effort is worth less.

Search Engine Spaming and its control

In this competition world of Search Engine Ranking is extremely under pressure for the web master to do all they can, to gain visibility in search Result.

Rule Engines save the day

Rule Engines solves a number of programming issues. The author elaborates in this essay….

MIMO Technology for the Next-Generation Wireless Services

MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output and is fast maturing as a revolutionary broadband wireless communication technology. The future for MIMO is very bright according to the researchers and industry experts.

Dealing with Complex Problems through Neural Networks

Neural Networks as a subject was the most difficult one to learn when I started taking interest in AI. Although, Internet was full of NN tutorials but they all seemed cryptic and too much mathematical.

STRUTS: Validator Framework - Part 2

These files are already available in WEB-INF folder, along with web.xml and struts-config.xml. So, no special installation is necessary, to use the Validator framework. The validator-rules.xml file provides the rules for the ready-made validations available in the framework.

STRUTS: Validator Framework - Part 1

Validation is an essential feature in any web application and to make it easier, the Validation Framework has been bundled with Struts1.1 version. In this hands-on tutorial, the author explains how we can use this ready-made framework.

Relativity in Software Engineering Measurements

Though the relevance of the term relativity in software engineering measurements may appear strange as the term has been known to have been associated with the name of the famous physicist of the 20th century Albert Einstien for his landmark work on the theory of relativity.

SOA - Distilled

Service Oriented Architecture or SOA is currently the most well known acronym in the software industry. But when you ask the definition of SOA to ten different people you will get ten different answers.

The New Face to Digital Storage Media Blu-Ray Disks and Drives

This article introduces the concepts of new digital storage media Blu-ray disks and drives, their evolution and new technologies behind it.

DB2 Tools: An Introduction to the Bare Bones of using DB2 Effectively.

In this series of articles, we shall be discussing the various tools available in DB2 for effectively performing tasks pertaining to a number of situations.

An Introduction to Agile Development

If there has been one constant in our industry it is the complaint that we are unable to reliably deliver software that is of a suitable quality, at reasonable cost and that meets the needs of our users.

AJAX bit by byte – Part II

In the earlier article, we used the XMLHTTP object to check for a duplicate login id. But it ran into browser caching issues. Try opening temporary internet files for IE browser, you would see user1.xml cached.

AJAX bit by byte – Part I

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was very well dealt with in the earlier articles written by Mr. G.B Shah and Mr. Ramdas himself. This article would carry over from where they had left.

Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions and Triggers in IBM DB2 8.2

In this article, the author discuses about working with stored procedures, UDFs and triggers in DB2. Examples have been provided for easier understanding

M-learning: Future Tutor For XGeneration

The main advantage of E-learning is independence of location and time both. However the minimum requirement of E-learning is personal computer which abandons the location independency one has to fix his position after all.

Are Your Servers Secure???

In a word, No. No machine connected to the internet is 100% secure. This doesn't mean that you are helpless. You can take measures to avoid hacks, but you cannot avoid them completely.

Agile Agents for Smart Crawling

This article explores the hidden facts inside the Agile agents ,Web crawler and the the emerging interfaces between these two generic fields. The challenges before us is not information overload but information overlook.

Paradigm Shift in Programming from OOP to AOP

The author explains OO programming by allowing the developer to dynamically modify the static OO model to create a system that can grow to meet new requirements using Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) complements.

Searching Your Website with Microsoft Index Service using ASP.NET

Once a website grows beyond a couple of dozen pages then it can sometimes be difficult to create a site navigation scheme that allows users to quickly find exactly what they're looking for.

Network Security - Hacker's Grief!

As corporations continually expand their mission-critical networks with new, Intranet, Extranet and e-commerce applications, network security technologies are becoming increasingly vital in preventing corruption and intrusion, and eliminating network security vulnerabilities.

An introduction to I/O and the File and FileDialog classes in JAVA

Java provides many classes that make "I/O" (input and output) relatively easy and platform independent.

Inovative Interfacing of Excel and Access

The present age of information technology overshadows the earlier technologies mainly due to its versatile and vast application in all fields of life. The durable and elegant Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet applications.

7 Steps to Help Protect Personal Computing Security

By using common sense and taking action to help protect your computer from unauthorized intrusions and attachments, you can enjoy all that the Internet has to offer.

A Java Applet that is also a Java Application

The author discusses a strategy to write a single java code that works either as an applet or as an application, depending upon the execution context.

The Seven Laws of Developer Testing

In this section, the author provides crucial guidelines.

Experiencing XPath

A couple of months back, we had announced that we will be illustrating XML related technologies using programming languages such as C#, Python and Java. We begin the second part of our XML series where we intend to discuss XML from a programmer’s point of view.

Creating a Site Search Engine - Part IV

This concluding section ends with integration and globalization.

Creating a Site Search Engine - Part III

This part deals with a couple of other methods like ProcessDirectory method, ProcessFile method, etc.

Creating a Site Search Engine - Part II

In this section, you’ll get to learn more on Page object, search method, etc.

Creating a Site Search Engine - Part I

In this four-part article series, the author discusses the development of a search engine module in ASP.NET.

Internet Applications using VB.NET

Microsoft Visual Basic.NET creates applications for the Internet or a corporate intranet in several different ways.

Visual Basic Demystified - Reports and ActiveX Controls

In this section, the authors describe some of the most commonly used queries in SQL.

Understanding cross-site scripting attacks

This article provides useful information with regard to protecting web applications. Malicious users can gain illegal access to important data present on the web applications’ servers through gullible applications.

Exploring the New Sharp Academic Language F#

F# is a mixed functional programming (FP) and object oriented language which can be used to combine the elegance of pure functional programs with the efficiency of object oriented ones.

GIS – Intro to MapObjects

Geographical Information System (GIS) is a fast-growing trend and a widely accepted and used phenomenon. GIS is a combination of geography, information and system (computer).

Here are 14 tips that make you a better graphics developer

There are tips, and there are tips from every graphics developer to another. You can actually create hundreds of pages on tips.


Many times you may end up in a situation where the usual Java stack trace is of no use for you to debug the problem. The stack trace may not even show you the correct source code line that triggered the problem.

Playing the Snakes Advocate: Making a case for Python

S Ramdas plays the advocate for Python programming language, and tells you why you should look at Python as a programming language. He recommends that all developers must attempt to learn Python

Demystifying Gmail Search - II

The author continues with some features that are not available in the basic search discussed in the previous article.

Demystifying Gmail Search - I

The author provides information on labels, filters and search utilities offered by Gmail. Read on more to find some useful tips…

Using Perl and Curl for automating Web Tasks

Automating web tasks is the ideal solution for dealing with routine work schedules involving the Internet. The author provides a real world example

Using Java Classes in your .NET application

The author introduces a tool to minimize hassles that crop up while transferring a multi-tier application to .NET. The Open Source implementation makes it possible to develop .NET applications in Java and much more. Find out for yourself…

Ajax: The New Hero of Web Developers

The author reveals key insights of a new method that provides a rich experience to users of web applications. So what is new… you may ask? Well, I’ll say that the key is time and quality. If you do not want to be left out, then read on to find out more about this latest innovation

Web 2.0 Myth or Reality?

The technology industry is a hype-driven jargon-intensive domain where, at many times, common logic rarely works. The twists and turns in growth graphs of technologies are an indication of what the industry is all about.

CruiseControlling Your Project Source Code Repository

Supervision of the source code repository is a crucial element to ensure the success of any project. The author discuses a tool that helps you accomplish this task in a simple and efficient manner.

Writing Data Driven Applications with Python

The free and Open Source Python is rapidly gaining popularity. The author examines Python programming using the MySQLdb module

Myth about Linux Migration

This article is intended to allay some of the misconceptions faced by those who are thinking of adopting Open Source software. The author delves into the pros and cons of migrating to Linux

URL rewriting with Apache

The author explains, with examples, the process to redirect URLs using an Apache module. This process is different from conventional redirection methods

Introduction to SOA and Web services

The first part of this article series (featured in the October issue) explained SOAP and AXIS. This section discusses SOA and WSDL.

SDL Programming in Linux: Playing with Graphics

The second part of this article series focuses on the role of graphics in games. You will learn about the graphics subsystem, its functionalities and much more.

HIBERNATE - Persisting Collections

In this article, the author explains persisting collections. A simple and practical example has been provided for better understanding.

Handshaking between Flash and Visual Basic

In the context of software development, an explosive growth in Graphical User Interface (GUI) designing was observed in the recent past.

Getting friendly with DOM

In the previous article, we had mentioned two ways in which one can visualize Document Object Models. One approach is to look at it is as a collection of objects.


There are many benefits and disadvantages to the type system available in programming languages. The author discusses a newly incorporated feature in .NET 2.0 that helps overcome some of the disadvantages of the type system

Understanding DOM

In the last article we took a look at XPath. All articles in this series focused a lot on theory and mostly writing XML sheets and documents that manipulated XML documents. Now let us start doing some programming.

IronPython: Dot Net adventures with Python

Jim Hugunin, who founded the Jython project, decided to write a paper on why Dot Net was not good for dynamic typing.

Moving to RELAX NG

When we introduced XML Schema, we mentioned that it was akin to a DTD. This means that XML Schema does the same job as a DTD, but, however, is distinctly different.

What is Enterprise Integration?

Enterprise data integration is one of the major problems faced by IT managers and CIOs of large enterprises. It becomes even more bewildering at the time of mergers.

Open Source Dot Net - The three Musketeers

There are at least three Open Source implementation of Microsoft’s Dot Net platform – Mono, DotGNU and Rotor.

VRML: New Modeling Language for creating 3D Web Pages

The author provides some insights into a tool used for creating 3D images on web pages. Read on.….

Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 – Users’ Experiences

The 2005 release of MOM offers enhanced monitoring capabilities and advanced report-generating tools. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons…

Understanding SQL Injection

A technique often employed by malicious users for gaining illegal access to remote machines, through the web applications’ vulnerability, is SQL injection.

An introduction to Groovy

Groovy is a popular Java scripting language. In this article we explore some delectable ideas of this nifty language

HotSwapping with Java

The author introduces a tool for testing a fix while doing away with the need to restart the running application. Read on…..


In this part, the author does some coding using Java Security. There are a number of Cryptographic Engines in SunJCA and SunJCE. They are listed below.


In this tutorial, the author explains cryptography related concepts and packages in JDK.

JARClassFinder and Log Watcher Eclipse Plug-ins

During compilation of a project’s source code, it is normal to encounter some types of errors. The author explains two useful plug-ins provided by Eclipse. One helps solve NoClassDefFound errors while the other allows log files to be monitored for changes

Generic Code in ADO.net 2.0

Database systems are now an essential component in most application software. Generic coding is the best way to make an application run on multiple DBMS. The author discusses…

WLS 9.0 makes it easy to deploy

rnest Chen, Head, Product Marketing, BEA Systems, Asia-Pacific, speaks to DeveloperIQ through an email interview on the latest release of WebLogic Server. He speaks in detail about the new features that WLS 9.0 has to offer and advises developers to migrate to WLS 9.0

Creating Rich Text Format Documents

Are you tired of bland text documents created using Python? This article gives you an introduction to produce feature rich RTF documents using the free, Open Source PyRTF module.

Creating Custom Insertion and Extraction Operators in C++

This article takes you through the fundamentals of insertion and extraction operators. After going through this crash course, you should have no problems in exploring other features of these operators on your own.

An Introduction to SDL Programming in Linux

SDL is a library developed by the game programmers themselves. It facilitates easier implementation of functionalities like initialization, timers, sound effects, graphics manipulation, etc.


In this tutorial, we shall see how to implement Internationalization in Struts.

Luring Search Engines

The author provides useful insights into the workings of search engines, guidelines to be followed while submitting your website for indexing and many more relevant aspects

Robotics: From a Software Perspective

The author presents a comprehensive study of the programming environments to develop robot systems. This should enable programmers understand the complex field of robot programming, as well as compare it with programming environments for personal computers and embedded systems.

Search Engine Spamming and its Control

In this article, the author speaks about the drawbacks of embracing spamming to increase your website’s rating by search engines. A solution to overcome this wrongdoing has also been provided.

ObjectDataSource in ASP.NET 2.0

In this article, the author helps you develop 3-tier architecture using a new feature incorporated in ASP.NET 2.0. Read on to find out more…

SDL Programming in Linux: Getting Started with OpenGL

In this episode of the article series, the author provides an introduction to the rendering component (OpenGL) and its interaction with SDL

Software Architecture Demystified

What is software architecture, how is it useful, how important is it… The answers to such questions are answered here. Read on to know more…

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

HCI has proved to be an indispensable tool in ensuring the success of software applications. In this article, the author provides a brief overview of this integral component of software development.

Tips for simpler programming in C#: Part III

Tips provided in this article will allow programmers to cope with problems relating to .NET APIs, CLR nullable DLR, console colors…

Data Mining using Fuzzy SQL Queries

This article offers some useful tips for performing queries to locate trends in a database. Information thus obtained could result in enhanced profits if the pattern can be deciphered…

Aspect Oriented Programming using .NET

AOP complements OO programming by allowing the developer to dynamically modify the static OO model to create a system that can grow to meet new requirements. In this article, the author strives to decipher AOP

Innovative Interfacing of Excel and Access

In this article, the author illustrates a solution to perform repetitive calculation tasks in an easy manner by employing a spreadsheet and DBMS.

Message Queuing using C# 2005

The author reviews the types of Message Queuing applications that can be written and the types of Message Queuing environments within which these applications can operate.


A wonderful and feature-rich website does not necessarily mean that it has been visited by the intended target group of users or web surfers.


The author continues with guidelines for submission to search engines and more. Some tips and tricks have also been provided.

Goodbye Borland IDE business; it is all ALM!

Ramdas S feels sad that Borland is selling its developer tools business. But beyond emotions, he says this is the best decision the company could have taken

Opening Open-Laslo

In this lab-oriented beginner's tutorial, the author explores OpenLaszlo technology and explains its basic features.

Database Design and Modelling for Programmers

Most programmers aren't qualified database administrators, but were often thrust into the role of "Acting DBA". This article will cover some basic techniques of database design and modelling.

Operator Overloading in C#

If not used appropriately, Type Conversions can lead to unexpected results. This article covers Implicit and Explicit Type conversions in C#.

Operator Overloading in Python

There are several important concepts in Object Oriented Programming that very few programmers actually use. One of those concepts is Operator Overloading. This article uses the Python programming language to explain Operator Overloading.

Creating Graphics in PHP

PHP is not just about server side scripting. You can create graphics too. The author figures out…


Understanding the JavaScript language syntax is not as important as understanding the HTML DOM model. To be a successful web developer you still need to understand how browsers look at web pages.

XML Namespaces and Data Islands

An XML namespace is a collection of element names that belong together. With namespaces, you can avoid naming conflicts while combining multiple documents into a single document.

Building Bridges with JACOB

JACOB is a step towards making Windows (Win32) libraries available to any Java project, which was only possible with JNI (Java Native Interface).

Pair Programming

The Extreme Programming practice of Pair Programming can be very useful and productive for the development effort. This article dispels common misconceptions about Pair Programming and also touches upon the benefits of this approach.

Unique Brand Appeal of Open Source

The society generally considers cheap and free goods as something of low quality and of modest brand appeal.

No. 1, Python Way Python Best Practices

One of Python’s appeals is its simplicity. Python does not enforce any kind of ‘style’ by default (well, apart from the indentation).

Sending SMS from PCs

SMS can be send from and receive in PC without the help of Internet.

Validation Controls in ASP.net

Here is a comprehensive example to illustrate the main Validation controls in ASP.Net. In this short tutorial, we will consider the following controls in ASP.Net:

Flex goes Open Source

Flex is the latest of Commercial software that embraces the Open Source world

COBOL not dead, not yet

Shekar Shetty of Keane Software argues that Cobol has a future, though it is very old. He tells the readers not to write or read an obituary of this language, which many consider redundant.

The Best software architects are creative

Architects create architectures, and their responsibilities encompass all that is involved in doing so. This would include articulating the architectural vision, conceptualising and experimenting with alternative architectural approaches

Challenges of Embedded Software development

Once upon a time, embedded devices were essentially hardware devices which stored a few Kilobytes of code. Things are different now

Understanding RMI

The advantage of RMI-IIOP is that the programmer does not need to know anything about OMG-IDL. He simply writes a program with very slight changes from RMI style. He can get the IDL file automatically generated by the IDL compiler.

Ten Hottest Certifications 2007

Look at any corner of a computer institute or a software journal and you will be showered by a number of suggestions and offers regarding certifications and exams available for software professionals.

J2EE Tutorial - Session Tracking

Let us now consider a case where the object is not available in the webserver but in another remote machine. This is a typical case of MULTI-TIER Client-Server computing.

Open Source and Communism

The author compares the political ideology of communism with Open Source. He points out that both are essential for the society and the technology world.

Ultimate Developer Tips and Tricks

Years of experience in the development field and brilliance of many a developer have helped to coin out the right tips and tricks for developers. Read this article and ensure optimum results from your programming.

Get the Current Memory Status

In this article we'll see how we can obtain the Memory status of the system, (i.e. the total installed RAM on the system), how much is available at the moment, total virtual memory, available virtual memory and so on.

Ten Technology Trends for 2007

In this article we take a look at the biggest developer technology predictions for 2007. These are trends that we feel will most likely lead to the way we develop software in the New Year.

Multi-tier client Server Computing

Let us now consider a case where the object is not available in the webserver but in another remote machine

Implementing Draggable User controls in ASP.NET

User controls are an excellent feature in ASP.NET. With a little effort, you can add many cool features to them and apply these features every time the user control is used.

Introduction to SOAP and Axis

In this article we will go through a 10,000 feet overview of the world of Web services. We will first see what is SOAP (no, its not what you use while having a bath) and then move on to the equally strange world of something called as JAX-RPC


The author explains SAX API model and its applications. A program has also been included to read an XML document using XmlTextReader class

Beginning MYSQL 5.0 with Visual Studio.NET 2003

In this article, the author throws light on some of the latest features incorporated into MySQL 5. An example to create a MySQL table and retrieving data from the table has been provided.

How to use AJAX and XmlHttpRequest in PHP?

In the previous article, the author introduced the concept of XmlHttpRequest. Using the nifty little JavaScript/ActiveX object, you can do wonders to the quality of rendering web pages!

Understanding XmlHttpRequest

The author explains an innovative concept to realize web applications. He also delves into the pros and cons of this technology.

Get your feed in

Feeds are simple and a real world implementation of how syndication works. The author delves into two of the most popular types of feed generators. Both RSS and Atom are supported by industry heavyweights.

Random Text Generator

Ashihs Patil explores the Markov Chain Algorithm and writes some code which churns out jumbled up nursery rhymes. He implements the solution using the Standard Template Library (STL) of C++.

Bitter Power Struggle Behind Web Logs

A conflict centers on Really Simple Syndication (RSS), a technology widely used to syndicate blogs and other Web content.

GIS – Intro to MapObjects

The author provides a step-by-step procedure for using MapObjects, a tool provided in ESRI’s ArcGIS software, to develop a GIS model

Understanding Crawler and Page ranking

The author continues his series on SEO with information on crawlers and page ranking.

Reading data across sessions using DBMS_PIPE package

In this article, the author explains how to make use of DBMS_PIPE package to allow for access to the value of a variable across different sessions.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

HCI has proved to be an indispensable tool in ensuring the success of software applications.


Windows-SDK, OLE and COM, ActiveX, VB6, VC++6 and MFC are technologies of the past in Microsoft world and have been replaced by DotNet technology, now.


What are the various Resources in VC++?


Software systems are increasingly making a significant difference in the lives of people.


The author continues with guidelines for submission to search engines and more. Some tips and tricks have also been provided.

J2EE Tutorial - RMI Example

RMI Example Part-II

J2EE Tutorial - RMI Example 1

Around 1990, the OMG (Object Management Group) was formed by just EIGHT founder members.

J2EE Tutorial - Session Tracking Example

Session Tracking Example

J2EE Tutorial - Java Bean

To bring out the differences between the different appraoaches, we will consider a simple case where the user types his name in the textbox(text1) in the html form and submits it to the webserver.

20 Tips to Build A Better e-com Site

Actually, the Internet is a very different sales medium, with a mix of characteristics of both direct and retail sales. Developers and Webmasters have to learn new skills and attitudes to be successful.

Do not Fake your CVs

Other day I get a phone call from a person claiming to be from the HR department of a one of the top 3 IT Services of the country.

Dangerous Programming.

The author goes through a huge list of trends that set you in you to class of bad programmers. Avoiding these pitfalls can make you a better programmer. Read on…


You need to perform; the pit falls and drawbacks for the top ten placements are not good as its sounds.

Intelligent Agent Technologies and JADE Framework: Part I

In this two-part session, the authors strive to decipher the concept of intelligent agents.

Intelligent Agent Technologies and JADE Framework: Part II

This section of the article includes working procedures of JADE, design and implementation of agents with JADE, etc.

Enterprise IT and Open Source: A prosperous match?

In this article, the author enquires into the potential of FOSS products in alleviating some of the difficulties faced by the Enterprise IT sector


Dynamic data sites like your website in ASP, PHP, and JSP etc. Which required highly specialized SEO techniques and these techniques strategies, differ from static sites?

GUI Engineering

In this article, the author provides useful pointers for developing user-friendly user interfaces.

What it takes to enter the world of Bioinformatics

Before you even realize it, bioengineering will have stepped out of the lab and into boutique shops, customizing who you are and what you look like, replacing the beauty salon.

.Net v/s Java Revisited

We wrote almost a couple of hundred pages comparing Dot Net and Java during our times. In this article written in the year 2003, when the debate was still hot we made some predictions. And bingo, we got them right. Here is the synopsis.

Introduction to ADO.NET - I

This article provides exhaustive information about the various things that one can achieve using ADO.NET. This section deals with the basic concepts of ADO.NET

Introduction to ADO.NET - II

In this part, the author delves into some of the main objects and components behind the scene.

Building Blocks of Nanocomputing

Nanotechnology is finding applications in various fields. In this article, the author examines the impact of this exciting technology on the future of computing

IT and Agriculture

Agriculture is a crucial part of human civilization and is the backbone of rural economies in most developing nations. A wide range of agriculture-based Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are in use today, albeit with various degrees of sophistication, throughout the world.


In this brief tutorial on the correct method of using the built-in DataSource of Struts, the author explains the step-by-step procedure for a simplified example for Data-access of ODBC table.


In this part, the author does some coding.


Java Data Object is a standard interface set that defines linguistics for storing persistent objects. In this article, the author strives to decipher the complexities of JDO.

The Real Data – Presentation Isolation

There has been a constant effort, from both technology manufacturers and framework developers, to provide more and more functionality to ensure that data and presentation of data are as much separated as possible.

Handling Bound Property Change Events in JAVA

In this article, the author provides an example to illustrate Bound Properties

An introduction to XML Schemas

XML Schemas have proved to be a veritable improvement over XML DTDs. The author provides useful insights, demonstrates how it works and delves into the benefits and disadvantages.

Understanding DoS and DDoS attacks

Nowadays DoS and DDoS attacks become very popular among the hackers and worm writers. MyDoom and Blaster are the examples for this. In this article we see what is DoS and DDoS attacks and how they can be misused while denying services.

Sizzling Mobile Games: The Developer Angle

Mobile gaming market has taken off. What are the trends? What you need to do to launch a career as a mobile gaming developer. Gerald Briggs reports

Twelve tips for great game design

Finally you have taken that insatiable step forward. You and your team members are now planning to write your first game!

Why the Open Source Java does not excite me much?

Sun has open sourced Java under GNU-GPL. This is indeed a great news for the Open Source community. But what does it mean for a Java developer?

Object Relational Mapping with SQLObject

The author delves into a tool that allows for easier switching between databases.

Oracle Data Piping

As we know, Oracle uses Program Global Area (PGA) for execution of PL/SQL programs and System Global Area (SGA) for maintaining other data for a specific session. Several times, it becomes imperative to share the value of a variable across different sessions. Normally, when we use a variable,

Assembly and Dot Net framework

An Assembly is the primary building block of a .Net application. This article explores assemblies and illustrates their function and purpose using a simple example.

How to get involved in Open Source development?

All of us love using Open Source software, because it is free, and above all it is open! But have you ever wondered about giving something back to the community? If so, then you should get involved in Open Source development.

A Text Scroller using C#

In this article, Samar Abbas gives the step-by-step procedure of writing a text scroller using C#. He takes you from the start, i.e. from the coding of program, to the final execution of it, where the output is generated.

14 tips for Graphics developer

There are tips, and there are tips from every graphics developer to another. You can actually create hundreds of pages on tips. I started my career way back in seventies with brush and paints, migrated to Apple Mac in late eighties, flirted with SGI in nineties...

Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model

Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model helps an acquisition organization to improve its capability to acquire software intensive systems. In this article, A Sivaram gives a step-by-step account of the Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model.

Web Services: Strategic Perspective for Technology and Business Planning

Web services development projects have a lot to offer for the present and the future. This new frontier has a terrific impact on the world of business. In this article, Amit Goel examines the different phases of Web services


A wonderful and feature-rich website does not necessarily mean that it has been visited by the intended target group of users or web surfers.

A Look at Simple P2P Architectures

Communication is a key element when writing nearly any type of application.

Unix Security: A Boon for its Survival

In this article, Shyaam Sundhar explains the unique security features in UNIX. Let us see how a safe environment is ensured by detecting unauthenticated users and prohibiting them from secured files.

Why XML is so hot?

What makes XML such a killer technology? Why is XML so popular among all leading vendors as far as their future technology options are concerned? Is XML all style and no substance? What are the new business opportunities that open up with XML? We take a look at all these issues….

Job Prospects For MCA Holders - The Ground Reality

This article originally printed in April 2004 by our esteemed contributor RS Ramaswamy created quite a furor. With a number of MCA students writing to us asking us to even apologize.

Generating RSS Feeds using PHP

This article tells you how to generate RSS feeds for syndication purposes using PHP. Premshree Pillai gives a step-by-step account of writing a PHP function that generates the RSS feed as a separate XML file

Building GUI with Python

In this article, Manoj Kothale uses Python to introduce the art of GUI programming using Qt. The various examples in the article demonstrates the ease with which scripting can be done using Python

Fourteen Tips for the Graphics Developer

But these are some tips I have collected over twenty years of being a digital artist. These are extremely general, and most of it you know already. But it is wise to revise once in a while.

Understanding FORMAT command. Create your own…

If you are interested in learning how to develop the format command, then here is an introduction on how to go about it. One important prerequisite for developing the format command is to format a single track

Building A File System

Computers can store information on several different storage media, such as magnetic disks, magnetic tapes, and optical disks.

Tips and Tricks for a Job Seeker

During the times of job hunt, there is all likelihood that he or she keeps on doing things that are of no use and get lost. A few careful steps could keep you in the right track. Here are some tips and tricks for all job seekers

Umpteen Tips and Tricks on Java Development

Java remains a hot language, and tips and tricks on these are certainly going to benefit all Java fans out there. In this article, Anuradha Pai gives the tips and tricks for Java developers

Ultimate Interview Tips

To get into a job, it’s imperative that you clear the interview-hurdle. And this in fact is the most critical and crucial point in the pursuit for the right job. Here are the right tips for you to overcome this hurdle

Understanding RMI-IIOP –Part 4

In the concluding part of the J2EE tutorial, R S Ramaswamy takes a look at RMI-IIOP and samples some elementary programming ideas using this concept.

Concepts of Enterprise Java Beans - Part 3

In the last article we took a look at Server side scripting using J2EE, and had an understanding of concepts such as Java Server Pages. We go deeper in this article and look at Session Tracking and Enterprise Java Beans

An understanding of Servlets and JSP - Part 2

In the last article we took a look at the very concept of J2EE, and how it is different from Core Java. We also formed our initial impressions on concepts such as Java Beans. In this article, we will look at other aspects of Enterprise Java.


Despite the downswing the IT industry has seen J2EE still is considered as one of the Hottest Technologies around.

Java strikes back

It was a dream come true experience for developers entrapped in the world of proprietary systems. It meant freedom, openness, idealism, power, creativity and much more to developers who simply grabbed the technology with both hands.

Marquee in Windows Forms

A text scroll just scrolls text backwards or forwards, optionally bouncing back and forth between the boundaries.

Software Testing

Testing involves the complete validation of a software project. Sivaram explores the concepts of testing and explains Black Box testing in this article.

Network Information Services

It is of utmost importance that servers and workstations are managed in the most cost-effective manner ensuring optimum results. In this article, we look into the option called Network Information Services provided by Linux for managing the servers and workstations in the best manner

Ten Tips for a Project Manager

When you put your thoughts and plans on paper you will seriously start interrogating yourself, and this sorts out most of the teething problem.

12 Favourite Linux Tips

In this article, Ravinder Shah gives twelve tips for Linux users. Go ahead and get to know some important tips that would make you more efficient in your job

Being an ITES pro is definitely more challenging

Ravi Venketesam, is the Vice President Operations, Tech Support Practice with 24/7 Customer.com, a leading BPO company based in Bangalore.

The Tech BPO Call

The Technology Business Process Outsourcing market is emerging as the largest job-provider in the country. S Ramdas analyses the prospects of the Tech BPO space and the various opportunities within information technology

URL rewriting with Apache

The author explains, with examples, the process to redirect URLs using an Apache module. This process is different from conventional redirection methods

13 Tips for a Project Manager

13 Tips for a Project Manager is extremely relevant even today. Programmers and managers should read this. We have updated it and made it more relevant for current tastes.

Scrum Play it Hard

Scrum is an agile development methodology that needs to be explored

Creating Graphics

Various kinds of graphics formats are used while creating exciting games. What are the various kinds of graphics formats that are used to create the characters and how they are used in moving around form part of the discussion

Dealing With Windows

While programming games in Visual Basic, Windows has a prominent role. Learn more on how Windows design and sizing of Windows which have a prominent role to play deals with the other things

Maps In Games

Creating maps in games is an interesting art. It gives the game an impressive picture of what the game is all about. Creating path and the rooms using arrays forms part of the discussion

Creating A Game & - Getting It Up And Running

A few steps are to be ensured while creating a game. After writing the code the items of the game are created. Read on to learn how you could delete the items and how to create and delete monsters

Creating Games Using Visual Basic-I

Let us get into the business of creating games. Though Visual Basic is really not recommended for creating games, we will make an attempt at creating some simple games using Microsoft Visual Basic.

Apache Axis – Deployment Using WSDD File

In the fourth part of this seven-part series RS Ramaswamy discusses the deployment of a web service using the WSDD file

Drop-in Deployment in Axis

In this article RS Ramaswamy talks on how Drop-in Deployments happen using Apache Axis

Creating and Testing EJB WEBLOGIC 7.0

In the second part of the seven part series on Apache Axis Server, RS Ramaswamy takes a look at how you can create and test a simple EJB

Understanding Apache Axis

RS Ramaswamy continues his popular tutorial on Enterprise JavaBeans. In this article he provides a brief introduction on Apache Axis

Voice Web: The Next-Generation Interactive Voice Response System

Listening to voice while using the web is very helpful these days. VoiceXML is a technique employed to recognize and synthesize voice. Find more on how the technology is used by the landline and mobile phones that are in great demand these days

Create Bitmap Images Using a Text Editor

Creating images is an interesting art. The 24-bit color coding system is considered the simplest one to understand. A careful analysis of the fields extracted from the Bitmap file forms a part of the discussion

Job Market 2002

More and more good news is here for all of us who look at the Indian job market. The Indian economy is growing and the job market is improving day by day. Unlike the USA or European markets, India is on a 'roll'.

The Ruby Way

Though Ruby is not popularly used, the advantages of using Ruby are heralded in this article. Some of the advantages are that Ruby programming can be done using very few lines and it can be executed on any major operating system.

Designing Your Own Game

Raja Kishore Reddy talks of the process of designing a new game. He takes you through different stages of game design.

Online Gaming: Flash Versus Java

Online gaming technologies present two alternatives, Java and Flash. Both have their strengths and weaknesses

Software Saga

Since the 1960s, when there was an exponential growth in the number of mainframes, developers have been trying to get to write better and more efficient code

A Process for Assessing Object-oriented Software System

R.a. Khan and k. Mustafa introduce a process for assessing object oriented software system. The process includes the assessment phase and evaluation phase

Business-centric IT Management

Various challenges are involved in the field of IT. It is important to note that IT Management must be business-centric. Read on to find some of the challenges involved here

Why Engineers get preference over MCAs?

Theoretically MCA is a more suited course for learning software engineering, since the subjects taught during the three years course over six semesters has more to do with software and less to do with many rudimentary concepts

The Curse of Immateriality

Traditional engineering has to do with material goods. People can see, touch and weigh them. For instance, let's consider the building of an house.

Bringing Programming to Biology

Programming biological systems drives the bio-tech industry

Going Peer to Peer

It may be a matter of coincidence but both topics we have chosen to discuss in this month’s issue of the magazine have been over-hyped.

Techies, Look to Europe

European market booms, so shift focus there

Getting Closer to Customers:Trends and Strategies in IT Services

Over the past decade, the IT industry has seen dramatic transformations in business models, technologies, customer demands, and skill sets.